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Studio: AMG Brasil
Directed by: Dennis Bell
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Brasil / U.S.A.

Renzo Castelli
Will Castelo
Fael Fernandes
Ricardo Onça
Bob Padilla
Junior Ronaldo
Carlos Rossi

The forbidden fruit isn’t the only thing that’s plump and juicy in the Garden of Eden. In this adaptation of the classic Bible story, curiosity leads to the sweetest sins when two men eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

With a smooth lean body like a lithe serpent, devilish Junior Ronaldo reclines on a low-hanging branch sucking on a Caju (Cashew) fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, when curious Will Castelo approaches. He inquires about the fruit and Junior tosses one down. Will wraps his supple lips around the ripe Caju fruit. Unbeknownst to him, this fruit is only the first in a long line of temptations. Once the first sin has been committed, Junior jumps down from the tree and within moments true transgression sets in. Junior drops to his knees and gives the same attention to Will’s throbbing member as he did the Caju. His lips work there way up and down the solid caramel stick, driving it deep into his throat. Enticed by the new sensation, Will pushes his partner against the Caju tree and reciprocates.

Carlos Rossi, 180 lbs of pure muscle, stands on a porch stroking his massive manhood. In the distance, Fael Fernandes, Ricardo Onça and Renzo Castelli are engaged in a three-way kiss, unaware of the stroking onlooker. Ricardo stands in the middle of the tripartite tongue fest with Renzo working his mouth around the studs light brown cock. Fael, not to be left out, sucks on the boy’s hanging balls. Eventually, the temptation proves too strong and Renzo takes both men in his mouth, frantically stuffing their cocks as deep as possible. Because sin begets sin, Renzo and Fael are soon sitting on a near by table while Ricardo is over taken by gluttony. He crams both of their fat pricks into his watering mouth–it seems even oral excess isn’t enough to satiate the cockmonger.

Meanwhile, Carlos looks on stroking his dick and caressing his smooth muscles. He leans against a column on the porch simultaneously lusting after the men in the distance and contemplating his newfound curiosity for the same sex. Soon his curiosity is put to rest. A baby faced, Bob Padilla approaches the Brazilian powerhouse and immediately slips the stiff serpent in between his wet lips.

The film comes full circle when Will and Junior, walk up to an out door shower and return to practicing the ultimate sin. Soon, all of the men have joined the duo and launch headfirst into an all-man orgy, paying no attention to their prior indiscretions–from this moment on, the men act without conscience. Two men, Renzo and Fael, offer up their mouths, blowing each member of the cast with increased longing. With each dick tension grows. The boys are no longer satisfied with mere sucking and stroking. Renzo slowly sucks Carlos’ cock while Junior rims Renzo’s pert hole. As his ass is being prepped for penetration, Fael is experiencing true ecstasy for the time. Will has the slender boy bent over a handrail by the pool. He vigorously moves his dick in and out of the boy’s tight hole. Fael’s face shows signs of pain but his moans express the purest pleasure. Finally, Renzo is ready to commit the ultimate in petty sins and who better to penetrate him than the god-like Carlos. Carlos is unforgiving. He punish the boys ass. Renzo’s brows furrow as Carlos rams his dick hard against the boys rectum. His balls slap the boy’s sweet apple bottom. Soon Renzo is in the rhythm, taking control and vigorously fucking the hunks meat. After a number of other men have taken their turn with Renzo he assumes position on the ground as his comrades take turns relieving their desire in thick white streams on his tanned chest.
   The apple has been bitten, and for these men there is no turning back


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