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Titan Men STING Titan Men STING

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Dirk Caber
Harley Everett
Hunter Marx
Shay Michaels
Patrick Rouge
Logan Scott
Marco Wilson

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The surveillance video doesn’t lie—you’re been bad, and you need to be taught a lesson. The punishment is up to you: solitary confinement or some hard lessons at the hands of TitanMen exclusives Hunter Marx and Marco Wilson, who lead a gang of private eyes out to capture their sleazy suspects. What’s your choice? That’s what we thought. You might want to bite down hard on something…this is gonna Sting.
   Aroused by hidden camera footage, investigators Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels take a break from policing to satisfy their urges—ending with an unforgettable fuck train.
   Shaved-headed criminals Harley Everett and Patrick Rouge break and enter a warehouse—and then each other as their dirty deeds provoke an aggressive encounter.
   Ripped specimen Marco Wilson admires his chiseled frame in the mirror—then beckons voyeur Logan Scott inside for some sucking before pounding the muscle man’s hole.

Titan Men STING
SCENE 1: Hunter Marx with Dirk Caber and Shay Michaels
A trio of agents run surveillance on criminals, monitoring a video feed of the suspects. But when the footage turns dirty, investigator Dirk Caber can’t contain his excitement—his hand quickly on the thigh of co-worker Shay Michaels. The bearded muscle buds are soon kissing before Dirk slurps on Shay’s cock, spit gobs falling to the floor. Shay returns the favor, gurgling as he deep throats Dirk down to the thick base. Hunter Marx awakens, whipping out his big banana dick and stroking on the sofa before feeding Shay. The sucker takes turns voraciously devouring both boners before pulling them down and letting them snap up in a hot sequence. The two alpha studs spit down, lubing up their cocks as their heads graze each other. The three shoot, Dirk’s massive wad coating Shay’s muscle pecs. Now lying on the table, Shay feasts on Hunter’s beast while getting eaten, fingered and fucked by Dirk. “You like that, you pig?” asks Hunter as Dirk rams the moaning bottom. Hunter then slides his monster cock balls-deep into Shay’s hole, the top’s sweaty ass hair clinging to his skin as he plunges all the way in and out. Shay sucks Dirk, who kisses Hunter above the bottom. Shay then takes out his aggression, getting Dirk’s ass to ripple as he rams him doggie style. Hunter encourages the duo (“Squeeze that hole!””) before topping Dirk, a hot smile across the top’s face. He also jacks Shay, the three tactile studs all over each other. Hunter gets Dirk on his back for more, then lets Shay back in before getting behind him for a hot fuck train. Shay gyrates between his buds as the skin of his dangling sac clings to Dirk’s ass. Hunter takes over, a low shot capturing the plunging penetration and his smooth, tight balls. The three squirt again, including another rocket from Dirk that flies over his shoulder.

Titan Men STING
SCENE 2: Harley Everett and Patrick Rouge
Back on camera, shaved-headed bad boys Harley Everett and Patrick Rouge take a break from their criminal deeds. Tall and tattooed Harley—his massive pecs filing the frame—controls his smooth and trim cohort, who he sucks and eats against the wall. Harley shoves his huge uncut cock in Patrick’s face, the sub spitting on it as his lips soon cling to the shaft. A spirited cock-and-ball worship unfolds, Patrick rubbing his mouth and face all over them as Harley holds the sub’s head down. Harley pushes Patrick’s head down deeper as he gets rimmed before feeding him again, gripping his balls and shoving them in Patrick’s mouth. More sucking and eating follows before they shoot, Harley licking his own load off Patrick—who then shoots into Harley’s hand, which rubs the load back on his body. Patrick gets eaten in the storage area—a warm-up to the fast and frenetic fuck that follows as Harley’s chiseled body tightens up as he plows like a jackrabbit. On his back, Patrick rubs Harley’s pec as he gets fucked, a low shot showing off the top’s bouncing balls. Patrick strokes his hard dick, whipping it on Harley’s stomach before the two jack out two more loads—a kiss ending their sweaty encounter.

Titan Men STING
SCENE 3: Marco Wilson with Logan Scott
Off-the-clock investigator Logan Scott camps outside a house, peering into the window. The object of his gaze is tan hunk Marco Wilson, who strips down in front of a mirror to admire his stunning physique. As his built pecs, ripped stomach and cum gutters shine, Marco rubs and flexes, kissing his bicep as his golden body basks in the dark light. With his big dangling cock out, Marco eyes Logan and motions the voyeur inside. The tall and beefy Logan rubs Marco’s body, soon sucking his big cock. Marco sucks back, looking up as he devours the veiny shaft and letting the cock snap out of his mouth with power. The breathless sucker moans as he works Logan’s balls, then feeds Logan some more as we get another look at his breathtaking body. Logan deep throats the big dick, the two squirting as Marco licks up his own load and intensely stares at his admirer. Marco gets more excited and hard as he tongues Logan’s hole. “Want me to fuck you hard?” asks the alpha top, his throbbing boner soon deep inside Logan’s hole. His defined body clenching beautifully, Marco continues to plow Logan on his back as his mouth brushes against the bottom’s leg. The two let out another round of loads as a kiss closes the steamy night action.

DVD Bonus Features:
A cumshot compilation, trailers, digital copy instructions and a look at TitanMen Tools complete the package.


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