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Studio: Raging Stallion
Directed by: Chris Ward, Ben Leon, and Tony DiMarco
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Antonio Biaggi
Scott Campbell
Damien Crosse
R.J. Danvers
Jake Deckard
Antton Harri
Tristan Jaxx
Logan McCree
Dan Rhodes
Ricky Sinz
Scott Tanner
Jackson Wild

SCENE 1: Damien Crosse jacks-off while fucking himself with a bottle of Jack Daniels
SCENE 2A: Damien Crosse fucks Antton Harri
SCENE 2B: Damien Crosse orally services Antonio Biaggi
SCENE 3A: Dan Rhodes and Scott Tanner tag-team fuck R.J. Danvers
SCENE 3B: Scott Tanner fucks Dan Rhodes
SCENE 4: Jackson Wild orally services Ricky Sinz
SCENE 5: Tristan Jaxx fucks and wrench-fucks the cum out of R.J. Danvers
SCENE 6: Logan McCree and Scott Campbell flip-fuck
SCENE 7: Jake Deckard fucks Antton Harri

In some places, time stands still.  Life is a throwback to a day when men ruled with iron will and justice was delivered at the end of a gun barrel.  Under the white-hot heat of the Arizona sun, sexuality simmers, ready to explode, as cowboys and ranchers live out the age-old dream of life on the frontier.  To The Last Man: The Gathering Storm, is as close to a Hollywood epic as gay porn will ever be—the vast panorama of the American West and the rugged men who live there are the backdrops for a vivid story that pits man against man in a classic struggle for survival in an uncompromising world of violence and anger.
   Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tanner (Scott Tanner) and Jake (Jake Deckard) are brothers struggling to keep the Double K Ranch alive. Nature has not supplied the ranch with the water so desperately needed. But Jake has an idea of where to get it…
   At the Flying V Ranch, water is plentiful and so are the ranch hands. Dillon (Damien Crosse) is dirty from work. He needs a shower to wash away the filth. But he also needs to release his big uncut cock. Letting the cool water run over his still clothed body, he begins to rub his crotch, getting his meat hard. Turning the water off, he strokes his cock faster and faster, using his spit as lube. Dillon decides he needs a drink so he grabs a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and begins to taste the strong bite of the whiskey. Letting the whiskey run over his body and erect cock, Dillon strokes harder. Dillon’s ass needs attention too, and Jack is more than happy to oblige. Riding the bottle, Dillon shoots a load over his freshly cleaned body.
   John (Antton Harri) is busy bounding horseshoes on the anvil when Dillon (Damien Crosse) enters. John is irritated that Dillon is late for work, but Dillon is about to make up for it. Dillon declares that it is too hot to work clothed, so he begins to strip. John cannot help but notice Dillon’s incredible ass and John decides to join in. After undressing, John begins to work again, but the sweat is building up and Dillon is more than happy to lick it off. Dillon begins to work on John’s muscled back, moving closer to his beautiful ass.  Dillon begins to feast on John’s ass, licking it good and getting it wet. Dillon begins to rub his uncut cock on John’s hole. John turns around and Dillon begins to feast on the cock facing him, taking it all the way in, getting it wet with spit. Still in work gloves, John gets on his knees and returns the favor of cock worship. Dillon begins to pump John’s face, forcing his cock into the open mouth. John gags on the huge uncut meat.  Dillon bends John over the anvil and begins to pound his eager hole. Dillon attacks John’s hole without mercy, making John take the huge meat all the way in to the balls.  John wants more control of the situation, and starts to ride Dillon’s dick. Riding feverishly, John easily takes Dillon all the way inside. Dillon enjoys the view of John’s muscled back and eager asshole taking his uncut cock. Soon, John is on his back on the workbench while Dillon continues to pound away. Dillon pumps harder and faster until John explodes with cum all over his abs. Dillon pulls out and strokes his meat until he shoots his load on John’s legs.
   While dressing, John and Dillon are surprised by Vance (Antonio Biaggi). Vance tells John that Rick (Ricky Sinz), the owner of the Flying V Ranch, wants him to fix the cattle gate. John leaves and Vance notices that the blacksmith shop smells like sex. Vance pulls out his 11inch cock and forces Dillon’s mouth on it. Vance’s low hanging balls bounce on Dillon’s chin as he takes the mammoth cock in his mouth. Quick and dirty, Vance explodes on Dillon’s face. Without a thank you, Vance leaves the blacksmith shop and Dillon is left with hot cum on his face. 
