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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex Anthony London Jessy Ares Hans Berlin

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Jessy Ares
Hans Berlin
Samuel Colt
Anthony London
Casey Williams
Tom Wolfe

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Thirsty? Pump it up, open wide and let it flow as your night out heats up. TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares leads the charge as he and his patrons get On Tap at the bar—where beer isn’t the only thing sticking to the floor.
   Deliveryman Casey Williams discovers why it takes so long to finish his route as bartender Samuel Colt slows him down with a muscular suck-and-fuck exchange.
   Bartender Tom Wolfe gets an invite he can’t refuse—showing up at Anthony London’s backyard pool to feed the horny customer’s hungry holes.
   Bar boss Jessy Ares gets distracted by the ass of blond Hans Berlin, a voracious suck exchange followed by Jessy taking control of the smiling bottom over a pool table.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex
SCENE 1: Samuel Colt and Casey Williams flip-fuck
New beer deliveryman Casey Williams wonders why his predecessor got fired: “I don’t know why it was taking him so long.” But one look at bartender Samuel Colt—whose massive chest peeks out from his unbuttoned cutoff shirt—makes it clear. “Bet I know,” he replies, wrapping his hand around Casey’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss, rubbing Casey’s bulging pecs. With his own boner jutting out of his jeans, Casey feasts on the butch bartender’s throbber, reaching up and rubbing his nip. Samuel returns the suck, his beard meeting Casey’s pubes. Casey’s light-skinned chest has a red imprint, the result of Samuel’s manhandling. Samuel snaps up his boner, spitting on it before Casey sucks him again. Bent over the bar, Casey gets eaten and fucked from behind, pushing down his boner to show it off. Samuel gets on his back, Casey plowing him as an aerial shot looks down on their two buff bods before they shoot—Casey’s load hitting Samuel’s cock.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex
SCENE 2: Tom Wolfe fucks Anthony London
Handsome Anthony London gives his address to scruffy bartender Tom Wolfe. After his shift ends, Tom finds Anthony lounging by firelight in a backyard pool. With his smooth backside filling the night, Tom walks over. Anthony starts sucking—a long-shot capturing Tom’s stunning muscular body framed in darkness. Tom rubs his chest as he’s sucked, spit dripping down his shaft and forming a wad on his sac. His quads flexing, Tom delivers a slow face fuck—then sucks his bud back, his own boner popping out of the pool as he tugs Anthony’s foreskin with his lips. Anthony bends over and gets it doggie style—Tom’s arm muscles clenching as he supports himself on the ledge. Anthony sits down on the top’s cock before getting on his back, his hairy leg pressed against Tom’s hairy chest. Tom grabs Anthony’s pec as he plows, the bottom’s wet ass hair clinging to his shaft. The two shoot, Tom’s amazing muscles tightening as he releases.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex
SCENE 3: Jessy Ares fucks Hans Berlin
As he sets up the billiard room, boss Jessy Ares gets distracted by Hans Berlin’s backside. “That’s nice,” he says as he grabs hold and grinds on it, eliciting a smile from the stud. Jessy is soon sucking the blond cock, a voracious sequence where he gulps and gags, spitting all over Hans’ groin and drooling on his own hairy chest. Jessy takes his shirt off, wraps it around Hans’ neck and pulls him down for a kiss. Hans whips his cock on Jessy’s pecs and spits down before delivering a fast face fuck. Jessy whips out his big boner, feeding his bud: “All the way down! Stick it in there!” His face getting redder, Hans chokes, smiling as he says “I want that in my ass!” Jessy abuses his face some more (“All the way down to my balls!”), then bends Hans over the pool table—eating him before fucking his bubble butt. Hans grips Jessy’s arm and hand as he gets rammed (“Get into me!”), then sits down on him—his boner bouncing off the top’s stomach. Hans gets on his back as Jessy gyrates in, the two finally firing away.


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