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Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: Danny Ray
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Gary Brickman / Chris Cameron
Ruslan Brodovich
Eric Flower
Roger Gharny
Michael Getlin
Lewis Grant
Mark Hacker
Andre Lopes
Daz Nelson
Ted Philo
Jerome Reynolds
Mario Rafanelli (Sergej Ural)
Tad Harrison (Olle Usmev)
Kiko Hyde (David Vanek)
Casper Watts

Celebrated Euro-helmer Danny Ray (Inside Andy, Kickboxer, Splash) and Studio 2000 team up for Taken! Shot on location in the heart of beautiful, historic Prague, 15 gorgeous young studs from across Eastern Europe light up six scenes—three duos and a trio of threesomes—spiced with just a touch of B&D and heavily layered in spooge. Cum fanatics won’t want to miss the rivers of man-juice flowing through this erotic European fuckathon!

SCENE 1: Roger Gharney [Kamil Fox] and Jerome Reynolds (with Justine Star)
Jerome Reynolds, bald and charismatic, spends a bit of leisure time in the park with his girlfriend (Justine Star) when matinee idol-handsome Roger Gharney, horny and impatient, lures him indoors and away from his impatient girl. Soon the pair are kissing passionately, stripping and exploring each other’s smoothly muscled bodies. Both are so turned on they quickly cum and then move into a 69 position to rim each other. Roger stuffs his boner into Jerome and fucks him in two positions, cums again, fucks him doggie-style and cums a third time, then the pair move into a fourth position for more pounding until Jerome blasts his second huge load of juice and Roger his fourth! (Girlfriend? What girlfriend?)

Dominic Ford at smutjunkies Michael Getlin Tad Harrison Olle Usmev Eric Flower
SCENE 2: Eric Flower, Michael Getlin and Tad Harrisson [Olle Usmev]

Hunks Eric Flower and Tad Harrison are chatting outdoors when cute pup Michael Getlin sneaks up and unsuccessfully tries to steal Eric’s wallet. The two larger men quickly catch and subdue Michael, toss him into their car and drive him to a secluded apartment to mete out punishment, porn star-style. The muscular studs blindfold their captive and “force” him to suck them off until they both spill wet loads all over his face. Both eat Michael out thoroughly until he blows his own load, and then the fucking begins! Tad plows both Michael and muscle-bottom Eric with aggression, switching up positions, until all three produce yet another round of pop shots. They kiss to close out the scene as Michael’s attempted thievery, like Jerome’s girlfriend in the previous scene, is forgotten in their erotic euphoria.

SCENE 3: Lewis Grant [Colin Reeves] and Mario Rafanelli [Sergej Ural]
The handsome pair of lovers Lewis Grant and Mario Rafanelli try out blindfolds on each other as they kiss with frenzied urgency, strip each other and trade blowjobs. Lewis even ties Mario to the bed frame as he rides his lover reverse-cowboy, and Mario clearly gets off on the light B&D. They make out with passion, lick each other’s balls, jack their boners and maintain a connection as they flip-fuck in three positions, cum, fuck some more, cum some more…each of them blowing three separate loads as they explore new ways to make love.

SCENE 4: Mark Hacker, Kiko Hyde and Andre Lopes
Adorably cute Mark Hacker furtively spies on Kiko Hyde and Andre Lopes as they grope each other outdoors in a secluded park. Alas, he creeps a bit too close and the men spot their young voyeur, who runs off. They give chase, catch and blindfold him, and spirit him away to work off their pent-up erotic aggression. Indoors, the men quickly strip their captive and set him to work licking their stiff cocks and rimming their twitching holes. Both reward him with wet facials that drip down his neck and chest. They bend Hacker over a table and prep his tight ass for entry, and Lopes is so turned on he delivers a thick, wet load of cum. He pumps Hacker doggie-style, then turns the pup over to Hyde, who lays his conquest across the table and slides into his willing chute, plowing away mercilessly. They switch positions yet again, and all three men blow more loads. Do not fast forward through the giant cumshot Lopes delivers! He shoots seven thick, white, heavy ropes of semen that blast sideways across the carpet and nearly splash into the camera lens. A don’t-miss for cum fanatics!

SCENE 5: Gary Brickman [Chris Cameron], Daz Nelson and Casper Watts
Craggily handsome Daz Nelson, slender and ripped and heavily hung, is enjoying the sights when he wanders innocently into the clutches of bald, muscled Gary Brickman and sly, sexy Casper Watts. The nefarious pair chloroform Daz and take him away to a nearby apartment, where they strip down and induce their groggy captive into servicing their aching erections. Daz quickly adjusts, bending over to display his willing hole as Casper and Gary eat him out until he cums. He sucks the manjuice out of both of his captors, then forms a rim train with them and cums yet again! Daz slides down onto Casper’s boner while Gary fucks Casper for a bit, then squeezes his stiff cock into Daz for a spirited double-penetration. Daz and Casper trade up fuck positions twice more and all three men provide another round of the wet stuff.

SCENE 6: Ruslan Brodovich and Ted Philo
Model-handsome Ruslan Brodovich is lounging on his balcony when he spots cute blond Ted Philo strolling below. He whistles, Ted grins, and soon the two gorgeous young men are macking on each other indoors, stripping off their clothes and sucking cock with erotic hunger. They trade blowjobs and both blow their first load apiece. Ruslan licks Ted’s hole to prep it for entry and fucks him happily, standing up against a door frame. Ted returns the favor, eating out Ruslan’s tight buns and fucking him with equal aplomb in two positions. Both dump their second loads of semen and kiss, ready for another round…


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