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EuroCreme DreamBoy Hotel British Gay Porn Stars THE DREAMBOY HOTEL: POWER OUT EuroCreme DreamBoy Hotel British Gay Porn Stars THE DREAMBOY HOTEL: POWER OUT

Studio: EuroCreme / DreamBoy Hotel
Directed by: Blacky Mendez
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: Great Britain

Lloyd Adams
Lucas Davidson
JP Dubois
Darius Ferdynand
Billy Rubens

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The horniest hotel in the city still isn’t immune to a Power Out, but the staff and the guests make the most of it by getting to know everyone that little bit better! As the candles are lit and the soft light illuminates the hotel, the romance turns to wanton lust as JP and Billy play against each other, Lucas Davidson shows his athletic body and thick dick off and new arrival into the city Darius gets more than a warm welcome by both Billy and JP! When the lights go out, the boys come out to play, and they won’t stop until they’ve shot all their loads.. at least for that day!

SCENE 1: JP Dubois, Billy Rubens, Lucas Davidson
The lights are out and a confused and jealous Billy is told by his unrequited boss to fetch some candles whilst he works on restoring the power to the hotel. Thick dicked Lucas has in the meantime been disrupted from a hot webcam wank and is still rock solid and in need to drain his balls! Finding some company with an alone JP, the cock sucking is almost instant, and Billy catches them in the act! Not one to miss out on action, Billy pulls Lucas away from JP and gets himself involved – not that JP minds, it’s just another body to play with! Moving to the sofa with the soft candle light showing off their toned young bodies perfectly, JP is the first to get his end away with Lucas, as Billy provides the other end of a spit-roast, his delicious dick getting the oral workout from the very cock hungry new employee! Swopping role, it’s Billy who gets his own way with JP, pushing his dick into his wannabe lover, but JP seems very preoccupied by Lucas’ big member and completely lost in the moment. The mix of tanned limbs, huge dicks and slammed holes will leave you breathless, and this is only the first scene! Just wait until Lucas dumps his load over JP’s face, JP sprays buckets of spunk all over himself, swiftly followed by Billy mixing his cum with JP’s, all over his abs and smooth chest as Lucas licks his thick wads off JP’s face… pure spunk heaven!

SCENE 2: Lloyd Adams, Billy Rubens
Called to fix a broken shower, Billy leaves JP to clean up his spunky body as he sorts out Lloyd’s bust shower and gets soaked in the process! Wringing out his clothes in front of Lloyd, this guest soon comes up with a novel way of wasting time until they dry, pulling him over by the underwear and slowly and sensually sucking his growing dick until it’s at full mast! The sight of Billy’s buff young body in the low light is perfect; no wonder Lloyd can’t get enough of him! Kissing and licking him all over, from the crotch to his pits, Billy returns the cock sucking favour as the cute Lloyd lays back and enjoys the wonders of this young stud and his tongue and juicy lips sliding up and down his long shaft. Asked to fuck him, Billy is more than happy to oblige, and as we see him go balls deep, his spunk heavy balls slapping against Lloyd’s hole, Lloyd’s heavy gasping and groaning just adds to the intense action that’s happening right before our eyes!

SCENE 3: Lucas Davidson
He might have just come back from one of the hottest three-ways the hotel has seen so far, but Lucas is still not sated, and reminiscing about this hot session makes his dick twitch and stand to attention once again as he sits back and makes the most of having nothing to do. Playing with his hot thick shaft, his shirt is undone and wide open, exposing his hot abs and chest, completely hairless and damn sexy! The glow of the candles once again giving an almost romantic feeling to this solo jerk-off that’s like no other gone before, with closeups of his balls and dick and with constant flashbacks to the action he’s just had, there’s a whole lot more than a twink having a wank in this exceptionally filmed solo where we just indulge our love of his hot body and great dick. Watching it pump out spurt after spurt of boy juice gives us the satisfaction is must be giving him also, especially by the look on his face!

SCENE 4: JP Dubois, Darius Ferdynand
The whole city is without power and young traveller Darius has only just come of the train with no money and nowhere to go. Turning up at the DreamBoy Hotel is one lucky move as JP is sure to find a way where he can put him up for the night. Taking it upon himself to show the very handsome, blond, smooth and slightly muscular Darius to his candlelit room, it’s almost instant that they are making out and slowly peeling each other’s clothes off. A jealous and curious Billy is once again spying on JP and sees exactly what’s going on, but leaves the pair to it. Darius’s dick just calls out to be tongue worshipped, and JP gives it exactly that, the long shaft, handsome shape and hot balls are the perfect package, and the new guest’s toned body is amazing to watch as they both get hotter with each other, but wait until Darius flips over and shows us his smooth, picture perfect ass which was made for close-up tongue fucking!! You almost feel yourself moving closer to the screen to join this ultimate rimming and gentle fingering as JP loosens up this handsome stranger until he’s ready for his thick shaft to slide into him, working both young men up into an amazing orgasm that leaves them and us completely blown away!

SCENE 5: Billy Rubens, Darius Ferdynand
Young Billy Rubens is a real sex fiend – whatever JP gets, he wants it and more, even sneaking into Darius’ bedroom in the middle of the night, stripping off and then licking his peachy perfect ass as he wakes up the guest. Asking who is he, he’s told it doesn’t matter, and it plainly doesn’t for either of them as they are both already rock hard and well up for some frisky twink fun! Sucking on Billy’s impressive dick, handsome Darius can’t get enough of it, and is even more turned on when it moves from his mouth to his oh so fuckable ass. Slowly lowering himself over Billy, this gives us the best view of the actual fucking and also of Billy’s cute face and Darius’ perfect twink body as it tenses whenever Billy thrusts upwards, showing each other’s carnal desires and reactions as they fuck hard, Darius’ second of the night and Billy gets the best deal, the insatiable Darius really wanking him off with his hole and then the fast pounding as Billy’s hairy legs are in close-up, slamming harder and harder, Darius jerking his huge dick in sync until the spunk really does fly from their throbbing dicks after the best fuck of their young lives!


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