Hot House Entertainment Club Inferno STRONG-ARMED 2 Ken Houser Jacob Scott Michael Brandon Drew Peters Bryan Wyatt Michael Soldier Michael Starr Jason Miller Justin Lake

Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Hot Hand / Club Inferno
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 2005
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Michael Brandon
Ken Houser
Justin Lake
Jason Miller
Drew Peters
Jacob Scott
Michael Soldier
Michael Starr
Bryan Wyatt

These horned-up muscle-men take no prisoners as they strong-arm their way through a new cast of fist-hungry hunks in Strong-Armed 2. This raunchy continuation of the Strong-Armed Trilogy from the Club Inferno Hot Hand Collection features five scenes of elbow-swallowing, pud-pounding, ass-licking action. Now bend over and take it like a man!

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 1: Jacob Scott & Jason Miller spit-roasts and fist Drew Peters
Tattooed muscle daddy Jacob Scott works blonde bottom boy Drew Peters’ fat bulge through his leather pants. Jason Miller comes in and watches but not for long. Soon his leather pants are off and Drew Peters is on his back taking Miller’s fist and anticipating more. Miller pokes at Peters’ bladder and piss spurts everywhere. Jacob Scott massages Peters and kisses him deeply, giving Miller the go ahead to push his fist even deeper inside Peters’ ass. Jacob Scott has a thick, curved cock that wants to fuck Peters’ loose hole. He has a go at it, pumping Peters’ ass while Jason Miller straddles Peters’ face. Scott flips Peters onto all fours and pulls on the white latex gloves. Drew Peters moans in pleasure as his fat-nippled daddy jams his tattooed forearm into the recesses of his bowels.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 2: Ken Houser deep-fists Justin Lake
Justin Lake digs his tongue into Anglo top Ken Houser’s sweet ass, taking time to lick Houser’s nut sack and suck on his meaty bone. Houser has bigger plans for Lake and after basking in the glow of a hard ball sucking, he bends him over and begins pumping his ass. But feed Lake a cock and he’ll want a fist, as the hungry bottom proves in a sublime fisting session. At points, Lake’s eyes roll back in his head as Houser spreads him wide and, with an extra helping of grease, takes the full fury of Houser’s arm. Lake moans in ecstasy as he and Houser climax together, Houser’s fist still buried inside.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 3: Michael Brandon fists Michael Starr
Michael Brandon is playing with his monster cock when Michael Starr drops in. Starr gives an amazing performance, taking Brandon’s unbelievable cock to the root. He lets Brandon face-fuck him, but when Brandon starts slapping his ass, it’s clear that this pucker will be punished. Brandon is gentle at first, probing Starr with his fingers and lapping at his open hole. Brandon dons a pair of latex gloves and continues to kneed his way into Starr’s gaping cheeks, fitting his whole fist in as pre-cum and piss drips from Starr’s cock. Brandon is a true master of the ass, punch-fucking Starr and swiping at his prostate like a bear looking for honey. Brandon rolls him onto his back and sucks his cock while letting him ride his wrist. As Brandon buries himself up to the forearm, Starr only gets harder as he pushes out his engorged anus in appreciation. With a rebel yell, Starr spurts cum across his chest and Brandon, even louder and wetter, follows.

Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
SCENE 4: Michael Soldier fucks Bryan Wyatt
Bryan Wyatt and Michael Soldier are trapped in an aggressive lip lock. Soldier sports a leather harness and pins down his partner, licking at his armpits. Soldier dips his fat cock and shaved balls in Wyatt’s mouth, then shoves them down his throat. Soldier fingers Wyatt’s ass with interest, spreading the ass-less chaps and using his tongue to drive Wyatt wild. He drags his cock-head across Wyatt’s pink hole. Wyatt puts a condom on his partner with his mouth, then bends over and takes it deep inside his ass. After a vigorous fuck, Soldier pulls out his cock and busts a hot nut.


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With extensive additional photography from every scene.

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