studio / film series: Mormon Boyz / MormonBoyz

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER LAND Peter Marcus Logan Cross Mr. Kristofer Kristofer Weston

Studio: Mormon Boyz /
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Year of Production / Release: 2017
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bishop Gibson
Elder Land
President Faust

Elder Land has known for a long time that he liked men, but like a devout Mormon boy, he’s never acted on it. But one day a very persuasive and friendly mission president managed to get him to admit his secret feelings. “Struggling with same-sex attraction” was how they agreed to describe it.
   Now that he’s on his mission, he’s trying hard to not give in to temptation and keep his thoughts righteous and pure. But being surrounded by handsome older men has always been his weakness, and several of the priesthood leaders have caught his attention. And his struggle is getting harder day by day.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz The Initiation Of Elder Land

Ever since Elder Land left home and arrived in the MTC, he’d been constantly surrounded by dozens of young men like him. Hormonal teenagers, all conservatively dressed and groomed, all looking and sounding the same.
   The lack of privacy set him into a state of total psychosexual lockdown, unable to find any release. Even showers were group showers. And being around the handsome, older MTC teachers were only making it worse.
   Land had known for a long time that he liked men, especially older men, but never acted on it. Until recently he’d never even told anyone about it. But one day his very persuasive and friendly MTC president managed to get him to admit his secret feelings.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz The Initiation Of Elder Land

Elder Land sat nervously in the big, white room. He leg shook up and down as his palms got sweaty and hot.He’d only been waiting a couple minutes, but he knew any meeting he had would be a test of some kind.
   Ever since he revealed the truth of his sexual attractions to his mission president, he knew that all others in leadership would press him and question him about it. He knew the right answers to those questions, but he knew they were neither true nor easy to talk about it.
   As he waited, his mind kept circling back to Bishop Gibson. He’d had multiple fantasies and wet dreams about this handsome president and his passion was getting the better of him. The more he tried not to think about it, the more it surfaced. And at inopportune times.
   President Faust came into the room and sat across from him. He looked over what appeared to be some kind of binder of papers, occasionally glancing up at Elder Land.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz The Initiation Of Elder Land

Elder Land stared up at his ceiling all night. His companion was fast asleep, long mellowed by the mundanity of their day. But Elder Land was stuck thinking about what had he’d learned.
   Following his invasive meeting with President Faust–a meeting in which he was aggressively fondled and milked–the older man told him about a secret organization known simply as The Order.
   Elder Land was barely able to catch his breath from his exhaustive climax and couldn’t stop looking at his load as Faust took a cloth and wiped it from his hand. Between his deep breaths and pounding heart beats, he listened as President Faust explained the secret fraternal organization and how he was being invited to be inducted and tried for his worthiness.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz The Initiation Of Elder Land

Elder Land’s skin tingled as Bishop Gibson moved around him. It was an unusual sensation, like goosebumps, but better. Something about standing next to the handsome man while he was completely naked stirred up something inside him.
   Save for the temple shield he was provided, he was as naked as he was back when the handsome bishop had fucked him back in his office. This moment was different, however.
   Bishop Gibson was performing the sacred initiation ceremony, speaking the words of the ritual and anointing his parts from head to toe. He proceeded very formalized, fitting the state of his dress. His shirt was neatly pressed, tie tied in a sturdy knot, and his pants were crisp with the one appropriate crease.

Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz The Initiation Of Elder Land

Elder Land felt like he was in some sort of dream. The idea that he had Bishop Gibson inside him was enough to make him cum again and again.
   Unfortunately, the moment of his initiation was far too brief. Nearly as quickly as the handsome man had inseminated him, he was dressed and gone, leaving with Elder Land with just a tingling, wet hole.
   Days went by and he didn’t see Gibson again. He wondered what the Order wanted from him… if he disappointed them. Was he not good enough for them? For him?
   It was all so confusing, complicated further by the fact that he still felt deep down that his desires were sinful and wrong. And yet, there was clearly a place for his secret desires among the men of the sacred priesthood order.

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