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Studio: Titan Media / Titan Fresh
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: Czech Republic

John Alvarez
David Novotny [Erik Demko]
Atticus Aron
Eric Tomfor
Milan Johanson [Milan Johannsen]
Andy O’Neill
Alex Valenta
Mark Zebro

SCENE 1: Eric Tomfor and Mark Zebro fuck David Novotny [Erik Demko] SCENE 2: Atticus Aron fucks John Alvarez
SCENE 3: Alex Valenta and Milan Johanson fuck Andy O’Neill

Welcome to spring time in the European countryside, where eight sexy young muscle studs hitchhike, suck dick, munch butt and fuck each other at a buddy’s country home. It’s Tinderbox, the latest spunk-splattered feature from TitanMen Fresh!
   Big and beefy Eric Tomfor is out for a drive when he spots muscle couple John Alvarez and Atticus Aron at the side of the road hitching a ride. Horny Eric picks the guys up and brings them to his country house, where the two hitchhikers get naked and Atticus fucks the cum out of his tan, muscular buddy under a light spring rain.
   David Novotny is a sizzling, sexy and insatiable bottom stud with an awesome body who gets both of his holes stuffed full of hot cock. Horse-dicked Mark Zebro nearly splits David’s ass in two, while hunky Eric plunges his thick piece of wood deep down David’s bottomless throat.
   And in the final smoking hot threeway, tall, dark and handsome Alex Valenta and big-dicked muscle jock Milan Johanson take turns cramming their cocks into cute Andy O’Neill’s bubble butt until all three spew spunk like volcanoes.
   This is one Tinderbox that’s full of wood—thick, throbbing, uncut and loaded with cum!

Tall, muscular Eric Tomfor picks up two hot hitchhikers—John Alvarez and his equally studly buddy Atticus Aron—and brings them to his country home. Eric goes to get drinks and while he’s gone, John and Atticus take a look at Eric’s new camcorder. As they discover a scene on the camcorder of three hot guys going at it, the two horned up studs can’t hold back (and don’t want to!) and start making out and groping each other.
   Just as they’re getting really heated up, we cut to the video on the camcorder where hard-bodied David Novotny is the center of a sizzling three way with muscular Mark Zebro and Eric, who are kissing, tonguing David’s pits and chewing on his wired nips. The three smooth hunks sit on a nearby couch on a veranda, where Mark shoves his juiced-up pole down David’s eager throat while Eric gulps down David’s thick, uncut cock. Eric stands and skull fucks David while Mark gags on David’s dick. Eric leans back as the other two feast on his incredibly muscular body; Mark chews on Eric’s hard nips while David wraps his lips around the shaft of his cock. Mark and David jerk off, spraying two huge loads of sticky sperm all over Eric’s thick pecs.
   The guys move to a blanket under the trees, where David inhales Mark’s tree-like shaft while Eric drives his tongue up David’s muscular butt, then slips a couple of fingers up David’s tight hole to loosen it up for a good pounding. Eric and Mark switch and Mark pulls on a condom before driving his huge cock deep into David’s ass while Eric face fucks David. David flips on his back and throws his beefy legs over Eric’s wide shoulders as Eric plows him, and Mark slides his donkey dick down David’s throat. David squats down on Mark’s cock and Mark slam fucks David’s butt while David chokes on Eric’s pole. Mark yanks out of David’s tight ass grip and jerks off, spraying cum all over himself while Eric splatters David’s ripped abs with his jizz; David shoots his own sticky load all over his amazingly ripped torso.

Eric emerges from the house with drinks in hand for his two guests (Atticus and John), then leaves to pick up some other friends while Atticus and John start kissing; they strip each other’s shirts off to reveal their hard, muscled bodies. The two guys pull off each other’s jeans and take turns swallowing each other’s dicks just as a spring rain starts to drop on the canopy that covers them. The guys lie on a picnic bench and sixty nine each other, moaning, groaning and gagging on each other’s cocks until their hot cum blasts out.
   John kneels on a bench while Atticus pulls John’s beefy ass cheeks apart, lubes his tight hole with spit, then finger fucks him and plunges his tongue into John’s assring. Atticus crams his massive cock up John’s butt and slams him from behind; John then rides Atticus’s cock, sliding up and down as Atticus thrusts his cock deep into John’s guts. Atticus pulls out and sprays John with sticky sperm while John jerks off, sending even more spunk flying out to coat his sexy body.

The friends that Eric went to get earlier—muscular Milan Johanson, cute Andy O’Neill and dark and handsome Alex Valenta—pull up to the house, jump out of the car and quickly strip each other. Their fat boners pop free as the guys swap tongue, chow down on each other’s ripped bodies and stroke each other’s dicks. Andy drops to the ground and helps himself to big mouthfuls of Alex’s and Milan’s uncut poles, and Alex stands on a woodpile and drills Milan’s throat while Milan shoves his cock down Andy’s throat. Andy leans on a ladder and Alex and Milan take turns sucking his dick, kissing him as they stroke their own cocks until they spray his chest with their hot cum. Andy jerks off and shoots his load in the dirt.
   Andy kneels on a chopping block to offer up his tasty ass to Alex, who tongues Andy’s hole while Milan rams his cock down Andy’s hungry throat. Alex pulls a rubber over his hard shaft and plunges his cock deep into Andy’s butt while Milan feeds his dick to Andy. Milan then rolls on a condom and bangs Andy mercilessly while Andy gorges on Alex’s huge shaft. Andy lies on a blanket while Milan holds his long, lean, muscular legs apart and nails his ass while Alex stuffs Andy’s cute face full of his cock. Alex and Milan jerk their raging hardons, drenching Andy with their loads while Andy strokes his throbbing member until he sends his own spunk shooting out to mix in with theirs.


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