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Studio: Point Break Studios
Directed by: Clark Kent
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Enrique Currero
Brandon Fox
Blake Logan
Tommy Mann
Oscar Powers
Stewart Wellington

SCENE 1: Brandon Fox solo with “Ice-Jack”
SCENE 2: Stewart Wellington tops Blake Logan
SCENE 3: Enrique Currero solo
SCENE 4: Blake Logan gets Tommy Mann horny, later Stewart Wellington tops Tommy Mann
SCENE 5: Oscar Powers solo

Straight, ripped and willing to explore the limits of their heterosexuality, see straight guys get fucked for the very first time by massive bodybuilders.
   After returning home, Brandon Fox finds a care package from his out of town girlfriend. Watch Brandon as he breaks in his new toy. Stewart Wellington sees Blake Logan hitching for a ride and picks him up. Blake invites Stewart in and before you know it, Stewart is showing Blake how to ride more than a surfboard. Miami visitor Enrique Currero finds that he has a quiet moment before meeting frends at the beach. Watch this hot stud bring himself to a climactic ending.
   Blake walks in to find Tommy Mann jacking off and offers to help. In no time he is getting some gresat oral action. Just before Tommy can finish, Blake realizes what time it is and dashes out the door. Soon Stewart happens by to find Tommy all hot and bothered. Watch as Tommy first gets a pounding and then gets his face drenched in an ocean of “salty water.” Oscar Powers is borrowing Blake’s computer and finds his porn collection. This straight stud definitely knows how to give himself a happy ending.


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