Raging Stallion Abel Pozsar Adrian Toledo Alex Marte Carlos Gustavo Damien Crosse David Dirdam Maikel Cash Mike Colucci Spencer Reed Xavi STAG HOMME #12 MEDITERRANEAN STAG

Studio: Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios
Directed by: Damien Crosse & Francesco D’Macho
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Spain

Maikel Cash
Mike Colucci
Damien Crosse
David Dirdam
Carlos Gustavo
Alex Marte
Abel Pozsar
Spencer Reed
Adrian Toledo

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Mediterranean Stag delivers the sensual and erotic talents of 11 sensational bucks, who pleasure each other in some of the most artistic, hard core, gay male porn you will find anywhere. As directors of the ultra-popular, distinctive Stag Homme studio, Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho have a vision unlike any of their peers. For them, sex is the sixth sense. It can be romantic, feral, puppy-like or just about anything else, but the underlying premise is that it’s as natural as breathing, and as a result, every steamy scene they produce feels exciting and new. As Damien Crosse and Xavi learn, the hottest day of the year can’t stop incredible sex. Spencer Reed and Alex Marte discover that being in the same place at the right time can make it happen. Passionate partners, Abel Pozsar & Maikel Cash produce an out-of-this-world experience. Playful buddies, Damien Crosse & Mike Colucci fuck their brains out for the fun of it, as do chums Abel Pozsar & Carlos Gustavo. Bath time lovers Adrian Toledo & David Dirdam swim in sexuality, cleaning up only to bathe in each other’s cum. The six unique, sensual and super charged scenes of Mediterranean Stag will have you tapping into your sexual sixth sense and surrendering to the endless possibilities of sexual expression that Stag Homme presents for your pleasure.

SCENE 1: Damien Crosse & Xavi
The camera gazes up through billowing yards of blue fabric circling the waists of Damien Crosse and Xavi. It’s the hottest day of the year, and they stand kissing on the ledge of the roof. The broiling sun casts shadows that make their abs stand out in high relief as they drape the fabric across the parapet and Xavi leans in to wrap his lips around Damien’s dripping cock. Their sweat-drenched bodies need no lube. Caressing hands glide smoothly across hard flesh and lips can engulf a cock with little effort. Damien squeezes his nut sack up to meet Xavi’s descending mouth. Sweat pours down off two chiseled physiques. It’s too hot for speed, so urgency is expressed through taste and smell. Think: salt. Damien offers his ass and Xavi takes him from behind, pressing his chest to Damien’s back as their mouths meld. They become a furnace to match the Mediterranean heat. Damien turns to blast his load onto Xavi’s throat and chest while Xavi pumps the contents of his balls onto the stone below.

SCENE 2: Spencer Reed & Alex Marte
Spencer Reed is jogging one final lap around a duck pond in the brilliant Mediterranean sunshine. His lats and delts bulge over his broad V-shaped torso. Across the water is his body double, Alex Marte. These twin behemoths collapse on the verdant grass at the same time, their massive hairy chests heaving with exertion. They don’t see each other, but fate intervenes, sending them to the same sauna. The physical attraction is instantaneous. Flimsy white towels draped across laps offer little concealment and no resistance to their groping hands and hungry mouths. But bed is where they choose to conclude their tryst, lying with their legs tangled, their tongues entwined and jacking each other’s cocks aggressively. Alex’s haunches rise like a sea creature breaching, to meet Spencer’s tongue. They couple for a two-position fuck with Spencer’s cock slamming into Alex until both titans are exhausted and their balls expel their seed onto Alex’s furry belly.

SCENE 3: Abel Pozsar & Maikel Cash
Green lighting, an amorphous white set and eerie music give an other-worldly quality to this scene. Abel Pozsar, boy with a dragon tattoo, is engaged in a heavy make-out session with handsome Maikel Cash. Abel has the physique of a wrestler, with plump pecs and buns curved to fit a man’s hand. Maikel has the long, slender limbs of a runner. When they separate, Maikel kneads Abel’s cock and pecs. The lighting and the position of the models change in rapid edits. Maikel is corkscrewing his tongue into Abel’s puckered hole as the camera slings the viewer into outer space. When the camera returns to Earth, Abel is entangled in Maikel’s long legs, with Maikel’s cock buried in his throat. Another slingshot into the cosmos ends with Abel impaled on Maikel’s cock from two different directions as they journey to the Milky Way of cum shots.

SCENE 4: Damien Crosse & Mike Colucci
Mike Colucci’s buttocks ought to be enshrined. They are the goal in what Damien Crosse calls “a little one of my sex adventures,” in a new series, “The World in Gonzo.” Damien leads with a hand-held camera as he buzzes Mike’s doorbell. Mike opens the door wearing the skimpiest of briefs and welcomes Damien by pulling him in by his cock. The “gonzo” quality accounts for the comic-book subtitles, faux technical interference and camera angles that seek out body parts that are in contact. Indoors, Damien jacks the cock by which Mike led him to the bedroom, sucking Mike in return. Mike’s muscular, freckled neck and shoulders heave and his cheeks become hollow when he sucks Damien’s fat cock, then Mike gives the lap dance of the year. Turning his back, he sidles up to the cock he just sucked and squeezes his hole down and over it. Damien lies there groaning, buzzing a new doorbell, while Mike bounces and swivels. His hole moves as if it’s alive, forcing Damien’s cock in and out. When Mike’s ass has done its job, he turns to catch Damien’s load on his face and neck, then delivers the same.

SCENE 5: Abel Pozsar & Carlos Gustavo
Lively jazz and graphic wallpaper promise “Good Times” for Abel Pozsar and Carlos Gustavo. Carlos is a barrel-chested bear inked from arms to ankles and his club of a cock is capped with a big purple mushroom head. Abel can swallow it all, and when there’s nothing left to swallow, Carlos’s hips quiver and vibrate. Abel is smooth and compact, convex in all the right places, with a dragon tattoo that curls its wing around his right nipple and flicks its tail over Abel’s tailbone. When Carlos drills him doggy style, Abel shimmies and shakes until his buns jiggle. A changeover to a sit fuck affords views of Abel’s long, curved meat and of Carlos’s monstrous balls. The equation of one fat cock plus an ass in perpetual motion equals a double blizzard of cum onto Carlos’s manly chest.

SCENE 6: Adrian Toledo & David Dirdam
This is how a bath should be: limbs and tongues intertwined in swirling waters. Stag Homme regulars Adrian Toledo and David Dirdam demonstrate that cleanliness is next to horniness. Groping hands and mutual tongue-sucking ensure hard ons, but check out Adrian humping David’s thigh through the water. These two smooth studs are hard muscle from tip to toe, and their flesh barely yields little to roving hands and nibbling lips. David’s oral assault on Adrian’s mouth and all over his body leaves Adrian lightheaded, so David brings out a hand-held water massager to restore him. Adrian is high on endorphins and at David’s mercy. They want it all at the same time — kiss, suck, jerk off, fuck — but they have to settle for what the body can do. The bath ends with David’s cock ramming Adrian’s moist, hot core until the tendons in Adrian’s thighs are as taut as the cords in David’s neck. The endurance is amazing. They move to a couch, and then they flip so that Adrian is fucking David, whose cum puddles in the ridges of his washboard abs while Adrian paints David’s balls white with jizz.


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