Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD Peto Coast Bareback Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD Peto Coast Dean Monroe Jake Ascott

Studio: Treasure Island Media
Directed by: Liam Cole
Country of Production: U.S.A. / Great Britain
Year of Production / Release: 2013

Jake Ascott
Peto Coast
Anton Dickson
Harley Everett
Chris Front
Paul Mann
Jake Mitchell
Dean Monroe
Luke Pascoe
Sebastian Slater
Ben Statham
Rob Tyler
Scott Williams

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Treasure Island Media’s London director Liam Cole records 20 men in search of sexual overload: That point when you can’t think or feel anything outside of the fuck that’s happening right now. Feel it once, and spend the rest of your life finding every opportunity to get it again.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 1: Jake fucks Ben
Jake Mitchell lives up to the title “daddy.” Ben Statham is a big lad but Jake has no trouble throwing him into position. The chemistry between these guys is instant and powerful from start to finish. I was truly envious while filming this one. BEN finishes up with a load in his ass and a smile on his face.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 2: Yuri’s Gangbang
A bare room and a mattress slung on the floor: The perfect place to gang fuck Yuri, a muscled, red-haired, British pig who is tattooed with the words “SKINHEAD” and “BOOTBOY.” Yuri takes a relentless pounding from Jeremy Torrez, Martin Puli, Luke Pascoe, Paul Mann, Rob Tyler and Marc Dann. He gets every load and shoots his own over his chest before crashing out for the night, spent and filled.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 3: Peto fucks Christian
These two need no introduction. Christian made only one condition when he agreed to come to Europe—we had to get him fucked by Peto Coast. This was one cock he’d been dreaming of for years. The result lives up to expectation. PETO fucks like a one-man gangbang, dealing CHRISTIAN the kind of merciless rut that would kill a beginner.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 4: Priam’s Gangbang
Priam is a mountain of black-furred, tattooed Euro-muscle, coursing with testosterone, primed and ready. For his T.I.M. debut, we threw him in at the “deep” end. In one sweaty session, his ass is forced to accommodate the freakish length and girth of Rob Tyler and Luke Pascoe, among others.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 5: Anton fucks Scott
Scott Williams was last seen covered in sweat, blindfolded, tag-fucked and flying high in Liam Cole’s notorious video Slammed. This time the blindfold is off, and he’s getting nailed by T.I.M.’s regular Swedish stud, Anton Dickson. Anton makes the most of this pliable, athletic body, fucking him in both ends and pushing the limits of Scott’s hole by stretching it open with his fist, then filling it with cum.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 6: Luke and Sebastian fuck Jake
Jake Ascott is a hot, Italian cock-hound. While in the UK, he wanted to visit “every place with a dark room.” We took him to one in south London and let him loose with two lean and hung tops, Sebastian and Luke Pascoe, who feed him with cum at both ends.

Treasure Island Media OVERLOAD
SCENE 7 – BONUS: Dean sucks Harley
Dean Monroe comes from the safe and glossy end of the porn spectrum. I was surprised he wanted to shoot with me at all. He was very clear that he does not fuck bareback and would only shoot a cock-sucking scene. However, once he got started the boundaries seemed a little strained. Harley Everett eats Dean’s ass, then teases it with his cock, right up to the point where it’s difficult to tell whether the head of his dick is against Dean’s hole or inside it. Things didn’t go further than that, and the shoot turned back to oral cock-worship. But the middle section of this scene is a reminder of the frustration and temptation inherent within the limits of “safe” sex.


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