Raging Stallion STAG CANDY Raging Stallion STAG CANDY

Studio: Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios
Directed by: Francesco D’Macho & Damien Crosse
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Damien Crosse
Francesco D’Macho
William Fox
Jean Franko
Rob Nelson
Matthew Rush
Lucio Saints
Orlando Toro

Limited Release DVD–when the supplies run out this movie will no longer be available in the DVD format.

Stag Candy is the latest DVD from Stag Homme Studios, the hot new company owned by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho! This is a MUST OWN for all fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. We are so sure that you will love this movie that we are offering a money back guarantee on every purchase! If you do not like Stag Candy for any reason, contact us and we will give you a full refund!
   This is a limited edition DVD single-run pressing. When supplies run out this title will no longer be available in the DVD format.

Sitting face to face in front of an open kitchen refrigerator, Damien Crosse is playfully feeding Hungarian muscle stud Rob Nelson who has his eyes closed. Everything that Crosse puts in Nelson’s mouth is a surprise; a strawberry, an olive, cough syrup, a hot pepper, etc. In what starts off as a mix of mischief and desire turns into some highly passionate and joyfully erotic kissing. Damien then pours some honey on his fat cock that Rob ravenously devours. After they trade honey-drenched blowjobs the action evolves into some really hot rimming involving a lot of spit and a lot more honey as Rob leans over the kitchen table and Damien starts eating Robs ass while sucking that thick cock of Rob’s in the process. Then Damien shoves his cock into Rob’s ass, in what is one of the messiest sex sequences ever shot. Crosse reaches in the fridge while he’s fucking Rob and brings out some heavy cream which he pours all over that pounding pump of cock and ass, covering both of there entire bodies and kitchen in that thick heavy cream.

19 year old Brazilian William Fox takes a ride in a sports car with Francesco D’Macho down a Spanish urban highway in his porn debut. Francesco pulls off the highway and finds a nice spot to for them to fuck in the arid backroads of a podunk town. D’Macho crouches into the passenger seat and gives Fox quite the blowjob, before Fox gets out of the car for a more public session. William then puts Francesco back in the car and puts him on all fours giving him the pounding of his life from outside the car. It might be William’s porn debut, but this beefy boy has got loads of experience!!

This scene introduces Brazilian newcomer Apollo in a fuck flick that pays homage to New York thugs. This scene is all about raw and filthy sex set against the backdrop of steel and black leathery luxury with an otherworldly green glow turning the whole room into a kind of forbidding underworld of lust. Decked in thuggish street wear Damien Crosse begins to suck on Brazilian newcomer Apollo’s massive cock. This beefy dominant fucker not only makes Damien gag on his fat cock but also gives Damien the best fucking he’s ever gotten on his back and on all fours.

Porn icon Matthew Rush and Spanish porn star Orlando Toro duke it out in the best way they know how…fucking. The boys sprint together across a vacant beach ending up kissing and sucking and fingering each other in the waters of a tropical mangrove lagoon. After Orlando and Matthew have had their fill at the lagoon, the boys move into the beach house for some over the top fucking by the duo. Rush tops Toro in two different positions before they simultaneously cum while Matthew is rimming Orlando.

It’s all about Rob Nelson in a sensual versatile fuck galore with Francesco D´Macho. “Eros” focuses on a higher form of sex. It’s about everything that is beautiful and poetic about sex. It’s over half an hour of intense and passionate love-making between the two lovers amidst the soothing effects of Asian silks, Buddha statues, gold floors and the sweetest of lightings. Stag Homme has done it’s share of envelope-shredding with reality porn and the more aggressive and darker sides of sex, but now the studio shreds the envelope once again by bringing you romantic and unscripted sexual intimacy. This feature also contains one breathtaking oral cumshot.

One of the industry’s biggest porn stars, Jean Franko, is at the urinals in a bar. Lucio Saints steps up to the urinal next to Jean Franko’s and soon Jean is reaching over for a feel of Lucio’s ample uncut meat, and Lucio responds in kind, and the boys are off on their heated hook-up, Lucio gobbling Jean’s gorgeous rock hard cock and then moving on to munch on Jean’s magnificent ass. Soon Jean has Lucio bent over, and he starts to plug the boy’s ass with a quiet seething intensity. Jean cums and Lucio laps up the last beads off of his cock before blowing his own impressive geyser of a load.



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