Stag Homme Damien Crosse Francesco D'Macho Adrian Toledo Billy Baval Damien Crosse Donato Reyes Francesco D'Macho Maikel Cash STAG HOMME #14 STAG AFFAIRS

Studio: Stag Homme Studios
Directed by: Damien Crosse / Francesco D’Macho
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Spain / EU

Billy Baval
Maikel Cash
Damien Crosse
Francesco D’Macho
Donato Reyes
Adrian Toledo
Stag Homme Anonymous Model 20

Stag Affairs combines five super-hot scenarios from the artistic and edgy styling of Stag Homme Directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. Each of these porn powerhouses appears in two sexy affairs found here. Studly Francesco teams with handsome Donato Reyes in a deliciously sensual fuck that offers a recipe for what to do after work. Donato later teams with Damien for a gonzo threesome in which Damien’s flip cam is the third. Donato’s buns and ropy forearms will make you salivate — just like he does, over Damien’s fat uncut cock. Damien’s next partner is an anonymous, hugely hung cop who offers Damien the chance to get off with a warning … and a blowjob. Francesco’s other partner is Billy Baval, an escort who claims to have the hardest cock in town. Francesco greets Billy kneeling, ass-high and blindfolded. There’s another cop in Stag Affairs, Maikel Cash. This caramel dreamboat is sent to investigate reports that Adrian Toledo has been masturbating on his roof. Toledo is built like a brick shithouse, and one look is all it takes for Maikel to want him, so he orders Adrian to show him exactly where he was and what he was doing to trigger a complaint…that is before he joins in. These five affairs are Stag Affairs, giving you the signature style and erotic genius of Stag Homme studios. They are guaranteed to have you jerking out load after loads and wanting Stag Affairs of your own.

SCENE 1 – SERRANO: Francesco D’Macho fucks Donato Reyes
“Serrano” is about gorgeous office men indulging their primal desires. Italian porn icon Francesco D’Macho is unwaxed and his wide torso is rippling with muscles. He’s paired with handsome newcomer Donato Reyes, an import from the Canary Islands. Donato is suited and on his knees, servicing Francesco’s engorged member. But Francesco needs to know, and to possess, what’s beneath the suit so he lifts Donato to his feet, kissing and undressing him at the same time. A smooth, tanned and muscled body emerges. With the suits off, the intensity rises. Donato lifts one leg onto a bench, offering his muscular round ass to Francesco’s eager mouth. Where Francesco’s tongue travels, his cock is soon to follow, as he flips Donato onto his back and spears the juicy hole he just tasted. Donato groans and grabs his own hardon as Francesco’s thrusting gains intensity. They move to a ladder, then to a chair, where hands provide the final trigger their cocks need to erupt. Francesco’s gusher shoots across the room then puddles inside his foreskin.

SCENE 2 – SEXUAL DISTURBANCE: Adrian Toledo & Maikel Cash
Stag Homme discovery, Adrian Toledo, experiences a “Sexual Disturbance” while jacking off on his rooftop terrace. The doorbell demands to be answered, and standing there is one hot cop: Maikel Cash. He’s investigating a complaint that Adrian was masturbating in public, on the roof. When the cop demands to see exactly what he was doing, Adrian must comply. His plump pecs separated by a triangle of fur pose a horny problem for Maikel, who pops a boner in his uniform. So he pulls out his long fat cock for Adrian to play with. Adrian soon has a cock in his mouth to keep the one in his hand company. As Maikel’s meat swells beyond its foreskin, he drops his pants, letting his balls hang out. It’s time to pay attention to Adrian’s tan-lined bubble butt. Maikel’s tongue paves the way, as he squeezes the globes of Adrian’s ass. Then he grabs his policeman’s baton and prods that tight hole until it yields to penetration. Maikel sucks Adrian briefly, claps his hat onto Adrian’s head and fucks him in two positions. The cop sends a message to the ornery neighbor by cumming in Adrian’s mouth on the highest part of the roof, for all the city to see, then letting Adrian shoot all over the cop’s belly.

SCENE 3 – THE WORLD IN GONZO 2: Damien Crosse fucks Donato Reyes
In “The World in Gonzo 2,” Damien Crosse is in Antigua with his trusty flip cam. Hunky muscle-bottom Donato Reyes answers the door to Damien’s knock and suggests they take advantage of the warm weather and big terrace for an urban-outdoor fuck. Damien’s ready. Donato grabs Damien’s thighs and eagerly wraps his fat lips around the turgid shaft, swallowing every inch. Damien hands Donato the camera, swivels his baseball cap 90 degrees and feasts on Donato’s shaft. Donato hands the camera back and jacks Damien with two hands until his biceps bulge. Damien ratchets up the intensity by grabbing Donato’s brown cheeks, one in each hand, and swiping his tongue through the crack like a credit card. The hole is so tight, you wonder how a finger would fit, but Damien plunges his huge cock through the entrance, aiming the camera and gripping a fistful of Donato’s t-shirt for reins. Donato working his ass in magical changing angles and rhythms until Damien leaps up with a shout and sprays Donato’s smooth chest with spooge, then offers his face to receive Donato’s load.

SCENE 4 – THE ESCORT: Billy Baval fucks Francesco D’Macho
In “The Escort,” Francesco D’Macho is a horny businessman in need of a hot, anonymous fuck after a long day on the road. In his hotel room, he finds a hung escort, Billy Baval, with his iPad. Billy’s ad reads “Open your holes to me” and it incites Francesco’s imagination. He makes a date, strips from the waist down, blindfolds himself with his necktie, and waits with his naked ass in the air. Billy breaks into a grin at being welcomed in such a way, and he dives face-first into the hairy crack that’s presented to him. Francesco rocks while Billy munches. Francesco wants to know if Billy’s cock is as huge as his ad promised but, being blindfolded, he has only his hands and his mouth to “see” with. The cock is like the horn of a bull, curving up to a narrow tip from a wide base guaranteed to stretch Francesco’s ass to new limits. Billy never undresses, he merely lowers his pants and gives Francesco the pile-driving he craves, cumming in Francesco’s face while Francesco shoots his own load onto Billy’s cock.

SCENE 5 – MILKING THE LAW: Damien Crosse & Anonymous #20
Busted on the set, Damien Crosse placates an anonymous cop whose face we never see, by “Milking the Law.” Damien kneels before the Spanish policía, running his mouth back and forth along the officer’s uniform trousers to make sure that huge piece of Iberian meat is as hard as it can get before he lets it out. Damien deepthroats the long cock of the law, sucks his balls, lets the cop face-fuck him to test his gag reflex, allows his hole to be fingered, gets spit on and, jacking his own dick in a frenzy, brings the cop to a spattering ejaculation all over his face while Damien’s cum spews down the front of his sweatpants


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