Treasure Island Media BREEDING SEASON Treasure Island Media BREEDING SEASON

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Directed by: Paul Morris
Country of Production: U.S.A.
Year of Production / Release: 2004

Carl Barnes
Caedon Chase
Jon Eagle
Alan Gregory
A.J. Long
Brad McGuire
Steve Parker
Nick Piston
Jake Ryan
Ethan Sexxtin
Austin Shadow
Jerry Stearns
Brad Stevens
Jay Taylor
Pete Venturi
Matt Walker

Producer: Paul Morris
Year: 2006
Length: 180 Minutes
Condoms: No

It may be a time of year, or it may be a place in your life, but every man experiences a BREEDING SEASON. It’s the time when you take or are taken, when one man claims another in the most primal way possible — by planting his seed deep inside, owning the other man body and soul.
A buddy of mine challenged me to make a vid that outdoes EVERYTHING I’ve made before. He wanted MORE men, MORE big ol’ swinging cocks dripping sperm, MORE gaping manholes begging for loads. Well, BREEDING SEASON is my answer to that challenge.
   I threw out all the stops, and brought in a gang of wild fuckers including the likes of Brad McGuire, Nick Piston, Alan Gregory, Ethan Sexxtin, Matt Walker, Steve Parker, Austin Shadow, Caedon Chase, our latest super-cumhole discovery Dylan, Jerry Stearns, A.J. Long, Pete Venturi, Jay Taylor, Brad Stevens, Jon Eagle, “Spit”, Carl Barnes, Jake Ryan, and brand-new T.I.M. exclusive Christian.
It’s a DVD 2-DISC Set because I couldn’t fit all the action on anything less. Disc 1 is all couplings and three-way breeding sessions plus a scorching-hot four-way. Disc 2 is one long extravaganza of a damned insane rough-fuck gangbang featuring our fresh slut Dylan giving himself up for a roomful of studs — and the world’s largest Devil’s Dick ever!


1::MATT and JOHN Roughfucking the PRETTYBOY
It all starts off with perfect young prettyboy Caedon Chase getting gangbanged by three brutal dominant bulls. He’d told me that he liked it rough and I took him at his word. Steve Parker, Pete Venturi and Carl Barnes all tag-team, using Caedon like a little cum-saturated rag-doll — tossing him and fucking him raw.
And when they’re done with him and Caedon is laying there oozing manjuice from his little aching pouty hole, Pete Venturi climbs on and “churns the cream” using his still-bonehard dong to whip those thick loads of semen into one fine froth.

2::Well – Bred CHRISTIAN and AUSTIN
Once in a while two guys get together and the fit is fuckin’ perfect. You’ve experienced it. It’s suddenly like two men become parts of a bigger and wilder animal. It’s a matter of lust and chemistry, and the mix was just right with top-stud Austin Shadow and T.I.M. exclusive Christian.
This was one of those rare moments in porn where hardly an edit was needed to make it perfect. The fucking between these two was… flawless.

3::MATT and JOHN
Jon Eagle called me up and said he’d never been hungrier to get plowed. He needed it bad and wasn’t shy about it. So I got on the horn and hit up Matt Walker to satisfy the demand. This is a brief scene, and a perfect example of a cocksure and dominant stud taking on a strong man in need of a rock-steady fuck.
Matt Walker is the image of total confidence as he takes Jon Eagle on a lust-ride that dazzles him and leaves him dripping and grateful. And for his part Jon Eagle becomes a wild simian fuck-hole entirely ready to be taken, used, bred. A great session, this one.

Brad McGuire is one of the finest tops I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. What can I say? The man is a born stud. And when he caught a glimpse of new T.I.M. exclusive bottom-boy Christian — well, in no uncertain terms I was told that Brad wanted a piece.
And Christian was more than willing. I got them together and tossed sexy daddy Ben Archer into the mix to spice things up. The result is a lust-driven three-way that leaves Christian dripping cum from both ends, with McGuire sperm swimming around way deep inside him.

5::GARAGE Slingfuck
I’ve always been a fan of Nick Piston. Now that he’s an exclusive with another company it’s pretty impossible to get him for a project. But we were lucky enough, while he was still a free-agent, to have hooked Piston up with Alan Gregory — and the scene is, as usual, top-notch.
Alan Gregory all but whimpers to get that big Piston cock up his ass. And in turn, Nick Piston rims and sucks on Gregory’s delectable little pucker, priming it for the kind of ass-porking only Piston can deliver.

Ethan Sexxtin is one big-dicked dominant top, sporting one of the biggest and most beautiful uncut cocks I’ve ever seen. And he knows how to deep-seed with the best of ’em. But every once in a while even the most stalwart top needs a refresher course on the art of taking a cock up his ass.
Ethan got that special twitch in his hind-quarters when he saw footage of Austin Shadow fucking some lucky bottom. So we paired Ethan and alpha-stud Austin up. And the results are outright spectacular. Wanna watch an arrogant hung top-gun plead, woof and whine like a bitch in heat? Here’s your treat.


7::DYLAN: Gangbang for a No-Limits Whore
You guys LOVED the original Devil’s Dick that I used in BREEDING MIKE O’NEILL.
So for BREEDING SEASON we made one that was THREE times as big. Our latest Devil’s Dick was the product of over SEVENTY loads of semen — each and every one of them shot from a different man — frozen into a cumsicle sextoy. Why the hell did we do this? Because mega-slut Dylan fuckin’ begged us to do it.
   Dylan is a totally depraved cock-whore with absolutely no limits. He lives to get loads of cum up his ass and down his throat. This is a true and total slut-bottom and we put together a free-for-all that suited his needs to a “T”. Disc 2 is entirely a cum-drenched gangbang put together for the public breeding of our “West Coast’s answer to Dawson”.
   A roomful of men in full rut use and abuse Dylan until the poor guy is completely drenched with sweat and sperm, loads oozing from his wide-open fuck-hole and dripping out of his mouth. A raunchy side-kick called “Spit” gets right in there clearing off the excess dick-drool and licking his buddy Dylan’s swollen ass-lips clean — sucking out the melting residue from the Devil’s Dick. The felching gets wild when that frozen meat-treat melts and Dylan squirts the warmed-up manjuice out of his hole and into Spit’s hungry face-hole!

8::Sperm-Soaked EXTRA FEATURES
BREEDING SEASON also includes 3 Bonus Scenes and a Cumshot Compilation for some extra enjoyment.
Full of topstuds ready to breed hungry bottoms and men whose holes are fuckin’ out of control with the need for seed, and totaling an amazing 180 MINUTES in runtime, I’m willing to bet this IS the vid that will do it for you.

I showed BREEDING SEASON to a couple of friends who’ve been with me since I started, and they agreed. This is the best. It’s got it all.
— Paul Morris



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