studio / film series: Jake Cruise

Tex Davidson Serviced Jake Cruise manhandles Men gay pornstar porn star rock hard cock

Studio: Jake Cruise
Directed by: Jake Cruise
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tex Davidson
Jake Cruise

Tex Davidson is a sexy, bearded man with a very large endowment. And I don’t mean that he has a trust fund. I take off his t-shirt to reveal a hairy and very fit body. Tex wears blue and gray striped boxer briefs and I take a peek at what’s inside. Good god, am I in for a challenge! I turn Tex around and show you his nice ass. Then back around again so I can kneel and begin my work on his massive cock. I lay him on the bed and strip off his pants and briefs. I lunge at his thick pole, sucking it and licking his balls. My hands roam around his strong torso. I move up, licking his belly and chest, then feast on his pits. Tex moans in his deep voice while my mouth swallows his meat. I turn Tex over, his hard rod sticks out backwards. I rim his ass and suck his cock, going back and forth between hole and head. Tex turns over and I stroke his prick, doing my best to get him off. After a while Tex takes control and brings himself to a massive finish. Just as I think he’s done shooting, he squirts out the biggest load at the end. We laugh and I suck his sensitive head as he squirms on the bed. Looking down at all the cum I get hungry so I lean over and lap it up. Thank you Tex for a great, big (and I mean BIG) treat.

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