Falcon Studios SPLASH SHOTS FVP-040 Kurt Marshall Giorgio Canali Brian Maxon Jim Bentley Kevin Jensen Joe Cade Tom Mitchell Justin Cade

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: Bill Clayton
Year of Production / Release: 1984
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jim Bentley
Joe Cade
Justin Cade
Giorgio Canali
Kevin Jensen
Kurt Marshall
Brian Maxon
Tom Mitchell

Restored to full length after over ten years – featuring every uncut second of Kurt Marshall’s scorching scene with demanding tennis coach Tom Mitchell – this celebration of sun-soaked sensuality will leave you tingling in anticipation of those long hot days of summer. This classic video showcases the men fantasies are made of. You will be left spellbound and exhilarated by the sights and sounds of ‘Splash Shots’ sexual intensity.

Falcon Studios SPLASH SHOTS (FVP-040) Tom Mitchell fucks Kurt Marshall
SCENE 1: Tom Mitchell fucks Kurt Marshall
‘But I just want to please you, coach,’ protests tennis student Kurt Marshall to young instructor Tom Mitchell after practice. Tom suggests Kurt might improve if he focused more attention on his backhand and less on the bulge in Tom’s shorts. Before Tom can say ‘zipper’ Kurt frees the tennis pro’s cock and sucks it down his throat. His expert oral skills leave Tom dripping with satisfaction, but Kurt wants more…planting himself on his Tom’s stiff cock. Tom pounds Kurt’s ass until the pair have surrendered their loads and are satisfied.

Falcon Studios SPLASH SHOTS (FVP-040) Jim Bentley fucks Kevin Jensen; Giorgio Canali fucks Jim Bentley
SCENE 2: Jim Bentley fucks Kevin Jensen; Giorgio Canali fucks Jim Bentley

‘He’s always checking out my ass,’ complains Kevin Jensen to Giorgio Canali as they arrive for work at the home of blond Jim Bentley. Today is no exception. Kevin succumbs to Jim’s sexual overtures and soon the two men enjoy a sun-soaked session of cocksucking and ass-pounding. Giorgio arrives, ordering Kevin back to work and offering Jim his own uncut 11 inch tool. Jim eagerly offers up his ass to the demanding Italian and surrenders to Giorgio’s desire…and the men work each other to a dizzying climax.

Falcon Studios SPLASH SHOTS (FVP-040) Jim Bentley & Brian Maxon fuck Kurt Marshall
SCENE 3: Jim Bentley & Brian Maxon fuck Kurt Marshall

Kurt Marshall, Jim Bentley, and Brian Maxon. ‘Come on by and catch some sun around the pool,’ suggests Jim Bentley over the phone to Brian Maxon. Muscle stud Maxon arrives with smooth pal Kurt Marshall and in no time the young men have shed their suits and are eagerly engaged in poolside play. Jim and Brian work Kurt over from head to tail, probing every crevice and stretching his hole with both their rock hard cocks until each young stud is fully sated and soaked in erotic release.

Falcon Studios SPLASH SHOTS (FVP-040) Joe Cade fucks and Probes Justin Cade
SCENE 4: Joe Cade fucks and Probes Justin Cade

Gymnast Joe Cade concludes his workout at the famous Muscle Beach of Venice, California, when he’s joined by his beefy cousin Justin Cade. They head back to Justin’s for an afternoon swim and end up surrendering to their desire beside the pool. After a sun-soaked session of sucking, probing, and fucking, Justin selects a few of his colossal dildos and the men continue their play until Joe and Justin spill forth in lusty rapture.


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