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Raging Stallion TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS 1 Angelo Marconi Austin Wilde Aybars Tony Aziz Andre Barclay David Dirdam Francesco D

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Chris Ward
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Aziz
Andre Barclay
Francesco D’Macho
David Dirdam
Alexsander Freitas
Conner Habib
Wilfried Knight
Angelo Marconi
Dominic Pacifico
Austin Wilde

As the scorching sun pounds down against the shimmering sands of the Sahara, a people struggle thru their daily lives, eking out a way to survive the brutal daylight that beats them into submission between dawn and dusk. Life in these exotic lands is harsh and cruel, a world thrown back in time to an era of absolute power and uncontrolled passion.
   But when night falls a welcome cool breeze blows across the still desert and another world awakes, a world where pleasure rules and men rise triumphant to satisfy an overwhelming lust that has been building since the dawn of time.
   This is the story of these dangerous men… These are the Tales of the Arabian Nights!

This amazing journey thru the labyrinth of sex and desire begins in the boudoir of a Tunisian sheik played by the hottest new performer of 2010–Alex Frietas. The stunning set sets the mood as an arrogant Frietas is worshiped by his young stable boy (Andre Barclay). As Alex flexes his abs (he has the best stomach in Porn!), Andre comes to understand that he is in for the ride of his life! Alex is an animal when it comes to fucking. It’s the kind of fucking every top aspires to replicate, but few can pull it off. Alex delivers a lot of pleasure, but there are some major moments of nailing the must be painful. He throws Andre around in three well-filmed positions as delivers over half an hour of non-stop powerfucking! This is a show-stopper opening to one of the finest erotic movies of all time!
   Scene Highlights: first-rate oral sex and three outstanding fuck positions (Reverse Cowboy, Missionary, and Doggie Style). Frietas is the most muscular man working in porn. 38 mins

A groan pierces the midnight air and lingers above the minarets and rooftops of a forgotten village deep in the desert. The hush of night almost quiets everything …but like the smell of sex, the sounds of two men violently fucking draws us in.
   As we enter a hidden courtyard we find Tony Aziz delivering a massive, unstoppable, unrelenting fuck deep into Dominic Pacifico’s perfect tight ass. Aziz is actually first generation Lebanese-American and he makes Dominic go nuts by speaking to him in Arabic, his first language. This is one of the best fuck scenes ever filmed, with gaping holes, rock hard dicks, over-the-top energy and a connection between men rarely seen in modern porn films. Dominic’s hole goes from tight to gaping as Tony throws fuck after penetrating fuck! When he pulls out, Dominic’s hole quivers openly, as if begging for more (in Arabic, of course!)!
   Scene Highlights: Possibly the best-filmed reverse cowboy ever from Raging Stallion Studios. No oral in this scene, just multiple extended fuck scenes. Shots of open hole and power fucking are extensive. One of the most beautiful sets of the movie. 28 mins.

In 2005 Chris Ward filmed one of the greatest scenes in the history of porn, a two way pairing between François Sagat and Huessein. The scene was shot under a stunning stone arch. Ward and Team Raging Stallion retuned to the same location to film another scene between Francesco D’Macho and Wilfried Knight–two of the industry’s biggest superstars! This long-awaited pairing is the culmination of years of planning.
   Francesco has never looked better–his stature as an example of the perfect male grows with each passing year and now, in 2010, he has finally reached his pinnacle. Wilfried Knight, another hairy stud that looks more like an Arabian stallion than a French bitch (sorry Wilf, had to get that dig in!!!).
   The blue moonlight streams across the terra-cotta tile, bathing the whitewashed stone in cool colors that contrast sharply with the raging fire in the fireplace. The desert can become cold at night—-fire and passion being the only tools to keep men warm!
   Wilfried worships Francesco’s cock, taking it deep into his chest as he gags on its length. Francesco then forces Wilfried to rim his ass, showing our cameras his perfect puckered hole. Wilfried needs only a little persuasion as he chows down on the most famous ass in the world!
   Finally, Francesco gets to the point and fucks Wilfred in two spectacular positions. This scene, like the one shot years before, will be an instant classic and is one of the high points of porn for 2010!
   Scene Highlights: An amazing two way that is shot so well that it looks like a Hollywood films. The pairing is two superstars who know how to have sex. Excellent rimming and powerful fucking. 34 mins.

