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Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex SMACK Wilfried Knight Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex SMACK Wilfried Knight

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2013
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Felix Barca
Aymeric DeVille
Wilfried Knight
Cylus Kohen
Liam Magnuson
Shay Michaels

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Pecs slapped. Cocks whipped against hungry mouths. Asses paddled bright red. Holes pounded deep by big dicks and dildos. Get a Smack! you won’t soon forget as TitanMen exclusive Aymeric DeVille leads dirty doms and subs in the studio’s latest Rough entry.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex SMACK Wilfried Knight
SCENE 1: Aymeric Deville with Wilfried Knight
Their bodies bursting through latex and leather, smooth Aymeric DeVille and hairy Wilfried Knight lock lips. Wilfried drops down and releases Aymeric’s massive bulge, slurping on his curvy cock. Wilfried cups his bud’s balls, engulfing them before clamping Aymeric’s sac and stretching it down as he starts to finger his ass. Wilfried paddles the stud’s butt, his muscle ass quivering under the tight latex. Aymeric’s face gets redder with each smack, his sac still being stretched. Wilfried moves to a bigger wood paddle, grinding it against Aymeric’s crack before smacking his cheeks again. Wilfried uses a third paddle to finish the spanking, then releases Aymeric’s balls before sitting him in a sling to munch on his ass. Wilfried fingers him before fucking him, grinding in balls deep as the veins on Aymeric’s forehead burst and his super-cut abs clench even tighter. Wilfried squirts on Aymeric, then dildo fucks his smooth hole before the bottom bursts.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex SMACK Wilfried Knight
SCENE 2: Cylus Kohen and Liam Magnuson
On a deck, bearded and tattooed Cylus Kohen gets doused in piss by smooth muscle master Liam Magnuson. The pig takes it in his mouth and all over his body—and also releases a big stream out of his pierced cock, which then throbs as he gets drenched. Cylus deep-throats Liam’s rock-hard cock, gripping the jock’s sack. Liam’s muscles clench as he grabs hold of Cylus’s head and forces it down. “Suck my nuts,” Liam calmly demands. “Yeah, good boy!” Liam smacks his cock on Cylus’s face, then feeds him again as the sucker grips the alpha’s sack and smacks his balls from below. Cylus gets on all fours, Liam munching his ass before fucking him doggie style. Liam fucks him with a giant dildo, twisting it in (“Right there!” shouts Cylus as Liam hits the spot) as lube trickles down the bottom’s balls. Cylus crouches down on Liam’s lubed fist, jacking off as he sits. Liam strokes out his load, his eyes rolling up in his head as his body shakes.

Titan Men Gay Porn Star Man Sex SMACK Wilfried Knight
SCENE 3: Felix Barca and Shay Michaels
With his cock bursting out of his jockstrap, Shay Michaels grazes stubbly chins with Felix Barca in an intense kiss. Their hairy chests surrounded by harnesses, they smack each other’s bods before Felix licks and bites Shay. Felix forces his bud down and whips his thick uncut cock out of his leather pants, feeding the hungry sub. Felix spits down on his shaft and in Shay’s mouth, pulling up his foreskin for the sucker to feast on. He whips his dick on Shay’s mouth, then guides his head down deep on it as the breathless sucker soon gags. Felix eats Shay’s jock ass, then ties him to the wall with rope and a belt. The top smacks Shay’s ass with a belt, stroking as he dishes out the punishment. He then uses a leather paddle, Shay’s ass getting redder with each smack. “Want more?” asks Felix, switching to a wooden paddle before eating Shay’s hole. Released, Shay gets on his back—sticking his tongue out for a wad of spit that comes flying his way as Felix fucks him hard, dumping a thick wad on Shay’s hairy wrist before the bottom squirts.


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