Raging Stallion STOKED - PART 2 Raging Stallion STOKED - PART 2

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Chris Ward, J.D. Slater
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Ben Damon
Taurus / Taurus Dean
Kyle Douglas
Cory Koons
Miguel Leonn
Arpad Miklos
Julian Morino
Michael Soldier

The kings of balls to the wall ‘All Sex’ videos, CHRIS WARD and JD SLATER, take you back down to the basement for the second and final part of their urban sleaze suck and fuckfest, STOKED 2. Starring international superhunk ARPAD MIKLOS and the master of machismo, MIGUEL LEONN (RAGING STALLION’S ’MAN OF THE YEAR 2005’), STOKED 2 joins a pack of hot-blooded cockhounds as they bump and grind in every inch in this cellar of sin. Some things are better done in dark and steamy locations; the dirtier the place, the dirtier the sex. Well this place must have been fuckin’ filthy ‘cause these men tear into each other like rutting pigs. You will start to sweat as you feel the sizzling energy released by the collective kinetic sexual power of these bad boys and studfuckers explode over and over again on your screen. Bad men, big cocks, hungry holes and a hot, deep, dark place to let all inhibitions go (sounds like heaven ,doesn’t it ?), these are the elements of sensual alchemy assembled by the most capable RSS team. Now see for yourself as these incendiary superstuds repeatedly hit flashpoint in what is destined to be an all-time powerfuck classic.
   OK, let’s get you up to speed .You see, there is this basement in some sleazy tenement in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district that apparently is the favorite hoochie hideaway for some of the hottest men on the planet. This ain’t no social hot spot, nobody asks names, they just grab and get to business. Imagine the backroom of your dreams where the only thing the monster-dicked men don’t do is turn into a pizza when they are done.

SCENE 1: Miguel Leonn fucks Kyle Douglas
In STALLION style, we hit the ground running with horsehung Hispanic heartthrob, RSS exclusive MIGUEL LEONN, who is manhandling blonde bad boy KYLE DOUGLAS. The two entwine and consume each other like starving men. DOUGLAS seems possessed as he deep-throats the massive engorged manhood of the horned-up Latin. Playing and chewing on MIGUEL’s foreskin only makes LEONN more crazed and he wastes no time spreading the hungry bottom’s legs so he can savage his ravenous fuckhole. This is a pummeling that neither man is soon to forget and neither will you. If you listen really closely, you can actually hear the butt lips stretching around the monumental man meat. KYLE finally can’t hold it back and shoots with MIGUEL up his ass. LEONN moves up to KYLE’s head and pumps a gallon of cum right into the grateful tramp’s mouth.

SCENE 2: Julian Morino fucks Cory Koons
Next up we find RSS newcomer and exclusive CORY KOONS, whose perfect gymnast body and dark bedroom eyes draw you in like deep reflecting pools as his smoldering lustful heat washes over you. He is alone with what must be his favorite toy, a black billy club dildo. CORY is working the club on his sweet young butt, getting himself hard as a rock, when in walks STALLION discovery JULIAN MORINO (you didn’t think any place this popular would be empty long did you?). From the get-go, these two men combust on the screen in a flash of searing erotic fusion. MORINO pounds and plows the tattooed powerbottom with the steely-eyed determination of a man with something to prove. The pair drive each other over the top and back until they both explode jizz like the Tivoli fountains.

SCENE 3: Ben Damon fucks Kyle Douglas
Our next matchup finds a returning KYLE DOUGLAS (some whores just can’t get enough) meeting up with skaterboi deluxe BEN DAMON. The two skip all the pleasantries and jump straight to the meat. DOUGLAS is not shy about his intent and chows down on the firepole of a cock in front of him. DAMON isn’t coy either when it comes to wanting to nail some bad-boy ass and nail it he does, working every inch of his rod with power and skill. The deeper he goes in DOUGLAS, the more they both groan and writhe. The pair combine in an almost serpentine undulation of perfect sexual perpetual motion, driving KYLE to shoot a juicy load. As so often happens, this triggers BEN to pop his rock all over the satiated bottom boy.

SCENE 4: Arpad Miklos fucks Micheal Soldier & Taurus
Now it’s time for the grand finale, and WARD and SLATER do not disappoint. We open on handyman RSS exclusive MICHEAL SOLDIER (I wondered if the maintenance people ever checked this place) as he makes a pass at French superstar TAURUS. Then, from a shadowed corner of the room comes coverman and international porn god ARPAD MIKLOS. He’s tall, he’s stacked, and he’s hung like a prize bull–his presence alone dominates the space, but then he pulls out his mammoth prick and the two other men drop to their knees like pilgrims at a shrine. There is never any doubt who the big dog is and SOILDER and TAURUS form a 2 man service team whose sole purpose is to produce as many loads as possible. First they initiate a 3-way suck-a-thon that leads to a stunning circle-jerk and triple cumshot. This is followed by ARPAD taking the two horndogs to school, the lesson being ‘butt powerpounding by enormous penis’. This is obviously a graduate course not recommended for the novice, featuring some of the most animal-like fucking seen outside of a nature video. By the time they all crack their final nut, even you will need a cigarette.

So take another stroll on the wild side with the men of RAGING STALLION and find out what happens in those places that the wise and the good refuse to go.



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