By the light of a shimmering fountain, we next find new discovery and cover man Aybars in a long embrace with Conner Habib. Aybars is from southern Turkey (he barely speaks English) and Connor is Syrian. Unlike some of the other scenes of the film, this one pits two actual Middle Eastern men against each other in what becomes the most passionate love making of the entire movie.
   Aybars is one of the most beautiful men we have ever filmed. Not only does he have a perfect natural body, but his face could easily grace the covers of fashion magazines around the world (just look at those lips!!!). This is his first scene in his first porn movie, and he is a natural! The discovery of Aybars is an important moment in porn history–he is that good.
   Conner Habib always delivers a good, connected performance, and this is no exception. Unlike the furious fucking of the other scenes in Tales of the Arabian Nights, this scene unfolds slowly, with passionate kissing and sucking as these men caress and give each other pleasure. When the time comes for Aybars to shove his huge throbbing cock into Conner’s hole, there is only a moment of pain before the pleasure begins! Another finely filmed fuck unfolds. To quote that old line that has sold so many movies in the past….. ”this scene alone is worth the price of the movie!”
   Scene Highlights: Introduces Aybars as the hottest new discovery of 2010. Sensual sex is the focus, with some amazing underneath fucking footage that will drain even the most jaded porn addict. Conner Habib delivers the biggest cum shot of 2010! A long scene that never gets old. 47 mins.

The final scene of part one of Tales of the Arabian Nights is a show-stopper trifecta that showcases three of the hottest of Raging’s Arabian Stallions: Angelo Marconi, David Dirdam, and RSS Man of the Year, Austin Wilde. Now it is true that none of these guys are directly from the middle east, but each of them has middle eastern blood in their veins. The rise to the occasion and fuck like true Arabian Studs1
   The setting is the courtyard of a Turkish bath house–giant ceramic pots of boiling water keep the nighttime chill at bay. To warm things up even more, David Dirdam and Angelo Marconi launch into a fuck (no oral in this entire scene–only first rate fucking from start to finish!). Dirdam has a stunning body, a slight hairy wave dusting his massive pectoral muscles. His stomach is as tight as it gets, and his uncut dick is so hard it hurts. Angelo lays back and allows his ass to be used and abused and then reused again! After Dirdam fires a white hot stream of cum, Austin Wilde comes in to the scene, and picks up where Dirdam left off!
   Austin Wilde is Raging Stallion Studios top star, and this scene lets you know why. His smouldering dark looks (part Arab, part Latin, part black) make him a prime example of modern man. His cock, his abs, his chest, and his face are …..well, perfection. Combined with Angelo’s gym-toned body, these two offer up a piece of pornography that rises to the top! Both Angelo and Austin are exhibitionists. They are not just doing this movie for the money–indeed, they know you are watching. They are getting off on showing off to you! Exhibitionists make the best porn, and we guarantee that many of you will think this is the best porn scene ever made!
   Scene Highlights: Three of the hottest men in porn deliver a grand finale performance to close out part on of Tales of the Arabian Nights. Marconi shows he is a first rate bottom and takes this double pounding brilliantly. Dirdam makes a rare US performance, and Austin Wilde struts his Man-Of-The-Year stuff! Lots of Cum! 31 mins.

“This is the finest movie I have ever made.”
   –Chris Ward

GayVN Hall of Fame Director Chris Ward is one of the most acclaimed movie makers in the gay porn industry. His films and the films from his studio have won dozens of awards and are considered classics in modern erotica. Part one of Tales of the Arabian Nights is the first film he has directed by himself in two years. It is the high point of his long directing career.


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