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Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Adam Knox
Frank Philipp
Spencer Reed
Xavier St. Jude
Junior Stellano
Draven Torres

When vanilla won’t cut it, turn to HARDCORE, the latest entry from TitanMen’s boundaries-defying fetish series, ROUGH. Director Paul Wilde and his cast of Titan studs lead you through three scenes of twisted power-exchange. HARDCORE is guaranteed to please your inner pig, featuring bondage, pissplay, SM, and some of the most frenzied ass-fucking you’ve ever seen.
   Massive muscle man Spencer Reed dominates his chiseled captive Adam Knox in a scene of rope bondage and caning that ends in a sweat-streaked fuck.
   Bearded bottom Xavier St. Jude does his best to endure the flogging, whipping, and ass fucking that beefy muscle daddy Frank Phillip doles out.
   Junior Stellano, the inked and hairy-chested fucker from Hell, ties down young tattooed Draven Torres for a smoking hot session of piss-soaked rimming, sucking, and ass pounding.

SCENE 1: Spencer Reed and Adam Knox
Musclegod Spencer Reed, booted and harnessed, drags a bound, half-naked Adam Knox into a warehouse and ties him bent over an oil drum. Spencer pulls out his thick meat and marks his prey, blasting a geyser of hot piss all over Adam, before shoving his cock into the bottom’s mouth. Adam chokes on the girth, trying to please his top, his spit dripping off the man’s meat. Spencer turns to his captive’s upturned ass, slapping and fingering it until the bottom’s smooth cheeks turn red. Spencer taps a bamboo cane against Adam’s ass, thighs, and balls until his skin grows flushed, Adam crying out as the cane leaves its marks, and pulling hard against the ropes, seeking escape. The muscle top relishes the young man’s helpless body, forcing Adam to count out the punishing strokes from a new bentwood cane. Adam bears up under the assault, impressing his top, who forces a thick finger, and then his impatient cock into Adam’s abused hole, grunting as he gives Adam his hard-earned reward, taking pleasure in his captive’s tight, jockstrapped ass. Then Spencer pulls Adam off the drum and guides him back onto his meat, Adam’s cock bouncing, his sack pulled tight by a steel ballstretcher. His hands still bound, Adam works the ropes until he can jerk himself with one hand, before Spencer pushes him down on the ground and covers Adam’s hard, smooth body with thick wads of cum. Gentler now, Spencer holds Adam against his massive harnessed chest and allows Adam release, Adam still gazing up at Spencer for approval as he shoots his load all over his own chest.

SCENE 2: Frank Philipp and Xavier St. Jude
Bearded bottom Xavier St. Jude sucks on muscle daddy Frank Philipp’s chest and licks out his pits, rubbing his hand against the hard mound in Frank’s camos. Taking control, Frank holds Xavier’s hands behind his neck and slaps his meaty rod against the bottom’s outstretched tongue before plunging all the way into his throat. Frank pushes Xavier down on a wood crate and swallows the bottom’s veined cock, slapping his balls until they grow red, Xavier struggling to stay still. Then Frank soaks Xavier’s cock, chest, and open mouth with thick streams of piss, making Xavier beg for each strong spurt until the bottom’s bearded chin is dripping. Next Frank bends Xavier over the crate, his white ass, framed by black chaps, calling out for attention. Frank spreads Xavier’s cheeks and pushes his demanding pole into the tight hairy hole, grunting with satisfaction, holding tight to the bottom’s leather waistband for control, plunging in and out as Xavier gasps for air and holds tight to the crate as he’s fucked without mercy. Turned on by his bottom’s cries, Frank stops fucking long enough to tie Xavier to a St. Andrew’s Cross, pulling out a leather flog and lashing the tied man with hard strokes. Between beatings Frank calms Xavier, stroking his head gently, asking if he can take more, pushing him to his limits. Xavier counts each stroke, grunting and crying out. Frank then takes a much meaner, leaner whip to Xavier’s back, which has grown red and warm, Xavier seething with both pain and the desire to prove himself to his top. Satisfied and aching for release, Frank jerks his thick slab of cock, shooting thick ropes of cum all over the bottom’s ass.

SCENE 3: Junior Stellano and Draven Torres
Inked, manly Junior Stellano, in tight latex shorts, ties a young, tattooed Draven Torres face-down on a padded bench, before prying open his cheeks and rimming the boy’s hairy hole with slow deliberate tongue strokes. Junior presses a wet finger into Draven’s hole, gauging its tightness, telling the boy’s he’s doing good as Draven hungrily deep-throats him. Junior forces his meat up the tight hole and fucks the boy hard and fast, slapping his sweat-streaked ass as he rides him, grabbing onto the boy’s shoulders for leverage and pushing all the way in to his balls, rooting around in the young man’s hole. Junior’s chiseled abs shine with sweat as he rides Draven like a bull, ramming the gasping, captive beneath him. He pulls out and pisses all over Draven with an arcing stream, getting his scent on the boy. The hungry top rims Draven, tasting his own piss on the boy’s hole before untying Draven and swallowing his hard brown cock. Draven rubs the back of Junior’s head, the trailing rope, now wet with spit and piss, still knotted at his wrist. Junior pushes Draven onto his back and pounds the boy’s butt again, Draven madly stroking his own cock as his ass is assaulted. The hairy-chested top rides Draven hard until the boy can’t hold out anymore and blasts a thick milky load. Junior lies on his back and makes Draven lower his hole down on the man’s tongue, which triggers the top’s grunting, jerking explosion, his cum spurting across his hairy chest and abs.


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