   Jake is walking through the field with empty water jugs, looking exhausted. He is on a mission, and cannot stop to rest until he achieves his goal. Jake reaches the Flying V Ranch spring and fills the water jugs, careful not to be seen. After taking a quick piss, Jake begins his journey back to the Double K. 
   Back at the Double K, RJ (RJ Danvers) warns Dan (Dan Rhodes) not to waste his piss; they are having a water shortage after all. Dan follows RJ to the work shed and makes RJ start working on his ripe pits. The two hairy men begin to explore each other’s bodies with their tongues and hands. RJ is a total bottom boy who immediately begins to suck on Dan’s fat uncut cock. RJ bends over the wheelbarrow and Dan begins working on RJ’s hairy hole with his tongue. RJ spreads his cheeks apart so that Dan can dive deeper with his tongue. Dan starts fucking RJ doggie style over the wheelbarrow. RJ then gets on his back to let Dan take more control by pushing more of his uncut cock inside his fuzzy ass.  RJ cannot get enough in his hairy hole and begins to put his own fingers in too.
   Tanner walks in and without missing a beat begins to rub his crotch and Dan’s ass. Tanner puts his cock in RJ’s mouth and watches as Dan keeps pounding RJ’s hole. Tanner also wants some of RJ’s hole so he and Dan start having a sword fight in RJ’s willing asshole. But Tanner is the one who gets the cum out of RJ. After he covers his furry stomach and tasting his own cum, RJ leaves to get back to work. Tanner and Dan still have some work of their own to take care of. Dan then gets the pleasure of having Tanner’s hot cock in his hole. Dan gets on his back and lets the ranch owner get some of his prime beef ass. Tanner’s low hanging balls bounce against Dan’s ass as he pushes in deep. Tanner’s huge cock brings Dan to the brink of ecstasy and he covers his hairy stomach with hot cum. Tanner quickly follows with a shot all his own. 
   Jake, sneaking back with the water, runs across John fixing the cattle gate. John cuts himself and Jake takes a look at the wound, using his own handkerchief to clean up the cut. A spark is ignited between the two…but there are prying eyes. Vance catches the scene and reports back to Rick. Rick knows the Double K is in trouble, and he wants it for his very own. After all, who would want a ranch without water? You can get a ranch like that dirt-cheap…
   Rick doesn’t like it when his men talk to the enemy. And John has been doing so. Rick informs John that he knows everything that happens on his ranch, and all forms of communication with the ranch hands of the Double K will end NOW or else…
   Jackson (Jackson Wild) is cleaning up the stable of the Flying V Ranch when Rick enters with beer and whisky. Rick starts giving Jackson a hard time, confirming that Jackson is his boy and nobody else’s. Jackson knows his place and how to please his master. He starts to worship Rick’s erect cock. Using Jackson’s mouth for his pleasure, Rick is a cruel taskmaster. Rick blows smoke in Jackson’s mouth, pours whiskey and beer over his cock, and forces his boy to lick it up and enjoy it. Rick puts Jackson’s mouth through its paces, in any and every position. Rick soon shoots his load on Jackson’s face, and Jackson follows with a load of his own. 
   While working on the tractor, RJ and Tristan (Tristan Jaxx) talk about the Double K Ranch situation and how it is a lost cause. RJ is tired of working and knows how to pass the time. Tristan is up for any suggestion. RJ begins to suck on Tristan’s already erect uncut cock, getting it wet with spit. Tristan then returns the cocksucking favor for RJ. RJ then bends over the tractor and spreads his ass cheeks apart for Tristan’s tongue.  Tristan’s tongue works RJ’s hairy hole, getting it ready for what’s to come. Tristan’s cock wants in that hole, and soon gets its wish. On his back, RJ takes Tristan’s cock with ease. But RJ has a kinky side. A huge wrench makes its debut, and Tristan uses the wrench to open up RJ even more. RJ’s eager hole demands more of Tristan’s cock and the tractor seat is the perfect location. RJ rides Tristan feverishly, faster and faster. He stands up and bends over, and Tristan continues the pounding. RJ shoots his load on the hood of the tractor, and then sits back in the seat to take Tristan’s load all over his face.
   The following morning the owners of both ranches have meetings with their ranch hands. Tanner and Rick inform their men that they do not trust the other and to watch their backs. Tanner pulls Scott (Scott Campbell) to the side to tell him to go to the canyon and keep an eye on the men of the Flying V…
