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Titan Men Titan Men

Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Kris Anderson
Adam Herst
Alessio Romero
Collin Stone
Tibor Wolfe

SCENE 1: Collin Stone fucks Adam Herst
SCENE 2: Tibor Wolfe & Tristan Phoenix
SCENE 3: Kris Anderson fucks Alessio Romero

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Aroused and Aggressive. Hung and Horny. Pissed and Probed. The dirty mind of director Paul Wilde gets wet and wild in the latest from Titan’s Rough line, where the piss flies freely, the cocks plow deep and the fists twist tight.
   Smooth Adam Herst and hairy Collin Stone drench each other in piss and spit before Adam gets fucked in a sling—with cum and piss soon soaking them some more.
   Bound to a chair, hairy captive Tibor Wolfe is at the mercy of the cock and fists of verbal dom Tristan Phoenix, who dishes out his angry punishment.
   Tall and handsome Kris Anderson feeds his massive meat to voracious sucker Alessio Romero, who then takes it up the ass atop their red-hot motorcycle.

Titan Men
SCENE 1: Collin Stone fucks Adam Herst
His bulge bursting beneath his jeans, hunky Adam Herst kisses beefy Collin Stone. The bearded Adam lets go of his piss, soaking through his denim. Adam sucks on Collin’s juicy cock, spit dripping down as the sucker’s monster throbs. Collin pisses on Adam before bending his bud over the sling, ripping Adam’s jeans apart and diving his scruffy face inside. They kiss, Adam grabbing Colin by the harness and shoving him down. With his thumb in Collin’s mouth, Adam pisses on him—getting streams back in his mouth as Collin spits it up. Collin deep throats Adam’s big shaft: “Get on it. Look up at me,” demands Adam, spitting down on the grunting sucker. Collin pisses on Adam’s ass before fucking him doggie style. On his back, Adam pisses again before demanding Collin fuck him. The bottom jacks as he gets rammed, the two soon squirting. Adam pisses again, shooting into both of their mouths as the top spits it back at the thirsty bottom.

Titan Men
SCENE 2: Tibor Wolfe & Tristan Phoenix
Caught on a security cam, hairy Tibor Wolfe sits helpless—his hands bound to a chair. “The money didn’t come through!” shouts an angry Tristan Phoenix, eager to teach Tibor a lesson. Tristan punches Tibor’s pecs before flicking the captive’s big boner. “Look at me! That what you want?” yells the dark-haired dom, his boner bouncing. Tristan pisses on Tibor, who then pisses on himself as his boner throbs. Tristan wraps his jockstrap around Tibor’s neck and slaps his cock on the slave, then grabs hold of Tibor’s head and fucks it. Soon untied, a choking Tibor continues to feast on Tristan. Bent over the chair, Tibor gets his hairy hole eaten, fingered and fucked as low shots capture it all up close. “Fuck my hole!” begs Tibor, his ass slapped as the wooden chair creaks. Tristan lubes up his hands, twisting his hairy forearm inside as he fists the bottom. The two stay rock hard throughout as Tristan plows with his arm. After dumping a load on the floor, Tristan keeps his fist inside as Tibor leans up and unleashes a hot wad.

Titan Men
SCENE 3: Kris Anderson fucks Alessio Romero
In tight rider gear, tall, dark and handsome Kris Anderson swaps spit with hairy Alessio Romero near their red-hot motorcycle. Alessio gobbles up Kris’s massive meat, the veiny shaft caught in hot side shots. Kris sucks his bud back before eating Alessio’s hairy hole, then feeds the voracious sucker again. The breathless Alessio gags as he deep throats his bud, who whips his cock on the sucker’s face. The two kiss, Alessio rubbing his arm on Kris’s smooth chest as they jack their cocks together. Kris grabs his bud’s bubble butt, then bends him over the motorcycle and slides his huge rod inside. With his balls banging against the moaning bottom’s ass, Kris goes faster and deeper before the two mount the motorcycle in the same position. Hard the whole time, Alessio rides the top before getting on his back, his hairy legs up in the air. The bottom’s furry bod is soon coated in cum—Kris then pissing on Alessio before a kiss closes it out.


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