Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION Jack Dillon Chance Caldwell Dolph Knight Craig Slater Scott Hogan Matt Gunther Jason Ross Craig Hoffman Danny Somers Nick Manetti Troy Hunter Luke Bender Buck Simpson

Studio: Falcon Studios
Directed by: Steven Scarborough
Year of Production / Release: 1992
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Luke Bender
Chance Caldwell
Jack Dillon
Matt Gunther
Craig Hoffman
Scott Hogan
Troy Hunter
Dolph Knight
Nick Manetti
Jason Ross
Craig Slater
Danny Sommers

The most controversial video ever! Fisting, hot wax, spanking, huge dicks, huge toys, mad enema doctors, and much, much more!

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 1: Dolph Knight and Chance Caldwell abuse Scott Hogan

When Scott Hogan is abducted by the big boss Chance Caldwell and his henchmen, he is bound, gagged, and abused verbally and physically by Dolph Knight who is in search of a roll of film. In the process, Knight reduces his captive’s ass into a mere sex hole.

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 2: Chance Caldwell, Jason Ross and Matt Gunther fist and punish Craig Slater

Like Hogan, Craig Slater is abducted and brought before taskmaster Chance Caldwell. He orders two cronies – Jason Ross and Matt Gunther – to restrain Craig and search his ass for the film. The two henchmen find the film and punish Slater with candle wax and fill his ass with various sex toys before Matt Gunther fills it up with his fist.

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 3: Craig Hoffman feeds dick to Scott Hogan

After being tossed in a dog cage, Hogan is approached by his keeper Craig Hoffman. Hogan shows no interest in the food Hoffman brings him, but decides he wants his keeper’s hard dick instead. Hoffman feeds Hogan cock through the steel bars and shoots a load after a good cage fuck.

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 4: Matt Gunther fucks Nick Manetti

While the two captives are in confinement, two of their captors Matt Gunther and Nick Manetti help each other release some built up sexual tension in the control room. They begin by swapping blowjobs in uniform and finally strip down for Manetti to get a good ass pounding.

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 5: Scott Hogan and Troy Hunter work over Craig Slater

Taskmaster Troy Hunter works over captive Craig Slater as cage-bound and butt-plugged Scott Hogan watches from the shadows. After inserting and retrieving a set of anal beads, Troy injects Craig’s ass with an enormity of red fluid. When Craig’s ass is full, Troy makes Craig rim his round ass while Scott keeps pace in his cage…plunging his butt-plug in and out. Troy works his tits and jacks his thick cock as Craig warms his hole. Finally Troy shoots a thick load all over caged Scott Hogan.

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 6: Dolph Knight fucks Danny Somers

Interrogator Dolph Knight turns his attention to a subordinate Danny Somers. He gives Danny orders to strip and immediately fingers and fucks his sub. With …

Falcon Studios FVP-075 THE ABDUCTION
SCENE 7: Craig Slater fists Scott Hogan

With finally a break from their captives, the abducted Craig Slater and Scott Hogan experiment with the double sided dildo in their cell. The two back their firm asses into each other in unison. Then Craig opens Scott’s ass first with fingers, then his fist. Finally the two comrades jack their thick cocks until they cum in a side by side embrace.


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