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Studio: Titan Media / Titan Rough
Directed by: Tony Buff and Paul Wilde
Year of Production / Release: 2009
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Buff
Andreas Cavalli
Mitch Colby
Derek Da Silva
Element / Element Eclipse
Adam Knox

Get roped into the action as muscles twitch, skin quivers and bodies writhe in Shock Treatment, the first release in TitanMen’s explosive new ROUGH line. Providing an intense look at a rarely seen niche of the BDSM world, it further solidifies the studio’s commitment to being First in Fetish. Watch the sparks fly as six studs led by TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff (who co-directs along with Paul Wilde) shock your system. We didn’t invent fetish, we just perfected it!
   After eating big-dicked bottom boy Element’s ass, dominant Tony Buff ties him up for some stimulating urethral sound play that gets the bottom’s cock and body shaking and exploding.
Bound muscle hunk Mitch Colby finds no escape from the shocking CBT and electrified toys of tattooed Derek da Silva. Masterful Tony Buff shoves his fat cock deep inside Element’s holes, while tall leather stud Andreas Cavalli also gets turned on by the action, fucking a huge load out of smooth Adam Knox in a shocking ending.
   Now bound to a bondage table, Derek da Silva and his rock-hard cock are at the mercy of teasing tormenter Tony Buff—who uses a crank generator to get an animalistic reaction out of his captive. This is one of the most intense electro-shock CBT fetish sequences ever filmed; this is one scene you have to see to believe!
   WARNING: This film portrays realistic and authentic BDSM and fetish sex. These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do. This is hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and realistic…do you think you can handle it?

SCENE 1: Tony Buff, Element
Draped over a floating bondage table, Element’s ass tempts dominant top Tony Buff, who buries his face inside his hung pup’s hairy hole before giving the submissive stud a deep finger fuck—and then feeds his fingers to his sub for a taste of his own ass. After slapping his ass red, Tony turns Element over and corks his hole with a homemade brass butt plug before tightly tying him to the bench, binding his wrists, ankles and knees. With no escape, Element submits to Tony’s control—and gets a urethral sounding rod inserted deep into his rockhard cock. Using alligator clips, Tony then connects the buttplug and urethral rod to an e-stim electric device—punch fucking Element’s prostate with wave after wave of shocking electrical current; Element starts to moan and shake, his thick cock at attention. Alpha male Tony smiles and strokes Element’s cock, jacking his sub and grabbing his balls. “You’re being mean to me today, sir!” says Element, enjoying every second. Tony tortures and twists Element’s nipple, then strokes Element’s electrified cock to a quivering climax.

SCENE 2: Tony Buff, Andreas Cavalli, Mitch Colby, Derek Da Silva, Element, Adam Knox
Clad in a black jockstrap, all-American muscle stud Mitch Colby is bound to a wooden cross, at the mercy of muscular Derek da Silva. The tormentor delivers small shocks to Mitch’s massive body starting with a Violet Wand that gets the handsome hunk shaking and sweating. Watching in fascination, Tony Buff shoves his monster cock down Element’s throat as spit drips to the floor. Derek switches to an electric rake attachment to stimulate and shock Mitch, the device hovering over Mitch’s chest, nips and pits. Tony moves to Element’s ass, a hot strand of spit dangling between it and hungry Tony’s mouth. The top then shoves his condomed monster cock deep inside Element, fucking him balls-deep from behind before pulling out and firing a huge load on the bottom’s leg.
   Derek uses a high strength zapper on Mitch, who starts to writhe louder and harder when his bulging jockstrap and nuts get targeted for extra shock treatment. The two are watched by tall, bearded Andreas Cavalli and smooth Adam Knox, who kiss as their cocks get harder. Derek then attaches an electrical charge unit to himself, his hands becoming a conduit to deliver the electrical current to Mitch—whose body starts to aggressively shake as he moans even louder. Derek uses his hard cock electrical conduit to shock both Mitch and Adam, who soon heads off to deep-throat Andreas’ uncut meat. Adam then opens his hole for some tongue and finger fucking before sweaty Andreas shoves his big cock inside—ending with a huge load from Adam that flies up to his chest. The scene concludes with Derek delivering his final shocks to the now-stripped Mitch, who takes it like a man as his cock and balls get shocked and electrified.

SCENE 3: Tony Buff, Derek da Silva
Now eager and ready to submit, Derek da Silva is bound to the bondage table, his rock-hard cock throbbing as it awaits Tony Buff’s attention. Tony proves to be a master of edge play, alternating deep sucks and strokes of Derek’s cock with some slaps to his ballsac—a tormenting tease that continues throughout the scene. Derek clenches his muscles tight as his balls and stomach get abused, and he starts to moan and scream even louder when Tony uses a stun gun on his balls. Tony jacks his own big meat as he delivers the punishment, smiling as he tortures his sub: “You know you’re my favorite boy to torture?”
   Tony then wraps copper wire around Derek’s balls and wires a crank generator to them, slowing delivering high voltage electric shocks that get Derek grunting, shaking and screaming bloody muirder to near-animalistic proportions. Derek gets his pre-cum fed to him before Tony finally strokes off the bound hunk, who continues to shout in pleasure and pain as waves of electric current course through his body. Derek slurps his own cum off of his tormentor’s fingers before getting another dose of high voltage. Tony then shoots his own load all over Derek, whose hard cock is still throbbing in a hot final shot.

Tony Buff talks with Derek da Silva, Element and Mitch in three enlightening interviews that stress the importance of safe and consensual BDSM play. Also included is a trailer for Fist and Piss and a look at TitanMen Tools and Lube.


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