Raging Stallion TWINKS ON SET Raging Stallion TWINKS ON SET

Studio: Raging Stallion / Twinks
Directed by: Gio Caruso
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Micah Andrews
Kirk Cummings
Logan Drake
Alexander Greene
Christian Mohr
AJ Monroe / AJ Banks
Noah Springs
Matthew Stark / Matthew Star
Tristan Sterling

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SCENE 1: Logan Drake and Noah Springs
Cute aspiring photographer, Logan Drake is shooting his new model, Noah Springs, a sweet Hawaiian boy with sumptuous lips. As Logan asks his subject to reveal his subjects beautifully rounded, smooth ass, our photographer can’t hold back, making out with his model and landing on his knees to swallow his cock. Noah returns the favor, then sits on Logan’s thick dick, wrapping his tight hole around the nicely veined pole, then our model poses in puppy position for a pounding. Ending up on his back, Noah spreads his legs and gives a shoot of his own spraying his chest with jizz, which sends Logan to climax.

SCENE 2: AJ and Matthew Stark
Matthew Stark, photo assistant, is showing the new kid, AJ, around the set. Matthew asks AJ to remove his shirt to test the lighting. AJ’s slim clean look inspires Matthew to start a hot make out session. Matthew goes down on his new find, his freckled face and innocent eyes peering up at AJ’s pretty face and torso. AJ gobbles up Matthew’s cock, and in his sweetest Southern accent, Matthew asks to see AJ’s ass. AJ shows it willingly and Matthew fingers AJ’s hot young hole and prods it with his light meter, preparing AJ for his stiff cock. Matthew flips AJ over and holding his legs up and lays it in him while AJ jerks and shoots a massive load, Matthew pulls out and busts a nut all over AJ’s chest.

SCENE 3: Logan Drake and Tristan Sterling
Logan Drake, our photographer, is back on set for a locker room shoot. His skinny, twinky stylist, Tristan Sterling is dressing the set, but it doesn’t take long for them to start undressing each other. They sweetly make out, but the eager milky-skinned Tristan quickly gets down on his knees. Tristan swallows Logan’s inches fully, gagging with pleasure. Logan gets a better view of Tristan’s high perky ass, and Tristan arches his back approvingly. Logan lubes up, grabs on to Tristan’s 26-inch waste and fills the lanky lad with his tool. Tristan takes it like a champ, bending over on the workout bench so he can take every last centimeter as Logan slams it deeper. Next, Tristan straddles Logan and rides him well, while Logan jerks him off until he explodes with loud excited moans.

SCENE 4: Kirk Cummings an Christian Mohr
Kirk Cummings, another photographer is on set with model, Christian Mohr. Kirk tells his adorable Latin model he could go far and asks him if he will do whatever it takes to. He says he is willing and Kirk gives him the casting couch treatment licking and kissing his body. Laying Christian down, Kirk blows him well , and Christian sits down to let Kirk fuck his mouth with his hefty tool. Christian gets on all fours to show his smooth round Latino ass and hot unclaimed hole, and Christian proceeds to slam with his barely hairy bush. Christian lays down to let his Latino boy ride him which he does with youthful zest, allowing us to see Kirk’s member penetrating deep. They flip and Christian takes it on his back with his feet on Kirk’s chest until they both burst cum explosively.

SCENE 5: Alexander Green and Micah Andrews
Micah Andrews, a baby-faced assistant, is packing up his truck to head to a photo shoot. His buddy, Alexander Green, stops by to help but they have time to kill, and Micah is horny. He propositions his cute pal and Alexander accepts by starting a heated make out session, but Micah really wants to see what his friend is packing. He’s extremely pleased with what he finds: a very suckable, uncut, thick 9+ inches of sweet boy meat. After Micah spends time appreciating this masterpiece with his mouth, he wants it deep inside him, and Alexander is quick to oblige, burying his staff in Micah’s hot hairless rosebud. Alexander bursts Micah’s bubble butt as Micah mounts Alexander for a ride like he’s never had, bouncing and bobbing feverishly. On his back, Micah’s taut hole constricts around the huge hot cock until Micah shoots a stream of cum that hits his face, and Alexander follows with big wads of cum.



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