Studio: Surge Studios
Directed by: Al Parker
Year of Production: 1985

David Ashfield
Melchor Diaz
Rydar Hanson
Scott Taylor
Michael Charles
Tony Kennedy
Derrick Stanton
Cameo: Al Parker

SCENE 1: David Ashfield charms Michael Charles’ dick out of his overalls
SCENE 2: Ivan shows Scott Taylor the joys of Vacuum Pumping
SCENE 3: Dr. Melchor Diaz examines Rydar Hanson’s foreskin
SCENE 4: Window Washers, Derrick Stanton tops Tony Kennedy on the 13th floor

Director Al Parker presents a quartet of erotic and well-photographed loops centered around the Eagle Express Messenger Company and its horny delivery men who have sex in strange places. Maintenance men David Ashfield and Michael Charles start of the flick by taking a break on a gas main and getting out of their overalls in a dirty underground tunnel. Charles shares blowjobs with Ashfield and gives a good display of cock-sucking before taking bone up his chute and blowing his load.

This video is worth seeing for the next scene alone. Here, Scott Taylor and Ivan play with vacuum pumps (on their already large cocks) and enlarge their meat and balls to distorted proportions. Both men bend over and conduct a double self-suck session, and Ivan gets his huge meat to at least 11 or 12-inches! Rydar Hanson lies on a doctor’s (Latin hunk Melchor) examination table, next, thinking about circumcision to please his lover. The doctor convinces Hanson against it through a series a foreskin games that include docking (interestingly photographed for skin fans). The action and the intensity between the two men is wonderful and it works well between these two that know how to have with their hooded eagles.

The final scene couples window washers Derrick Stanton and Tony Kennedy on top of a scaffolding outside a skyscraper high above Hollywood Boulevard, while people walk and watch below. This is probably the best segment in the video due to Kennedy’s eager bottom action and Stanton’s trademark huge load onto his ass after fucking him, which he soon laps off the boyish man’s cheeks. A well cast collection from Surge Studios showing off Parker’s ability in front of and behind the camera. NO Condoms.


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