Raging Stallion Tony Bishop Brian Bonds Troy Daniels Leo Forte WHERE THE PLAYERS GO

Studio: Raging Stallion / Fetish Force
Directed by: Tony Buff
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Tony Bishop
Brian Bonds
Troy Daniels
Leo Forte
Tony Hunter
Cylus Kohan

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The players in Seattle know where to go to when they’re hot for hard abuse and tough-as-nails treatment–the notorious Cuff Complex. And that’s where diabolical director Tony Buff filmed the three aggressive sessions of the new FetishForce feature, Where the Players Go. In two hours of methodical and merciless laying on of pain, six leather clad and high booted players undergo hair raising rituals of abuse–fetters and flogging, bondage, suspension, caning and the most diabolical double zipper of clothespins ever ripped off raw flesh. That’s how Tony Hunter debases Brian Bonds, before Tony Bishop degrades Cylus Kohler with brute lashings. And then Leo Forte ladles abuse over Troy Daniels for a full hour. These hot and hung, dominating tops scorch their subs while making sure it’s a hardcore pleasure to be hurt.

SCENE 1: Tony Hunter and Brian Bonds
Furry blond Brian Bond kneels in submission before Tony Hunter’s darker haired body, and Tony tightly binds Brian’s wrists with soft rope and secures his arms straight up overhead to a suspension ring. Tony mauls Brian’s tits and bites into his pits. And then he slowly clamps a double zipper of clothespins along the full length of Brian’s torso, watching the youth writhe as the parallel rows run from his nipples all the way down to the most tender flesh of his inner thigh. Brain flushes red, and breathes deep as two more rows bite into his underarms. He screws his eyes tight in dread and braces himself for the shock when Tony yanks each strand off, and screams loud when the zippers flash off his torso, leaving raw red welts. His agony doesn’t go unrewarded, and when Master’s cock finds his mouth, he works both of them to wrenching ball blasts of cum. But Tony wants some ass, and ties Brian’s wrists to his ankles, exposing his pink, juicy butthole. Tony drives his big, rigid bone in, rupturing Brian’s rump and beating his giant swollen cock ‘til both breathless men erupt with sprays of liquid lust.

SCENE 2: Tony Bishop and Cylus Kohen
When you want your bottoms fettered and flogged, call in tough terrorizer Tony Bishop. You’ll only find him in Fetish Force films these days, and in Where the Players Go he defiles inked-up cum punk Cylus Kohen like he hasn’t seen a man or lost a load for months. Tony’s infamous mean streak takes over, and he hawks nasty globs of spit in the bottom’s face, and chains him to a St. Anthony’s cross. When helpless Cylus is barely able to squirm, Tony lays on the flogger. Cylus counts each lash back from ten as the strokes grow harsher, and his painful ecstasy soars to excruciating heights. Or is it depths? Cylus’ pale back shines bright red by the time Tony’s finished. But the lacerating flogging was only a warm up– the brutal dude, Tony needs his fat, double-ringed cock sucked, his huge balls gnawed. And then he needs to plunder Cylus’ poor ass slit. Tony’s cruel cock fills the hole with the pulverizing force of a battering ram. He turns Cylus’ face away, growling, “You don’t deserve to see it,” and howling like a wild dog, is ripped apart with agony as his huge distended cock shoots cream bullets over Cylus’ flayed back.

SCENE 3: Leo Forte and Troy Daniels
Olive skinned Leo Forte is especially good at ensuring that Troy Daniel’s pain is mixed with pleasure. When he ropes Tony onto a padded fuck bench, about the only thing the captive can do is rear his ass upward. Leo meets it face first, roughing up that ass with deep tonguing and crude double-finger fucking. And then Leo destroys it with an unforgiving caning until the quivering flesh is distressed as an old saddle. Troy’s near delirious with pain when Leo releases him, and the excited bottom gives Leo such a severe face fucking the guy can hardly stand up. They trade blow jobs until they’re hot for the hardest cock abuse they can dish up. They beat off like demons until Leo’s battered balls splatter their steamy loads against Troy, and the feverish bottom flails his uncut meat so ferociously that his piss slit finally belches its big white globs. But they can’t stop. Leo lays some forceful asshole preppin’ on Troy, getting his trench good and loose for the depth charge of a glass probe. Its bulbous head pops over Troy’s tightly clenched gash. And then Leo throws such an intense fuck that neither can bear the extreme sensation, and arctic white cum loads blaze across their bellies.


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