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Thor Stephens THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON SEX HILL Damon Wolf Braedon Casey Paul Johnson Danny Rhymes Cameron Fox Parker Williams Anthony Holloway Andrew Addams Victor Rios Jack Sanders

Studio: Thor Productions
Directed by: Thor Stephans (Thor Stephens)
Year of Production / Release: 2003
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Andrew Addams
Braedon Casey
Cameron Fox
Anthony Holloway
Paul Johnson
Danny Rhymes
Victor Rios
Jack Sanders
Parker Williams
Damon Wolf

Jay March

SCENE 1: Braedon Casey and Damon Wolf
SCENE 2: Cameron Fox tops Damon Wolf
SCENE 3: Parker Williams tops Anthony Hollaway
SCENE 4: Paul Johnson rides Danny Rhymes (Great Scene!)
SCENE 5 – Three Way: Jack Sanders and Victor Rios top Andrew Addams
SCENE 6: Damon Wolf and Braedon Casey

Beautiful men, hot sex and an intriguing story add up to an arousing if sometimes goofy hour-and-a-half. Wolf’s eccentric late aunt willed him her grand mansion on the condition that he spend 24 hours there to keep her old “friends” company. The occupants turn out to be ghosts and also haunt an adjacent cemetery. Out of work and strapped for cash, Wolf and boyfriend Casey take the risk of being spooked out of their skins. To thicken the plot the property’s agent, Williams, conspires with the dead woman’s lawyer, March, to frighten the nervous boys out of the house with phony ghosts. The will awards the house to Williams if the boys fail to stay the full 24 hours. What the villains don’t realize is that the nutty broad really did have some spooks living with her, and to the delight of the visitors, they turn out to be remnants of pre-aunt days when the house was a male brothel. The sex scenes range from a sizzling cemetery three-way to a regrettably truncated shower pairing between Wolf and the delectable Casey. After getting his big dick sucked, Casey drops to his knees and feasts on Wolf’s cock and balls until Wolf makes him stop so they can get to a job interview. The two are paired again at the end, but again it’s disappointing that it stops with Wolf sucking Casey and finger fucking him to climax. The show biz adage “leave them wanting more” applies. I sure would have liked to see Casey fuck or get fucked. He’s the most gorgeous of a good looking lot, followed closely by Fox. Fox plays a friendly ghost with an ultra stiff magic wand who finds Wolf naked in bed. He fucks the heir’s muscular ass long and hard then face fucks him with his jawbreaker cock before unloading a bucket load of goo. Williams tops Hollaway in one daddy/pup pairing, and hairy caretaker Johnson (who’s in on the plot for money but knows the ghosts exist) gets plugged by smooth Rhymes in another. In the 3-way, Addams plants his shapely butt on Latin Rios’ upright tool for a very penetrating fuck, and they alternate sucking on Sanders’ man rod. For ghosts they manage to spew some mighty lifelike cum. Wolf and Casey secure their newfound fortune with the help of a grateful Fox, who thoroughly enjoyed sampling Wolf’s assets.


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