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Staxus Productions Uncut Czech Gay Porn Star Boys fucking Staxus Productions Uncut Czech Gay Porn Star Boys fucking

Studio: Staxus Productions
Directed by: John Smith
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Kevin Ateah
Justin Conway
Randy Faulkner
Xander Hollis
Victor Jones
Connor Levi
Nathan Levi
Martin Love
Jesse Magowan
John Parker
Timmy Taylor
Tim Walker

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For these guys one cock is never enough. They love group sex and on this DVD you can see some of the cock hungriest Twinks around indulging their every desire!

SCENE 1: Connor Levi, Jesse Magowan, Randy Faulkner, Timmy Taylor, Xander Hollis & Kevin Ateah
If Dulux or Crown were to sponsor gay porn – and who’s to say no for sure in these straightened times? – then they could do a lot worse than pick this fabulous escapade featuring half a dozen of the sexiest boys around. Whether seeing a bunch of horny twinks spraying paint all over each other is quite what these chemical giants would have in mind when it comes to advertising their products is anyone’s guess; but we reckon our target audience will be more than suitably impressed by the gaggle of sex-gods on offer. Besides, it’s not too long before everyone’s nicely cleaned up and the escapade takes on a much more sexualised nuance; as the array of cocks on offer strain and swell, and seemingly every mouth and ass in the room becomes a sweet, tight haven for all that pulsating flesh. All culminating in a fantastic fuck-chain that’ll have you quite literally gasping in amazement; before the inevitable cascade of pent-up jizz that almost threatens to flood the room and which we guarantee will have you jerking off in equally fervent fashion in response. In short, a breathtaking orgy scene that will appeal to pretty much anyone who loves wild, dirty sex!

SCENE 2: Victor Jones, Justin Conway & Martin Love
Cute young Victor Jones was understandably a bit nervous when he was told of his impending encounter with STAXUS favourites, Justin Conway and Marty Love – and it shows. But if anything that only adds to the overall sense of pleasure in the opening moments of this terrific threesome; and suffice it to say that the two stalwarts are more than happy to put the new-boy at ease, filming each other as they take turns to slurp on Jones’s handsome (and notably hairless) knob. For all their patience, however, it’s pretty obvious that Love and Conway have only one objective in mind here, teasing the rookie hole with their meaty, uncut shafts. In the end it’s blond-boy Conway who gets to pop that pucker first, forcing his swollen dick deep inside the horny novice’s ass and getting an animalistic groan of pain and pleasure in return. Jones’s predicament is only just beginning, however. Before he knows what’s hit him he’s the centrepiece of a stupendous spit-roast – one that he’ll be no doubt be telling his grandkids about in years to come! No wonder that the scene ends with a plethora of jizz, neatly concluded with a mutual cockhead rub-off that’ll quite simply blow you away!

SCENE 3: Princ Nixon, John Parker & Justin Conway
Is there anything more enjoyable than a good oily rubdown courtesy of a horny handsome stud? Certainly young Tim Walker doesn’t seem to be able to think of anything, that’s for sure – indeed, the tent in his towel appears to suggest that he’s more than impressed with John Parker’s efforts on the massage front. Then again, how many masseurs are prepared to be quite as “hands-on” as Parker is here? Or who have sexy mates like Kevin Ateah, who are only too willing and eager to join in the fun …? Let’s put it this way, they don’t come two-a-penny! And nor do scenes like this, as our band of intrepid fuck-buddies promptly engage in a stupendous, breathtaking threesome that’ll have you pulling on your todger like a being possessed! Ateah, in particular, is a star performer,from the moment he walks into the room, slurping on Walker and Parker’s dicks before taking turns to ride raw on all that hard flesh like a pro-time slut. Small wonder that the boy is soon emptying his ball-sac for all and sundry; before Parker splatters his ass-hole with a fine wad of hot jizz. In short, exactly the kind of bareback filth that we know our legion of spunk-lovin’ fans will adore!



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