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Studio: Randy Blue
Directed by: Randy Blue
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2007

Kenny Cross
Rocky Houston
Spencer Reed
Xander Scott

Summer is a strange time for adult websites. Everyone is out in the summer sun, having fun, going swimming and being active. Some sites take this time to coast through, do a few updates and leave it at that, thinking the members won’t be checking in. Well, not me. When the heat is on outside, I turn the heat up inside and make things even hotter for you guys. Spencer Reed is home alone jacking off when he gets the bright idea to call his buddy Xander to give him a “hand”. Not only does the incredibly sexy Xander show up ready for some fun, but he brings a couple of friends. And not just any friends, he invites Randy Blue newcomers Kenny Cross and Rocky Houston to tag along. Spencer is already horned up as a steamy porn plays on his portable DVD player, and the addition of the extra helping of hunks now sitting in his living room is almost too much for him to handle. The enormous bulge in his jeans is enough to show his friends that he’s ready. His musky pheromones must be in the air because it doesn’t take long for the rest of them to spring huge boners and pretty soon the jeans come off and the guys are playfully rubbing their own bulges in and through their briefs, eventually shedding those to get to the meat. I made sure to have the hottest guys together in this video. Xander has already proven himself in his solo work as well as that hot video with Reece, so looking at that handsome face and beautiful body writhing around with those other studs really makes you love him so much more. And what can I say about Kenny? He’s so adorable and innocent looking that when he turns around and sticks his perfect ass to the camera so everyone else can run their hands over it you feel so dirty enjoying it. Spencer does such a great job as the host, and that nice big handful of cock he’s got will make your mouth water. Pay special attention to the attention Kenny gives it, he strokes it so passionately you’d think it was his own. Rocky’s got such a hot body with muscles in all the right places, and when he and Spencer shoot their loads it makes me wonder if I should have given the other guys safety goggles!


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