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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex AFTER HOURS Felix Barca Anthony London Adam Russo

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Felix Barca
George Ce
Marcus Isaacs
Anthony London
Adam Russo
Kieron Ryan

The workers filter out. The doors close. The lights dim. It’s After Hours, the perfect time to make a move on that muscle man you’ve been eying. TitanMen exclusive George Ce leads the charge as horny blue collar workers take advantage of their privacy.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex AFTER HOURS Geroge Ce fucks Felix Barca
SCENE 1: Geroge Ce fucks Felix Barca
In a storage warehouse, tattooed hunk George Ce peers across his ladder to Felix Barca. Felix flashes a smile, drawing his admirer closer. George grips Felix by the back of the neck, pulling him in for a kiss before pushing him down. George whips out his uncut beast, Felix opening wide to gulp it up. George guides Felix’s head down on his cock, making him gasp for air. George repeatedly leans down for a kiss, alternately fucking his face. With his hairy muscle bod filling the screen, Felix then gets his big dick deep-throated before he bends over as George eats him out—beard scruff rubbing against his ass. George grinds his dick on Felix’s cheeks, then grips the bottom’s waist as he fucks him deep. Felix arches back for a kiss, then sits down on George before getting on his back. George places his big hand on Felix’s stomach as he fucks him, then grabs the bottom’s pec as he grinds in balls deep—the two soon squirting.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex AFTER HOURS Anthony London fucks Marcus Isaacs
SCENE 2: Anthony London fucks Marcus Isaacs
Sorting through a mess, dark-haired Marcus Isaacs stumbles across a fuck bench. “How do you use this thing?” Tall and tan Anthony London is happy to show him, but first he wants his cock sucked. The two shed their shirts as Marcus licks down his hairy bud’s bod, a big boner popping out in his face. Marcus sniffs it, rubbing it against his scruffy face as he smiles up at Anthony—then sucks it deep, whipping it on his face after sucking the stud’s sac. Anthony gets on his knees, gripping Marcus’s balls as he sucks him. Marcus turns around, getting his ass slapped as Anthony spreads his cheeks and munches. Marcus moans as Anthony’s beard scrapes his skin—the top’s cock soon sliding inside, his balls banging against the bottom’s wet and hairy hole: “Stretch my fucking hole out with your cock! Stretch me!” Marcus gets on his back for more, shooting his load—then squeezes Anthony’s nipples from behind as the top works out a big wad.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex AFTER HOURS Adam Russo fucks Kieron Ryan
SCENE 3: Adam Russo fucks Kieron Ryan
Shaved-headed Adam Russo wants to go out for a drink and get laid. “I don’t think we need to leave for that,” says colleague Kieron Ryan, eliciting a smile from Adam—who moves in to kiss the tall jock. Kieron is soon worshipping Adam’s big boner: “Play with those balls! Pull ’em down!” demands the increasingly verbal Adam. “Suck that dick! All the way down on it!” The alpha slides his fingers inside Kieron’s mouth, leaning down to spit in it before kissing him. Adam finger fucks Kieron’s mouth before using his cock again, a huge wad of spit connecting the sucker’s messy mouth and Adam’s steel shaft. Adam then makes Kieron’s big dick disappear in his mouth before tonguing, fingering and fucking his hole. Kieron gets it doggie style (his own boner bouncing up and down with each thrust) before getting on his back, Adam grunting like an animal as he grinds inside. Kieron sits down on the top, Adam smiling as his eyes roll up in his head. Kieron shoots a big stream as he rides, then slaps Adam’s balls as the top moans like a madman while coming.


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