Raging Stallion Landon Conrad D.O. Kyle King Paddy O Raging Stallion Landon Conrad D.O. Kyle King Paddy O

Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Tony DiMarco
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jessy Ares
Landon Conrad
Trenton Ducati
Charlie Harding
Kyle King
Paddy O’Brian
Marcus Ruhl
Jesse Santana

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In the primal redwood forests of California, the unspoiled serenity is threatened. In The Woods, something is going hump in the night. People are reporting odd noises and flashes of blinding light. Men who have never looked at other men find themselves overcome with raging hard ons and an irresistible need to suck, fuck or get fucked. And, people are disappearing! Some speculate that there are aliens in THE WOODS, abducting people. Could it be? And, could this be somehow related to the powerful, rough, gay erotic urges that are coursing through these sexy studs’ veins?
   Award-winning director Tony Dimarco’s tale of sexual mystery continues in The Woods, Part 2 where the victims are possessed by some unexplained force moving them to commit out-of-this-world acts of intense, hardcore, energized fucking, whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself.
   The rangers, led by handsome, sexy Trenton Ducati, are stumped. Does Charlie Harding know something he’s not telling? He walks around naked, watches his fellow rangers fuck, and acts like he knows nothing. All these missing persons in the surrounding areas don’t deter guys from taking their wood to The Woods. Jesse Santana may be possessed by this seemingly irresistible influence but he’s also possessed of one of the most fuckable butts on the planet. With D.O. also under this spell, Jesse’s ass gets probed relentlessly. Landon Conrad and Jessy Ares find that the paranormal spirit within has guides them to a clearing in the woods where they flip fuck each other compulsively. Paddy O’Brian is bathed in sexual impulse and bares his beer-can cock, playing with himself with fervor until equally overcome camper Marcus Ruhl decides that Paddy’s cock must be buried in his ass. Trenton’s and Charlie’s motives unite when they are subjected to this powerful force that’s guided by the beacon of Kyle King’s ass. Under this seemingly otherworldly power, they may not know who they are, or where they are, but they fit cock to ass like key to lock. Their visceral threesome offers a lesson in all-male sexual blaze that translates to any life form. Is it supernatural, is it extraterrestrial? No matter what it is that has these men shooting their loads all over, THE WOODS, PART 2 will send your sexual appetite out of this world and back again.

Raging Stallion THE WOODS
SCENE 1: D.O. fucks Jesse Santana
Jesse Santana and D.O. venture deep in the woods for a scorching tryst. Jesse is backed against a redwood, locked in an intense embrace. The seat of his jeans is shredded and D.O. is fiercely kneading those scrumptious buns. Scrumptious means D.O. can’t wait to bury his face in that musty crevice. He licks it, chews it, spits on it and plugs it with his thumb like corking a wine bottle. Jesse is overcome with the need to be taken. He ferociously face-fucks himself on D.O.’s engorged cock until the blood vessels in his neck seem likely to burst. D.O. has to stop him or bust a nut. Then D.O. claims the rest of his prize, pushing Jesse against the tree again and fucking him through the torn pants he is still wearing. Jesse reaches through his legs to finger his hole and clasp D.O.’s cock while he’s getting fucked. When Jesse can barely stand any longer, they move to a stump. Jesse hyperventilates when D.O. tongue-fucks his freshly-fucked ass, then plunges his nose into the relaxed and yielding hole, and then give Jesse a second serving of cock. When Jesse grabs his swollen cock, it spews jism all over his chest and pierced nipples. D.O.’s mighty orgasm follows, arcing high and long onto Jesse’s face and hair and into The Woods beyond.

Raging Stallion THE WOODS
SCENE 2: Landon Conrad & Jessy Ares flip-fuck
Landon Conrad gets separated from his buddy while he is hiking, and something has come over him. He sits down on a stump to catch his bearings when the sexy Jessy Ares appears naked before him. Whatever has Landon disoriented, makes him hungry for cock, and he’s overcome by the sight of the furred, bearded, rampantly hard man marching in his direction. The overwhelming need for cock and sex that has possessed them both lead them to each other, and they go at it ferociously. Landon slurps up Jessy’s cock, but sucking is not enough for Landon, who turns Jessy around to feast on his ass. Landon goes right in for the kill without waiting for reciprocation, and he begins to plow Jessy’s ass. The compulsion to connect outweighs concerns of being seen as manly chests heave in tandem and Landon’s cock breaches Jessy’s hole again and again. Giving his ass a rest, Jessy orally services the cock that fucked him, using his hand to increase the sensation and the heat. Stopping before Landon can shoot his load, Jessy splays him over a stump and fucks him in return. Landon’s torso curves inward, bringing his abs and chest muscles into high relief and he strokes his cock into releasing all his built up jizz, with Jessy’s eruption of cum mixing with Landon’s.

Raging Stallion THE WOODS
SCENE 3: Paddy O’Brian fucks Marcus Ruhl
Paddy O’Brian takes up residence in one of the room-sized tents on the North side of The Woods. The sleeves are torn out of his red plaid shirt, which is the only thing he’s wearing. Paddy reclines on a pillow, legs spread, playing with himself. His cylinder of flesh is as thick as his wrist, and it serves as a beacon. Fellow camper Marcus Ruhl invites himself in, reclines alongside Paddy and helps himself to a mouthful of cock. Paddy watches intently as Marcus feeds, flexing his hips to set a pace that makes his balls boil. Marcus gurgles and slurps contentedly. These studs are working each other so hard they build up a sweat. When Marcus stands to shuck his shorts, his muscled arms, quarter-sized nipples and heavy uncut cock loom into view. Paddy nods approval and Marcus lowers his meaty buttocks onto the waiting beer can that is Paddy’s cock. Paddy grabs both buns and Marcus groans out in pleasure and pain as he accommodates the entry. Paddy gives Marcus a moment, then pounds him in every which way. Paddy’s enormous cock tests Marcus’s endurance to its limits until there’s no alternative but to spray the tent with their spooge.

Raging Stallion THE WOODS
SCENE 4: Trenton Ducati fucks Kyle King; Charlie Harding fucks Kyle King & Trenton Ducati
Kyle King is wandering naked in The Woods. At ranger headquarters, Trenton Ducati is drafting his report of several missing persons when Kyle enters in a daze, his hard on demanding attention. Trenton’s hand is quickly stroking Kyle’s cock. Trenton leads Kyle to his desk for an examination that requires touching every inviting part of him. Trenton eases a butt plug into Kyle’s pulsating hole. Trenton taps it and laps at it, then moves to Kyle’s taint, his balls and up his cock. The plug moves in and out controlled by Kyle’s will, as Trenton sucks his rock-hard cock. A pearl of precum at the tip of Kyle’s penis signals Trenton to trade the butt plug for hot Trenton’s massive dick. While Trenton’s fucking Kyle with total abandon, in walks Ranger Charlie Harding, who sees the steamy twosome. Instantly, Charlie gets involved, reaching out to explore Trenton’s torso. Trenton steps aside and Charlie sinks his throbbing meat into Kyle, who takes it from behind while he sucks Trenton, whose cock still radiates the heat from Kyle’s ass. Charlie never saw his boss naked, but now he’s going to fuck him – fulfilling his unrequited lust. Trenton’s cock is a beacon for Kyle’s mouth and soon their cum is flying as a mysterious blinding light shines upon them.


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