Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios STAG STAG FIGHT | Aitor Crash Alain Lamas Damien Crosse Dennis DNello Francesco DMacho Manuel Lopez Pedro Andreas

Studio: Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios
Directed by: Francesco D’Macho & Damien Crosse
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Pedro Andreas
Aitor Crash
Damien Crosse
Francesco D’Macho
Dennis D’Nello
Alain Lamas
Manuel Lopez

SCENE 1 – STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: Dennis De Nello and Damien Crosse flip-fuck
SCENE 2 – SPYCAM: Manuel Lopez fucks Damien Crosse
SCENE 3 – ACERE: Alain Lamas and a Fleshjack
SCENE 4 – NUMERO TRES: Pedro Andreas and Damien Crosse rape/fuck and DP (double penetrate) Francesco D’Macho
SCENE 5 – CACHONDO: Aitor Crash fucks Francesco D’Macho
SCENE 6 – REC: Manuel Lopez fucks Francesco D’Macho with Damien Crosse

“I have never seen porn like this before! Its new, its excellent, and its shocking!!”–Chris Ward, President Raging Stallion Studios
   Stag Fight is the first DVD put out by Stag Homme Studios, the hot new company owned by Damien Crosse and Francesco Dimacho! We think that Stag Homme might end up being the next big studio–yes, its that good. This is an absolute MUST OWN for all fans of Damien and Franceso–and for fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. This is beautifully filmed filthy sex that will drive you wild. We are so sure that you will love this movie that we are offering a money back guarantee on every purchase! If you do not like Stag Fight for any reason, contact us and we will give you a full refund!

This is a limited edition DVD single-run pressing. When supplies run out this title will no longer be available in the DVD format.

SCENE 1 – STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: Dennis De Nello and Damien Crosse flip-fuck
Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted person, in which the abductee shows signs of loyalty to the abductor. The scene starts out with a masked madman, Damien Crosse, punching a soldier, the dark Cuban porn newbie Dennis De Nello, and dragging him by his military boots before drugging him. Dennis wakes up bound and gagged to a chair battered and helpless. Damien is horny and hostile, and though he intimidates and spits on the soldier, he´s primarily interested in sucking and mounting the hunky soldier´s thick cock. The sex is intense and Dennis becomes captivated by the abductor riding him. He allows himself to believe that this is something mutual and passionate instead of hostile and one-sided, and the two even start kissing. Damien takes this as an opportunity to untie his now willing prisoner so he can jackhammer Dennis´s ass. Damien then sits himself down in front of the soldier to get all of his captive’s load on his face before busting his own nut.

SCENE 2 – SPYCAM: Manuel Lopez fucks Damien Crosse
Damien Crosse invites a trick over to fuck–the beefy tattooed Spaniard Manuel Lopez–while, unbeknownst to him, a camera hidden up over the bed records every suck and thrust and kiss of the encounter. This scene is as voyeuristic as possible, showing the two studs hooking up from beginning to end, uncut and unedited. Damien slips off Manuel´s boxers and devours the thug´s cock right away. Completely intoxicated by each other, Manuel holds Damien´s head and rabbit-fucks his face while Damien´s choking and coughing. Damien actually manages to slip his tounge into the top´s ass. Even though he protests, Manuel´s pleasure is overwhelming and gives in to the rimming while his fingers dig into Damien´s asshole. The irresistible newcomer is one nasty fucker, spitting into Damien´s mouth, slapping him around a bit, then fucking his face again while Damien thrusts into a fleshjack. But Manuel also knows how to work his hips and puts Damien on his back to give him a pounding so fucking good and rough that a little squirt of cum actually escapes Damien´s thick uncut cock early in to their fuck session. After a few rounds, he truly fucks the cum out Damien and then squirts out a volumous, thick, and creamy load of his own. The fact that this scene is shot from just one angle makes it even hotter. There´s nothing staged, posed or edited. Just real hot sex caught on film.

SCENE 3 – ACERE: Alain Lamas and a Fleshjack
“Acere” explores male perfection a.k.a. Alain Lamas. This horny straight 21 year old Cuban with a sweet boyish face and a body that surpasses of a Greek god loves the attention. Alain is one cocky fucker that knows you’re drooling over him and is not shy about letting you know it. Worship every part of Alain…from his freakishly huge thighs to the inside of that pink hole in that dark furry crack. Then he strokes his fat uncut cock before he fucks the hell out of a Fleshjack.

SCENE 4 – NUMERO TRES: Pedro Andreas and Damien Crosse rape/fuck and DP (double penetrate) Francesco D’Macho
“Numero Tres” is a porn thriller about a hunky businessman, Francesco D´Macho, who gets ambushed in his sleek hotel room by two beefy gun-toting rapists, Pedro Andreas and Damien Crosse. The scene opens with a musical storyline on a split screen until the characters meet: one screen with Francesco soaping up in the shower, clueless to what the day has in store for him, while the other screen shows Pedro and Damien preparing themselves for some sex at gunpoint. Francesco hears the bell and, thinking it´s the room service he ordered, lets in his 2 masked rapists; Pedro armed with a sexy firearm and Damien with a camera to record all the action they´re gonna get. The businessman is down on his knees sucking the end of Pedro´s rifle before he gets to suck their throbbing cocks. The fuck sequence, shot beautifully in stark lighting with dark interiors, culminates in Francesco getting both of their fat cocks forced into his hole. But even more awe-inspiring than the double penetration is the cumshot trio. Francesco, hungry and on his knees, takes Damien´s load in his mouth, then takes Pedro´s load, then Damien cums for a SECOND time. The last load Francesco gets in his mouth is his own, after Damien scoops it up and puts it in his mouth.

SCENE 5 – CACHONDO: Aitor Crash fucks Francesco D’Macho
“Cachondo” is about a horny exhibitionist, Francesco D’Macho, who loves to call in deliveries and answer the door with his raging hard-on. The scene starts off with Francesco jerking his big fat uncut cock while watching straight porn. Taking a break from the stroking, he calls for a pizza delivery. He then goes outside to the balcony and continues to stroke himself while waiting to get his first glimpse of the unsuspecting straight delivery guy. Francesco ends up luring the furry and gruff Aitor Crash into his apartment with straight porn. Aitor catches on to what’s going on and, as “punishment,” forces Francesco to suck his dick and then sit on it. Nothing but feral lust as Aitor spits into and slaps that ass as he thrusts into it, until Francesco grabs his bouncing cock and spews his load. Aitor hasn´t cum yet though, so he picks up Francesco, throws him on the dining room table, and drills away until he shoots his load on those meaty cheeks.

SCENE 6 – REC: Manuel Lopez fucks Francesco D’Macho with Damien Crosse
“Rec” takes place on a sunny rooftop terrace. It starts off with Spanish thug newcomer Manuel Lopez thrusting his cock into Francesco D’Macho’s mouth while he’s sweating and dangling on a pull-up bar in the hot sun. The duo suddenly becomes a threesome when cameraman Damien Crosse can’t hold himself back anymore and hands off the camera to Francesco so he can devour Manuel’s thick throbbing cock himself. From this point on, the scene becomes frenetic and frantic all throughout the fucking, Manuel pounds Francesco on all fours while Damien feeds him his dick The final messy simultaneous cumshot trio ends with Francesco getting his face covered with two big fat loads.


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