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Studio: EuroCreme / Straight Fuckers
Directed by: Maxwell B
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Great Britain

Myles Bentley
Mark Edens
Tommy Haine
Harry Scott / Harris / Harry
Matt Hughes
Ricky Jackson
Grant Joshua
Mateo Locatti
Duke Michaels
Giovanni Summers
Declain Wood

SCENE 1: Matt Hughes impales and fucks Tommy Haine
SCENE 2: Harry Scott fucks (???)
SCENE 3: Duke Michaels and Craig (cast name unknown) fuck Giovanni Summers
SCENE 4: Mateo Locatti fucks Ricky Jackson
SCENE 5: Mark Edens fucks Grant Joshua

Seeking out anywhere to put their rock hard dicks, any hole is definitely a goal for these guys, regularly fucking any lad who is willing to service them, or trying it for the first time, these straight fuckers soon find out how sweet it is to fuck men, and by the way their dicks bounce, it’s certainly something they’ll be back for!! Check out these men discovering man sex in hardcore close-up views designed to get you right into the pounding and grinding!!

SCENE 1: Matt Hughes impales a twink on 11”
Using his huge weapon on this little mixed race kid, Matt shows him just what a huge straight dick can do to a tight young hole, be it male or female!! Getting rock hard watching straight porn, Matt teases Tommy with his massive cock and soon fucks his face with it!! Not content with slamming against his tonsils, Matt flips the kid onto his back and probes his butt deep, getting as much thick meat inside as possible. Letting him jerk himself off, Matt is still way inside when Tommy dumps his load, shortly followed by Matt, mixing both lots together!!

SCENE 2: Builder brings in some hot ass!!
Cruising for some action, our builder bloke takes the opportunity to bring back a dark haired stud to his site for a quick blowjob that turns into an intense session whilst his girlfriend is away. Slurping on solid dick, this top dude just loves to have his cock taken care of, and isn’t fussed about who does it!! From face fucking to ass exploration, his dick does all the work, slipping from tip to hilt and having his balls slap against this random guys butt just increases the sexual craze until both spurt hot spunk everywhere.

SCENE 3: Straight studs use dark haired twink!!
Skinhead stud Duke tells us his straight and cocky brother is tagging along on a porn shoot and can join in when is wants. Teaming up with dark haired sex kitten Giovanni, these two muscle bound men use and abuse the poor kid until they are well and truly sated. Their delicious looking dicks tongue worshipped by the eager bottom boy. Bending him over, they both take turns to ram their shafts all the way into him, working his butt the most it ever has. Bouncing on straight dick as the top fucker watches straight porn, both guys get just what they want, and the streams of jizz prove it as Giovanni gets splattered.

SCENE 4: Straight dude calls on young queer to service him!!
Bearded Mateo gets a young Ricky Jackson over to his place to sort out his horny needs. Only after a hot hole to sort out his dick, this top dude sits back and lets the randy boy wet his cock as he takes it all down his throat and lick his smooth ass, giving exactly what is required of him. Taking him to his bed, Mateo wraps up his dick and slams it into Ricky as he pushes back, getting even more stuff dick into him. Grinding into his fuck buddy in awesome positions, not only doe she get fucked hard, but we get to see every inch slide deeper!!

SCENE 5: Huge dicked straight boy fucks Grant hard!!
Mark and his massive dick are out to get some action from the local gay boys, and now is the turn of young Grant to put that mouth and ass to good use. Licking his balls and sucking the long meaty dick, this horny bottom guy can’t get enough and devours as much as he can while jerking himself off. Our straight lad just rests there, letting him do all the work, pleased to get his big cock seen to. Not content to just get blown, he lubes up Grant’s ass and slips deep into it, his permanent erection stretching his hole wide and its rammed hard and fast, getting as deep as possible.

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