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Studio: Raging Stallion / Monster Bang
Directed by: Ben Leon & Tony Dimarco
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Antonio Biaggi
Jason Crew
Aydan Cruz
Mickey Drake
Devin Moss
Tristan Phoenix
Ryan Raz
Cole Streets


Ten Pound Tube Steak assembles some of the largest, thickest, and meatiest cock in porn! And Raging Stallion’s Monster Bang Bottoms are voracious, hungry bottoms who can take everything these massive tops have to give. Starring Raging Stallion Exclusives Antonio Biaggi, Jason Crew, Cole Streets, Ryan Raz and Tristan Phoenix, and accompanied by Devin Moss, Aydan Cruz, and Mickey Drake, you’ll be left filled and satisfied. As you all know, Monster Bang is about HUGE COCKS AND THE HOLES THEY FILL! Ten Pound Tube Steak is Monster Bang Video at its best!

SCENE 1: In The Kitchen
Dark and sexy Aydan Cruz strokes his massive cock on a chair in the kitchen. He enjoys playing with his morning boner, pulling his foreskin up and down over the pre-cum oozing head when the 11-inch Devin Moss walks in and instantly goes down on Aydan for a Tube Steak breakfast. Devin sucks Aydan’s throbbing, massive meat, gagging down every inch. Aydan, getting hungry, pulls out Devin’s long, thick tool and gobbles it down to the base. Devin bends Aydan over the kitchen table and prepares Aydan’s ass for his big cock by licking and tonguing the lightly hairy hole. When it is ready, Devin slides his rod in and starts pounding Aydan stupid. Next, Aydan sits on Devin’s cock for an energetic ride and finally Devin pounds Aydan on his back until they both spill creamy loads. Combined, this scene has 20 inches of throbbing cock. If you are into men who boast the biggest dicks on earth, this scene alone is worth the price of the entire movie!

SCENE 2: In The Apartment
Energetic Jason Crew (who has one of the world’s best cocks) and the adorable, blond Ryan Raz (who has America’s finest asshole) kiss on the couch. Ryan’s cock is rock hard when Jason goes to work on him, moaning and groaning over a thorough blowjob. Soon Ryan is on his back as Jason rims Ryan’s ass, darting his talented tongue in and out of Ryan’s hole. Ryan lowers his bubble butt down on Jason’s long tube steak, bouncing and riding Jason’s huge, stiff cock. Jason flips Ryan over and plows him into the red leather couch as Ryan squeals with delight! Jason shoves his cock all the way in and out of Ryan’s open ass until Ryan is covered in both their gooey loads. This scene is all about pricks and assholes–filmed to perfection. Make sure your rewind button is in full working order!

SCENE 3: Across Town
Cute Mickey Drake and ripped Tristan Phoenix passionately kiss as they tear off each other’s clothing. Tristan unzips Mickey’s jeans, exposing Mickey’s enormous tube steak, which he precedes to suck and deep throat till he chokes on the amazing length. Mickey may have the biggest dick in the movie! Mickey forcefully fucks Tristan on the couch doggy-style, showing us the long, penetrating strokes in and out, before Tristan shows his talent by riding the full length of Mickey’s poker. In a final all-out fuck, Mickey pushes the cum out of Tristan’s cock and rubs Tristan’s cum all over his cock to lube himself up for a few final strokes. Mickey’s cum flies over Tristan’s ripped stomach, splashing Tristan in the face with Tristan finishing Mickey off by stroking every last drop out of him.

SCENE 4: The Next Day
Cole and Antonio meet up for a nooner. Tall and hairy Cole Streets and Bull Hung Antonio Biaggi devour each other back at the house. Antonio licks down Cole’s hairy chest to his nipples and then Cole does the same for Antonio. Cole releases and sucks Antonio’s gargantuan brown tube steak and licks his huge nuts, popping them in and out of his mouth. Cole bends over so Antonio can make his pink hole nice and wet. Antonio then teases it, sliding his finger where his cock will soon fill. Antonio sits on a chair as Cole faces him, riding all of the thick 11 inches. Antonio fucks Cole from behind, thrusting deep until Cole moans and releases his sticky cum on the seat of the chair. Antonio lets out a big load all over Cole’s round, hairy ass. Antonio Biaggi has the biggest, most talented cock in porn today. His massive, low hanging balls and his thick, uncut dick were the inspiration for the title of this movie. Antonio Biaggi IS the Ten Pound Tube Steak!

SCENE 5: Back At The House
Roommates Devin and Tristan do it by the stairs after a long day at work. Devin forces his thick, uncut tube steak all the way down Tristan’s hungry throat again and again. Then Devin spreads Tristan’s hole so he can put his tongue deep inside, loosening the tight hole for his extra large cock. Devin thrusts his dick deep in Tristan’s hole, giving him a pounding he will remember for a long time. Now open, Tristan’s hole slides onto Devin’s slicked up cock while he rides him so we can see the full length stretch out Tristan’s hole. Devin finally fucks Tristan on his back until Tristan is drenched in both their loads. Monster Bang Fans! This is A MUST OWN movie from America’s top porn studio! Buy it now while supplies last! This is a limited run DVD and will be available in the DVD format only while supplies last. Get it now because you will only be able to see it on the web in the future.


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  1. Gabe

    An ULTRA HOT movie! I just bought it the other day. Honestly, every scene made me shoot loads, but Aydan Cruz’s two cum shots (the movie plus the bonus clip) are awesome, and Jason Crew makes me even wetter with his new look (full beard and hot, all-over suntan). Antonio’s nut would be enough of a thrill for me (but that dick is always welcum 😉