studio / film series: Toy Training

Toy Training Milan Manek Rosta Benecky William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2016
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Rosta Benecky
Milan Manek

Milan Manek is one very handsome and sexy guy. After we did a massage with him, where he felt something in his hot hole for the very first time, we decided to stretch him further in the lead up to full sex in the future. So we paired him with Rosta Benecky for his toy training. Milan looks so good as he kneels on the bed, wearing just his underwear. He is soon joined by Rosta, who kneels behind him and reaches round to rub Milan’s sexy chest. Millan reaches back, rubbing Rosta’s legs and then gropes himself. Rosta’s hands keep exploring Milan’s sexy body as he lays on the bend. Oil is smeared over Milan’s chest and then his underwear is removed with oil being dripped all around his cock and balls. Rosta’s hands work to rub that oil into Milan’s thick thighs. Then the hands start to rub the cock and balls too. Soon Milan’s dick is nice and hard from Rosta’s wanking. He lifts a leg to exppose his tight hole and Rosta starts to finger it as he keeps wanking on the cock. He fingers Milan’s tight hole and then shoves a vibrator deep inside, still wanking on the stiff cock. Milan takes the vibrator so well. Soon it is time to stretch that hole further and a thicker toy slides deep inside. It really opens Milan’s hot hole as it goes in. Still his cock stays so hard as Rosta works the dildo into his tight ass. With the dildo deep in Milan’s ass Rosta cant resist, he leans over and starts sucking on that throbbing cock. Milan loves how the mouth feels on his dick and keeps on rubbing his body. Then Rosta kneels and pulls out his massive,cock and rubs it against Milans. He grabs Milan’s cock again and wanks it, whilst fingering the hole some more. Then Rosta bends forward to suck that cock some more, whith is finger deep in Milan’s well stretched ass. He wanks Milan’s cock hard and fast, until it releases the hot cum, squirting it all over the place. Rosta milks the cock and then sucks it again to ensure all the cum is out. He then takes hold of his own, massive, cock and wanks it to shoot his cum over Milan’s resting body. After a hot toy training he takes Milan off to the shower to clean up.

William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men


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