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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POUNDED Jesse Jackman Landon Conrad Trenton Ducati Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POUNDED Jesse Jackman Landon Conrad Trenton Ducati

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

George Ce
Landon Conrad
Trenton Ducati
Adam Herst
Jesse Jackman
Collin Stone

Work is hard, and so are you. After a long day of sweating it out, what you need is to get Pounded by the likes of TitanMen exclusives George Ce and Jesse Jackman—who have just the right services to soothe your ache.
   Model Trenton Ducati gets turned on having his picture taken by George Ce, the two engulfing each other’s monster cocks before Trenton stays rock-hard as he gets slammed.
   Landon Conrad isn’t shy. After a hard day of work, he goes in for the kill—forcing himself on hairy boss Jesse Jackman—who is more than happy to offer his holes.
   Jock Adam Herst needs a break. After pulling in tattooed co-worker Collin Stone for a kiss, they share sucks before Adam bends over.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POUNDED Jesse Jackman Landon Conrad Trenton Ducati
SCENE 1: George Ce fucks Trenton Ducati
Posing for a photo shoot, Trenton Ducati shows off as George Ce snaps away. The photographer gets up close to adjust Trenton’s clothes…and notices the bulge growing in his jeans. “I was getting turned on getting my picture taken,” says the muscle stud, whose big cock is soon growing harder between George’s tight lips. Trenton grips the back of George’s tank top and fucks his face, the sucker licking his smooth sac. A hot shot looks down at both sets of tight abs as George’s uncut throbber juts out of his jeans. George rises for a kiss, their boners grinding. Trenton licks down his bud’s bod, spitting on George’s missile before engulfing it as spit drips from his mouth. He offers his ass for eating, George soon fucking him from behind—slapping his ass as the bottom yells “God, I love that!” George’s butt muscles clench as he fucks, Trenton then sitting down on the stud as his own massive meat bobs around. The top reaches around to stroke Trenton as he rides, the bottom arching back as the two stare at each other. Trenton gets on his back, his massive pecs shaking as he gets pounded some more—the two soon squirting.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POUNDED
SCENE 2: Landon Conrad fucks Jesse Jackman
After confirming that their electrical work is done for the day, Jesse Jackman sits back to relax after a long day—and quickly notices colleague Landon Conrad inching closer, the two soon embracing in a kiss. Landon takes off his boss’s shirt, then licks down the middle of his huge, hairy body before sucking him deep. Landon’s defined abs tighten as he slurps, his own steel throbber pointing to the ceiling. He gulps away before kissing Jesse, who then drops down to feast on Landon’s huge dick. Jesse licks his nuts, then gulps as he gets his mouth fucked. The shaved-headed hunk bends over, offering his hairy hole for slurping. Landon fucks him from behind, Jesse’s forehead clenching with each thrust. Jesse turns over for more, his furry bod soon coated in cum—including a big load from Landon that showers over his sac.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex POUNDED
SCENE 3: Collin Stone fucks Adam Herst
Getting a store ready for opening, shaved-headed Adam Herst needs a break. “Do you really?” asks tan and tattooed Collin Stone, who is soon pulled in close for a kiss as their jean bulges meet. Collin licks down Adam’s light-skinned bod, his muscular chest dusted with hair. Collin sucks his big dick deep, eliciting a smile from the bearded hunk. After a kiss, Adam returns the favor. Slurping on Collin’s dark shaft, Adam gasps for air as the two share another smile. Collin tugs his sac down, his steel shaft bouncing in Adam’s face as the sucker teases it. Adam gives up his jock ass, pushing his boner down between his legs to show it off as he gets munched. Collin spits on his bud’s hole, then fucks him as his pubes pound against Adam’s rippling ass. Collin wraps his arm around the bottom and pulls him back for a kiss, then gets him on his back for more. The top releases his load, then licks Adam’s nip as the bottom works out a wad.


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