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Raging Stallion Steve Cruz BACKSTAGE PASS Nick Capra Colt Rivers Boomer Banks Cass Bolton Tex Davidson Brian Bonds Bruno Bernal

Studio: Raging Stallion / Hard Friction
Directed by: Steve Cruz
Year of Production / Release: 2015
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Boomer Banks
Bruno Bernal
Cass Bolton
Brian Bonds
Nick Capra
Tex Davidson
Colt Rivers

Get your ‘BACKSTAGE PASS’ to the hottest throat-stretching, butt-pounding, cum-shooting action delivered by Hard Friction, the studio that always serves up hot, connected, hardcore gay sex. Expertly directed by Hall-of-Famer Steve Cruz ‘Backstage Pass’ gives you an all-access view into their world filled with passionate fucking. Verbal power top Nick Capra deems Colt Rivers the perfect bottom to handle his massive meat. Colt takes it on with enthusiasm, and Nick’s meat plows him readily on both ends. Heavily tatted Boomer Banks and ginger hunk, Cass Bolton, put their noses and tongues to work in every corner of their anatomy before they pound it out with a supercharged fuck. Colt Rivers returns backstage to find Tex Davidson who knows exactly what to do when a horned up stud winks his hole at him. Boy-next-door Brian Bonds puts his cock to work in every hole of hot Brazilian gymnast Bruno Bernal. This is your ‘Backstage Pass’ to full-bore sword swallowing, nut twisting, ass-stretching, man-on-man sex filled with sweat, spit and load after hefty load.

Raging Stallion SCENE 1: Nick Capra fucks Colt Rivers
SCENE 1: Nick Capra fucks Colt Rivers
Nick Capra and Colt Rivers sneak away backstage for some hole-gaping fun. Athletic Colt can’t wait to taste Nick’s tasty 9′ cock, so he yanks Nick’s shorts to his ankles. Nick tells Colt, ‘get it really wet; wax it.’ Nick has a broad chest, covered in fur, and he’s nearly twice the size of Colt. His nonstop barrage of nasty encouragement keeps Colt grinning and choking himself as he sucks harder. Satisfied with Colt’s effort to please, Nick sends Colt up a ladder until his ass is level with Nick’s mouth. Colt’s balls swing and hang low as he thrusts his bubble butt out to meet Nick’s eagerly awaiting tongue. Nick loosens Colt’s hole as he swirls his tongue around Colt’s tight center, then loosens him a bit more with his finger. Colt shivers with ecstasy and collapses onto Nick’s waiting cock, grinning as it stretches him. He bounces himself repeatedly onto Nick’s fat rod, each pump going deeper. Colt’s glutes spread wider when Nick penetrates him all the way down to his base. Nick hoists Colt up and fucks him harder and faster, as their skin glistens with sweat. Nick takes Colt to the edge of anal endurance, and at the moment of orgasm discharges a huge load in his mouth, then kneels to gobble up Colt’s spunk and take one last taste of his hole.

Raging Stallion SCENE 2: Boomer Banks fucks Cass Bolton
SCENE 2: Boomer Banks fucks Cass Bolton
Boomer Banks and Cass Bolton sniff and lick, both gravitating towards each other’s armpits. They are both tall and athletic, but Cass is pale and freckled compared to Boomer’s darker skin, covered in ink. Boomer’s cock is the ultimate challenge to Cass’ sucking skills, and the cords of his neck stand out as he tries to swallow more and more. Boomer shows no mercy, fucking Cass’ face and making his eyes tear. Cass gets a break when Boomer wants his foreskin played with. Cass’ chest and pubes are covered with crisp red hairs that match his beard. He and Boomer make out, and Boomer sucks his cock, having no trouble swallowing it. Nuzzling the hole, tonguing it, and massaging it with his thumb, Boomer turns his attention to Cass’ crack. Boomer lies on his back and Cass slowly lowers himself onto Boomer’s rock-hard 10′ cock. They pound into each other from opposite directions, rattling the table and slamming their nuts together. Boomer feeds his massive load to Cass, who sprays his seed across the floor as he swallows.

Raging Stallion SCENE 3: Tex Davidson fucks Colt Rivers
SCENE 3: Tex Davidson fucks Colt Rivers

Raging Stallion SCENE 4: Brian Bonds fucks Bruno Bernal
SCENE 4: Brian Bonds fucks Bruno Bernal


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