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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex PACKERS

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills, Harold Creg
Year of Production / Release: 2004
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Troy Banner
Brad Benton
Tyler Boots
Erik Campbell
Nick Costes
Marcos David
Andy Dill
P.J. Dixon
Mario Ortiz
Rick Randy
Joey Russo

Men at work. Blue collar sweat. That’s Packers. Two hours of classic TitanMen action — muscular, sweaty, hard workin’, hot sex. Twelve rough, hairy-chested, heavy duty men tear each other down in a rockin’, high energy movie that’s guaranteed to unpack your nut. Packers features six impressive new Titan men: Stunningly built PJ Dixon packs maximum muscle on a minimum frame with twin boulders for an ass and a cock of steel. Well-known star Brad Benton literally laps up this kind of roughhousing. Sinewy Rick Randy is indeed as randy as they get. Snarling Asoka is an uncut, hairy bruiser whose primal power fucking gets you right in the gut. They’re joined by six nasty men, including startling sex-pig Andy Dill, along with TitanMen Exclusive Marcos David and massive Mario Ortiz, two handsome, uncut Spaniards. This packing plant seethes with horny dudes: a three-way in the shipping room, a pair of explosive duos in receiving, and a spectacular five man orgy on the loading dock. The cock and ball sport, tit play, and pile driving, flip-flop fucking with mega-loads of thick and pure white jizz make Packers masculine action power play at its best!

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex PACKERS SCENE 1 Brad gets packed full of uncut latin meat by Marcos and Mario!
SCENE 1: Brad gets packed full of uncut latin meat by Marcos and Mario!
Brad swaggers into a South of Market packing plant with an order he needs filled, and an eager hole that’s twitchin’ for action. So he doesn’t interrupt when Mario and Marcos start making out. When the two smoldering Spanish studs spot Brad spying, they’ve got his head pushed down on one fat, uncut dick and then the other pronto. Before the lucky boy can even say please, Marcos bends Brad over a packing hopper so he can eat his fresh, white ass while Mario crams the boy’s face full of spicy manmeat. When the hot skinned sex-pigs start plugging Brad’s tender hole, Brad loses it. Unable to hold back, all three men let loose their heavy loads. But that doesn’t mean they’re finished. Marcos squats on Mario’s mammoth meat, impaling himself as Brad furiously beats his meat. Ravenous, Brad and Marcos flip the mighty Mario over, thrust their slippery cocks up his moist fuckhole, and make him explode in thick molten streams of man-juice. Brad and Marcos second that emotion — in a big way.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex PACKERS SCENE 2 Asoka packs his uncut meat into PJ musclebutt and mouth
SCENE 2: Asoka packs his uncut meat into PJ musclebutt and mouth
Brad’s crate is wheeled into the shipping room for packing, but it’s clear his order isn’t going to get filled too quickly. Asoka has wrapped himself around mountain-of-muscle PJ, beating the stud’s face with his wicked, uncut cock, and cramming it into his spit-slopped mouth. Asoka then pries open PJ’s deep ass, and finds burrowed in the shadowy canyon that splits his granite cheeks, the bodybuilder’s pink hole blossoming irresistibly. Asoka’s massive meat attack blasts a white mega-load outta PJ’s cock. Then, in a turnabout, PJ clamps his continental cheeks over Asoka’s face, and lets loose gushes of creamy jizz that swarm up and over the snarling stud’s pulsating cock.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex PACKERS SCENE 3 Andy stuffs his 9
SCENE 3: Andy stuffs his 9″ cock in Randy’s eager holes
When Brad’s box rolls down the gantry into the receiving room, we see it’s filled with Pjur Eros. Andy Dill thinks he’ll give the stuff a product test, but as soon as he’s got his stiff nine incher slicked up, Rick Randy walks in, and the lean, hungry dude is all over Andy in a flash. They work each other’s nipples and smack their dicks around in a way that hurts so good. Locking eyes with Rick, Andy gags on Rick’s monster meat ‘til his whiskers are buried in balls. Suddenly, in a hands-free cumshot, Rick’s spews his massive load in an arc over Andy’s head. When he pinches Andy’s bruised nipples in vice-like fingers, Andy blasts his own white cream. Still hard, Andy begs Rick to work his manhole, and as pre-cum slithers from his cock, Rick slides his superbly scrumptious sausage up Andy’s tightly clenched bung hole, stabbing it mercilessly until his second show-stopping monster load slams against Andy’s sweaty chest hair in sticky pearls of spooge. Smearing the thick fuck sauce onto his stiff prick, Andy bucks and writhes while bringing forth his own gargantuan load like a geyser.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex PACKERS SCENE 4 5-way fuck-fest in the meat packing loading dock
SCENE 4: 5-way fuck-fest in the meat packing loading dock
Packers has been dialogue free until now, when suddenly there are five brilliant spoken words: “All right…work’s over. Let’s fuck!” The five horny dudes in the loading dock tear into a cockwallowing, pud pounding orgy that’s filmed ManPlay style capturing their spontaneous, fullimpact lust. Tyler’s thick wonder-cock conquers Joey’s smooth white ass, while next to them, Erik’s hefty dark meat gives Troy’s ass the balling of his life. Tyler blasts his heavy load against Joey’s beard, and everybody lets the day’s pent up joy-juice fly. Then all five men start swappin’ holes and cocks in a circle of side-by-side salaciousness. The bottoms jump the tops, and Troy gives Tyler’s ass a heavy duty workout, while next to them, Nick churns Erik’s chocolate ass. It’s not long before the five hard-bodied hunks are showering their buddies in volleys of high-flying spunk.


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