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Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA Bishop Angus Pierce Paris Austin Everett Scott Riley Alex Chandler

Studio: Mormon Boyz /
Directed by: Paul Jackson
Year of Production / Release: 2017
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Bishop Angus
Bishop Eldridge
Brother Hales
Elder Holland
Elder Ivy
Elder Kimball
Elder Nicola
President Oaks

Elder Nicola grew up in a small town in Ukraine. He was always an obedient child, carefully learning all he could to impress his parents and teachers. He was always first to raise his hand, desperate to be teacher’s pet.
   He’s not sure if his feelings about guys mean he is gay or bi. But there’s no denying that he has those feelings. And on more than one occasion has had wet dreams involving his companions and the mission president!
   He’s not sure how to curry favor as a young convert to the faith, but he knows he’ll do just about anything to win over the other boys.

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Nicola was a tall, handsome boy from the Ukraine whose attraction to Elder Holland hadn’t gone unnoticed. He’s never said anything to confirm this, but Elder Holland knew all too well how to spot a closeted, gay missionary.
   As a new member of the Order, the Brethren gave him the task of identifying and recruiting other missionaries… by any means necessary. While Elder Holland thoroughly enjoyed being overpowered by the sexy men of the priesthood, the Brethren never forgot how effective his own sexual prowess was at seducing Elder Oaks…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

It had been a while since he had been filmed by Elder Holland, and Elder Nicola was getting a little nervous about what he’d done. He loved being fucked by his companion, but the threat of being sent home was always in the back of his mind. What if Holland was lying? What if the President saw it? What if anyone saw it?
   When he was called to have a meeting with Bishop Eldridge, he tried to stay calm. Even as he was getting dressed, he could feel his hands shaking from nervousness. For all he knew, church leadership had found the tape and he was in a lot of trouble. He wasn’t sure what he was going to be walking into.
   Once in the bishop’s office, his heart was beating so loud in his ears he could hardly hear anything else. The bishop had a reputation for being a direct, no-nonsense guy…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Nicola removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. His mind was wandering as he changed into his temple shield, getting lost in thought about his encounter with Bishop Eldridge. He was still so confused and had so many questions.
   He knew making that sex tape with Elder Holland was a mistake. All his efforts to hide his sexuality were undone in an instant–and now it seems his priesthood leaders knew! Still, it was strange how they weren’t punishing him, though.
   Instead, they seemed to become more interested in him. He was even called to be a district leader. It didn’t feel entirely right, but he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed the attention. All Elder Nicola wanted was to win over their favor. And maybe becoming sexual with these men wasn’t the worst way to get it…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Nicola stood attentive. He wanted more than anything to prove himself. Bishop Angus and Brother Hales moved slowly and deliberately around him, preparing the room. The young man tried hard to not appear nervous.
   During his previous meeting with President Oaks, the handsome daddy praised Elder Nicola for his determination and obedience. In fact, he said that he was be a model inductee for the Order.
   That said, the president told Nicola that none are completely clean; all must atone for their sins. This is especially true for those seeking entrance into the Order.
   Elder Nicola’s heart raced watching the bishop remove a black cloth from its resting place to reveal a long board studded with shiny, black graduated pegs. One after the other, they increased in size down its length. Nicola’s eyes seemed to widen in measured response…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Nicola stared at the tiny door ahead of him. He waited patiently on his hands and knees in the tiny corridor. The Order had instructed him to strip down and only wear his temple robe, crawl through the small passageway, and wait to be called.
   The young man was confused and a little humiliated, but he understood that he was expected to do as he was told.
   The chamber was a long narrow path that he entered through a hidden opening in the wall of the celestial room. It was bigger than a heating duct, but not by much.
   As he waited, he wondered about the temple. Regular members of the church are not allowed to go to the temple on Sunday. Regular members attend meetings at their chapels and stake centers, but don’t go inside the temple…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Nicola arrived on his mission with a lot of anxiety. He wanted so much to be a good missionary and impress his leaders. He couldn’t believe how different for him things had become.
   In many ways, he was still desperately seeking their approval–doing all he could to do what was asked of him. He never could have imagined that this would involve literally bending over for his ecclesiastical leaders. But after serving them, Nicola was overcome with a love and passion for them. And now that he’s being ordained to the higher priesthood by these same men, he is filled with joy…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Nicola had a bounce in his step. Being an inducted member of the Order gave him a sense of security and joy he could not have anticipated.
   Before his calling, Nicola obsessed over impressing his superiors and standing out among his peers. He was so desperate to receive validation and be loved. In his new role, he never doubted the passion and desire the priesthood had for him.
   The Brethren were very much aware of the powerful dedication Elder Nicola had in satisfying their needs. They knew he was completely submissive and would do whatever they asked of him. As a reward, they decided to bestow upon Nicola a special honor: the Second Anointing…

Elder Holland Mormon Boyz MormonBoyz THE INITIATION OF ELDER NICOLA

Elder Ivy’s regular companion was called to the mission home for a zone leaders training over the weekend.
   So Elder Ivy went on splits with two other missionaries in his district, to be in a temporary “3-some” companionship.
   Elder Nicola and Elder Kimball were more than happy to buddy up with the blond Mormon.
   Following Nicola’s ordination into the Order, Elder Nicola discovered that his companion, Elder Kimball, had also been selected by the brethren and had begun his induction.
   The two boys were thrilled they could privately discuss their experience in their companionship. It certainly made things a lot easier in their apartment not having to hide their secret, and it also made their late night conversations more exciting…

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