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Studio: EuroCreme Compilation
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Great Britain

Toby James
Titch Jones
Kink Boy UK
Randy Rio
Darren Robins
Ashley Ryder
Anthony Thomas
Jak Williams

Eurocreme favourite Titch Jones belies what’s in his pants, packing one of the most delicious dicks in the business, it’s huge!! Long, thick and squirts the cum for miles around, he’s what we all want a piece of. Smooth body, huge dick, sweet face; this supersized fuck machine loves nothing more than slamming his mighty weapon into peachy butts, giving them the biggest dick of their young lives, opening them up more than ever!!

SCENE 1: Bathroom Threesome!!
With a new Top Dog, the stunning young inmates at this Borstal are free to indulge in horny cock and ass action with each other. Anthony Thomas can’t wait to slide down on Titch’s massive meat whilst having Rio thrust down his throat in great fashion before all three shoot their load, all swimming in spunk by the end, with Anthony desperate for a taste of it.

SCENE 2: Hung Indie Fucker!!
Hung young fucker Titch is back for more deep ass pounding, this time with tanned blondie Toby. Tasting each others throbbing dicks, devouring the huge pieces of meat, making them slick with spit, they get themselves super horny and dying to fuck!! Horse hung Titch doesn’t let Toby down as he presses his cock against his hole and slowly pushes, letting his sexy mate feel every inch slide deeper into his hole, stretching it around his thick dick as it’s thrust forward, keeping Toby continually on the edge of orgasm. Titch is looking great with his pale skin and Mohican hairstyle, so watching him pummel his friends butt whilst his knob twitches is amazing. With all these position changes, that butt hole gets well and truly used, awesome angles let us watch it in every detail, get ready for your balls to be emptied at the sight of Titch shooting!!

SCENE 3: Shower!
Titch Jones is back to get us more horny and after his enormous dick again with this cock throbbing display of prick-teasing. Soaping himself up in the shower, this skinhead plays with his already impressive soft dick until it’s rock hard and bouncing around, looking unbelievably massive, the thickness will blow you away!! Polishing his shaft with baby oil, horse hung Titch lays back and shows off his endowment, bringing himself to an almighty orgasm, absolutely drenching him in jet after jet of spunk!!

SCENE 4: Huge Dicks!!
Two huge dicks take dark haired Jak Williams to the limit as he’s fucked hard from both ends!! The cock sucking here is out of this world, rock hard shafts being thrust mercilessly down throats as they throb uncontrollably and get each fit fucker even more turned on!! Kink Boy loves the taste of Jak’s ass as he and Titch share his thick phallus. Lubing up his butt-hole with spit, Kinky Boy fingers Jak’s butt as he teases it with his almighty cock. This scene is by far the horniest seen in a while, spit roasting and cum showers bringing it to an awesome finale.

SCENE 5: Forced Threesome and double penetration!!
This scene truly is cum-worthy. Borstal guard Darren takes big dicked Titch and super bottom Ashley into the shed after a hard days graft. Forcing these two convicts to suck and fuck each other, it’s not long before buff stud Darren wants a piece of the action and loosens Ashley up before a fucking awesome double penetration and spit-roasting. This is one HOT scene which is sure to make you horny as fuck. Once these boys are soaked in cum, Darren gets up and puts his uniform back on and leaves them lying there, showing them exactly who’s in charge!!


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