Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios THIRST - STAG HOMME #5 Abraham Al Malek Damien Crosse Francesco D Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios THIRST - STAG HOMME #5 Abraham Al Malek Damien Crosse Francesco D

Studio: Raging Stallion / Stag Homme Studios
Directed by:
Year of Production / Release: 2010
Country of Production: Spain

Abraham Al Malek
Damien Crosse
Francesco D’Macho
Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez
Tomy Hawk
Axel McDougal

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Thirst, Directed by Damien Crosse is the fifth DVD from Damien Crosse’s and Francesco D’Macho’s Stag Homme Studios. Thirst knocks it out of the park with six scenes of water sports, oral cumshots. rimming, sucking, and fucking! This is a MUST OWN for all fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. We are so sure that you will love this movie that we are offering a money back guarantee on every purchase! If you do not like Thirst for any reason, contact us and we will give you a full refund!

starring Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and Damien Crosse

On enormous rocks covered with graffiti on the Spanish Barceloneta beach two horny fuckers record themselves getting it on with their camera on night vision. As the Mediterranean waves crash against the rocks Damien tells Bruno to get down on his knees. Bruno starts sucking but Damien tells him to hold on a minute. He’s got quite the piss load to unleash all over Bruno. He then comes back to Damien’s cock to get those last drops and then finish sucking him off till Damien busts a nut all over him. Damien hands the camera to Bruno and gets down on his knees since his turn to swallow that big fat Catalonian cock. Bruno decides he wants more, so he sticks that monster dick of his deep into Damien’s hole. “Slowly, slowly!”, Damien begs. Bruno doesn’t pay him too much attention, until Damien finally can’t take it anymore and takes Bruno’s dick out of his ass, only to end up with all of Bruno’s thick white spooge all over that pretty face of his!!!

starring Goran and Damien Crosse

Introducing Goran in his porn debut, “From Here To Heaven.” This perfectly sculpted Bulgarian with piercing green eyes and the softest sun-kissed skin is hands down one of the hottest muscle gods you’ll ever set your eyes on! Goran and Damien Crosse are sunbathing under the intensely blue Spanish sky, rubbing oil on each other, when Damien pulls down Goran’s bathing suit to get a taste of those luscious cheeks and that thick uncut cock of his. What follows is one of the hottest versatile suck and fuck scenes Stag Homme has ever captured on film!!! “From Here To Heaven” is the perfect blend of sweet and romantic eroticism and intense uninhibited passion. This beautiful Eastern European newcomer gives a jaw-dropping performance which is sure to make you fall in love in with him. This feature contains kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking and oral cumshots.

Tomy Hawk and Abraham Al Malek

Anybody who’s seen Tomyhawk in action knows that he’s got this sexual energy that no one can fuck with, but Tomy never met Abraham. These boys turn it the fuck out!!! And you definitely have to give it up to Abraham who shows you how much of a pig he is in his porn debut; letting Tomy’s jizz hit the back of his throat and coming back at that fat cock for more, taking all of Tomy’s rancid piss in his mouth and spitting it back at him. Get ready to fall in love with Abraham Al Malek and Tomyhawk…both of which Stag Homme exclusives.

starring Goran and Tomyhawk

Stag Homme Exclusives Goran and Tomyhawk are training hard at the gym late at night. Goran is doing some pull-ups when Tomyhawk comes from behind to spot him, but his hands end up trying to get a hold of that Bulgarian ass instead. Goran’s got no complaints though. He puts Tomyhawk down on his knees and force-feeds him his fat uncut cock before he ends up returning the favor. However, Tomyhawk wants more so he claims his piece of ass, giving Goran quite the pounding in the gym and the locker room. This feature contains versatile watersports as well as Goran’s thick white spooge all over Tomyhawk’s face.

starring Axel McDougal and Damien Crosse

Axel is on his way home, after the gym, when a sexy street hustler catches his eye (Damien). The hustler notices but Axel keeps on walking. He knows what this kid on the street is up to and Axel wouldn’t dream of paying for sex. Only problem is that Damien is not gonna let a hot little trick like this get away: “Come on! I’ll give you a discount…just 20 Euros! I got a nice cock! We step inside this building here and you take a look. Then you decide!” Axel decides quickly! He chokes on it! Mounts it! Rides it! And gets his ass full of piss!

starring Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse

Damien, dressed like a bespectacled business man in a white shirt and tie, is pursued through an empty gym by a menacing Francesco. Francesco corners Damien in the locker room showers and strips down Damien’s pants and fucks him, and then, after dumping a huge load on Damien’s chin and tongue, he pisses on him. And when I say piss I don’t mean a little post-cum trickle. This is a gusher. The buckets and buckets of foaming piss that gush into and out of Damien’s mouth is a sight you have to see to believe. And, once again, after you think it’s all over, once Francesco leaves Damien sprawled on the shower room floor, hungry for more, Damien crawls over to one of the shower’s pipes and strings himself up by his tie and strokes himself, pisses himself and then shoots a loud creamy load all over himself.



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