Studio: Active Duty Productions / Dirty Bird
Directed by: Mike Donner
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Brent Corrigan
Barrett Long
Brant Moore
Mason Wyler

There’s a sharp contrast from the beautiful shores of San Diego to the dimly lit dungeon where Chason Porne (sensational new exclusive Kaden Saylor) is undergoing “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Our hero breaks free and jumps into the ocean to escape his captors. The goons, played by Active Duty’s muscled exclusives Levi, Kasey and Colin, give pursuit but decide a nude ocean swim is not their thing. Washed up on shore, Chason is discovered by a young med student played by Brent Corrigan.

Chason Porne recovers and rebuilds his strength with the help of a young med student, and to repay the kindness shown to him, he says thank you like no one else could! Kaden sweeps Brent off his feet and into bed. After a passionate makeout session our hero gives Corrigan an intimate medical exam with his mouth and his cock. You won’t need a thermometer to know these men are burning hot. Kaden sucks Brent, they 69, Brent eats out Kaden’s ass and Kaden pounds Brent’s ass at a feverish pitch. When he leaves to search for his memories, Chason Porne starts with the one thing he was found with: a map of Balboa Park. He is spotted immediately, and the goons are after him, chasing him through the park and into a neighboring yard, where big-dicked Mason Wyler is sunbathing with a hardon.

Chason hides in plain sight to shake off the goons, and an awestruck Mason Wyler volunteers to drive him around and help him on his quest. First stop for the dynamic duo is a guarded home where the black sedan that was chasing Porne is parked. Barrett Long is is the goon who is on watch, and cocky Mason Wyler “takes care of him,” allowing Chason to get in the house. Barrett takes Mason into the garage where the size of his dick opens Mason’s eyes…then his mouth and eventually his ass. It’s clear that even a seasoned bottom like Wyler struggles with the size of Long’s bat. After a long and hard fuck that has Mason screaming, Barrett says, “That was OK.” Using a bat of his own, Mason knocks out the dumb goon and seeks out his soulmate Chason Porne.

Upon entering the house, Porne sees several goons and watches as they goof off for their “head goon,” who strokes his cock and watches. Kasey and Colin perform as they are told…”suck his nipples…pull his pants down…suck  his dick…eat his ass.” Then the head goon stands up to join in and Chason realizes it is the guy who interrogated his ass…Levi! As the three continue to suck each other’s cocks and Kasey and Levi fuck Colin’s hot ass, Chason waits patiently for the right time to steal a gun and cell phone and check out the house. As he cautiously makes his way down the stairs, the goons are shooting their loads on each other.

Backing into a downstairs room, Chason is mistaken for a “new guy” by two more goons, Brant Moore and Seth, who are sucking each other off in bed. Brant Moore, who breaks in the newbies, grabs Chason and welcomes him to the house by taking his clothes off and having him join in. The two devour Chason’s muscled and defined body and suck his perfect cock before they go into their 3-way circle suck. Brant becomes the middleman as he tops Seth and Chason plugs him from behind. After a sweaty fuckfest, the two goons snooze as Chason looks for an exit. He goes out the way he came in, confronting the goons who interrogated him with their own gun as he runs out to meet Mason Wyler who is ready for the getaway. And the chase is on!

After a high speed chase and a quick maneuver to dodge the goons, Chason and Mason are left with each other and time for Chason to say thanks again. Mason’s wide-eyed lust for Chason is satisfied as he licks, kisses and sucks every inch of his god-like body. Both men enjoy each other’s cocks and Mason just about crawls up our hero’s ass before spreading his legs and giving up his hole to Chason Porne. Unlike his painful adventure with Barrett Long, Mason welcomes the hard pounding and then the sweet caresses of his newfound soulmate. As the two savor the moment, the phone rings… it’s Hardstone, the man who knows his identity. “I’m listening, Chason says, and Hardstone responds, “Let’s talk…”


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