   The view is spectacular as Scott watches the Flying V Ranch through binoculars. Suddenly, Logan (Logan McCree) is blocking the view. The two men begin to argue, and a fight escalates. Logan throws Scott on his back and begins to rub Scott’s crotch. The intensity of the fight has produced erections from both men. Logan continues to rub Scott’s crotch while Scott begins to lick Logan’s ass through his jeans. Logan takes Scott’s cock into his mouth, but he wants to control the situation. He does not let Scott move while he strips to expose his ass for Scott’s mouth. The two 69 each other before Logan moves Scott to a higher rock to get better access to his hairy hole. Logan fingers Scott’s hole, getting it ready for his tattooed, uncut cock. Logan eagerly and intensely fucks Scott and Scott moans with pleasure. Logan fucks doggie style first then puts Scott on his back for greater penetration. Scott moans and groans the entire time, enjoying every inch of his tattooed top. Logan wants cock in his hot ass too so he straddles Scott and begins his own ride. Logan shoots his load on Scott’s stomach and begins to play with Scott’s ass to get him to shoot. After Scott shoots his load, Logan lies down next to him and falls fast asleep. Scott takes off, gathering his clothes on the way.
   While taking care of the horses, Jake worries about the water situation when out of the blue John shows up with water from his ranch. Jake realizes the dangerous situation that John has put himself in and loves him for it. The two passionately kiss. Jake asks John to meet him at the Indian Ruins later that evening…
   Jake anxiously waits for John at the Indian Ruins that night.  John appears and the two begin to kiss and hold each other. The passion builds as Jake takes John into his arms.  Jake gets on his knees to suck on John’s waiting cock. Jake takes John all the way down his throat effortlessly. John gets on his knees to return the cock worship. Jake backs John onto a hay bale and places him on his back to get to his hole. Jake licks John’s opening hole slowly, deliberately. John’s hole opens and closes with each passing lick. Jake navigates his hard cock into John slowly, feeling his hole take him in. Jake loves John’s hole and starts to build his intensity. He turns John over on his stomach and continues the fucking. The two are still dressed, working their way out of their clothes during their lovemaking. Lying on the ground the two exchange knowing glances that they are about to cum. John shoots first, followed by Jake. Using the handkerchief from earlier, Jake cleans up the cum and they fall asleep in each other’s arms. They have not noticed they were being watched by Lee (Damian Rios) from the Flying V Ranch…
   Upon returning back to the Flying V Ranch, John is ambushed by Rick’s men. They drag John into the blacksmith shop where Rick is waiting with a branding iron. Rick tells the history of the symbol of the Flying V and how the branding of animals shows ownership. Rick violently brands John, screaming, “You are my property!”…
   Jake is busy at the Double K Ranch when John runs around the corner and screams “RUN!” But it is too late. Rick’s men grab Jake and force him to the ground. They get Jake to his feet and place a hangman’s noose around his neck. His neck in the noose, Jake yells, “This isn’t right!” Rick kicks the support and Jake falls, the rope tightening around his neck. Rick takes out his gun and shoots the dying Jake for good measure. Rick and his men walk away, knowing that they have crossed the line.  Revenge will be swift and sweet. “To be continued…”

The bonus disc for Part I, The Gathering Storm, has many great featurettes. “On Location” is a quick view to what went on behind the scenes when the cast and crew were in a secluded location for two weeks. “The Making of An Epic” goes deep into the dirty minds of Award Winning Directors Chris Ward, Ben Leon, and Tony Dimaro. Learn what it takes to make an epic sex film of this magnitude! Plus, there is a behind-the-scenes visit on a photo shoot with Jackson Wild and famed photographer Kent Taylor. There is also a power bonus sex scene from the Raging Stallion vaults with Michael Brandon, Mike Power, and Joey Russo.
Notes of all the features

THE GATHERING STORM Feature Discs include:
– Violent and Non-Violent Version Play Feature
– Model gallery. Each model page includes biography info, instant jump to cum shots and death scene, when applicable, and a link to the model’s info page at 
– Feature audio commentary recorded by Chris, Ben, and Tony.
– Behind the Scenes Featurettes. 35minutes
– Anatomy of a Sex Scene 7 minutes
– Bloopers and Outtakes 8 minutes
– Photo shoot with Jackson Wild 19 minutes
– Vintage Raging Stallion scene – Michael Brandon, Mike Power, and Joey Russo three-way from Hard As Wood 29 minutes

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