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UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star fucking Darius Ferdynand Kayden Gray Dave Circus Jake Kelvin Jonny Kingdom Kingsley Rippon Marco Sessions

Studio: UK Hot Jocks
Directed by: Sam Barclay & JP Dubois
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Great Britain

Dave Circus
Darius Ferdynand
Kayden Gray
Jake Kelvin
Jonny Kingdom
Kingsley Rippon
Marco Sessions

Sex toys are often brought into relationships to spice things up. Sometimes they’re an obsession and are constantly being replaced with newer, more exciting and bigger models. Whatever the reason we can’t deny that they certainly make things interesting. Myself (JP Dubois) and Sam Barclay talk us through these Toy Stories.
Some are fantasies of theirs and some are real experiences they’ve had, recreated for the cameras by the hottest jock boys out there. It shows that toys aren’t just for the bedroom, with a few outdoor locations, sleazy sauna and even cooking up some love in the kitchen!
   The stunning cast list is headed up by Darius Ferdynand. Featuring Marco Sessions, Kingsley Rippon, Kayden Gray, Dave Circus, Jonny Kingdom and Jake Kelvin.

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star fucking Kingsley Rippon fucks / dildo-fucks Marco Sessions
SCENE 1 – A SOLID SERVING: Kingsley Rippon fucks / dildo-fucks Marco Sessions

Marco has invited Kingsley round for some dinner. Offering to help out he reaches into the dishwasher for some clean saucepans only to find a little something unusual…two big boy bum-toys! A little shocked, Kingsley immediately confronts Marco, who is naturally a little embarrassed. Lost for words, there is an awkward silence between the two. Marco says he was just cleaning them after an earlier hole stuffing session. Kingsley is intrigued and wants to see just how well he can take them, so in the heat of the moment he grabs the now unusually timid Marco and sticks his tongue down his throat. The boys get into it, sucking each others big cocks before Marco bends over to receive Kingsley’s fat dick. Fucking furiously over the chrome and hard wood of the kitchen, Marco feels loose enough to go for the toys. This is a real hole-stretching experience!

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star fucking Dave Circus fucks / dildo-fucks Kayden Gray
SCENE 2 – TOY & A BOY: Dave Circus fucks / dildo-fucks Kayden Gray

We’ve all picked up something a little extra when we’ve been out shopping, right? Well Kayden certainly got more than he bargained for when he went to his local sex shop! This story introduced by Sam and JP is adapted from one of Sam’s real life experiences, when he went out shopping for his first ever dildo. Kayden gets cruised by sexy Dave, who follows him out the store along with his purchase. They share a few glances walking down the street, you know these boys are hot for each other. Kayden leads him into what appears to be an abandoned building site. They connect, examining the contents of the discreet sex-store carrier, pouring rain falling through the open elevator shafts of the site. Passionate kissing leads to hard sucking, both guys are massively well endowed, both over 8 inches. Naturally, Kayden bends over for Dave…he is the one buying arse toys after all. They fuck on the dusty concrete, wearing only hi-tops and snapbacks. Kayden is an earth-shakingly loud bottom. Not that Dave is complaining, it’s spurring him on! Time to test out his new purchase. Dave isn’t afraid to fuck him as hard with it as he did with his own thick cock. Harder in fact. His hole gets pumped to breaking point but never once does Kayden complain.

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star fucking Jonny Kingdom fucks / dildo-fucks Darius Ferdynand
SCENE 3 – TOYS DONT TYRE: Jonny Kingdom fucks / dildo-fucks Darius Ferdynand

It’s a sunny afternoon and romance is in the air. Yes, that’s right. Romance. This story has been adapted from our (JP and Sam) own real sex life. We introduce the story, played out by Darius Ferdynand and Jonny Kingdom. So, if you go down to the park today, you’re in for a big, rubber surprise! Topless, enjoying the unusually nice English weather, the guys wander past a reservoir waterfall. Man-made yes, but aren’t many of the best things in life? It inspires a slow sensual kiss between the two before flopping out Jonny’s meaty dick. Darius sucks and slurps, the sound only surpassed by the crashing waves behind. Time to fine somewhere to fuck. The boys journey further into the outdoors, stumbling across tyres, tonnes of them, piled high and decaying with disuse. But it’s the perfect spot, especially for what Jonny has in mind. They take turns on each others engorged and eager cocks before Darius takes position on his back, legs up. Jonny has perfect access to his willing, perfect hole. Spit, licked and loosened, Jonny takes out an unusual bumpy looking toy, which looks more like fun than anything else. Bump by bump he works it in and out, getting him ready for his even bigger dick. Deep grunting, sweaty action he pounds deep into him. Only fair after such hole abuse, Darius gets his turn, bending Jonny over a stack of tyres and going to town on his arse!

UK Hot Jocks Gay Porn Star fucking Darius Ferdynand fucks dildo-fucks Jake Kelvin
SCENE 4 – TOOLED UP: Darius Ferdynand fucks / dildo-fucks Jake Kelvin

Who hasn’t fantasised about going into a sleazy sex club or sauna and picking up a stranger to fuck? This (like many of the scenes and movies on UKHotJocks) is pure fantasy from us, JP and Sam. The thing about saunas is that you never know who you’re going to meet, or what they’re going to be into. I suppose that’s part of the whole thrill, the smell of sex in the air, the chlorine from the jacuzzi and the sounds of other guys letting their inhibitions go. Nervous Jake has take his first trip to a gay sauna and meets the sexy and in-control Darius. There’s a connection immediately between the two when they share some eye contact in the showers, nothing to hide in there, it’s all on display. Taking the fun elsewhere, they meet in a room designed for one thing only. There’s some seriously hot sensual and sleazy chemistry between these guys. Midway through, Darius pulls out a monolith of a dildo, over a foot in length getting as wide as a fist towards the bottom. Trooper Jake takes all he can, one giant bump at a time. Enough of the toys, Darius wants to fuck Jake’s perfect muscle butt. The padded tiers make for some fun and invasive positions, this is one sweaty fuck-fest of a scene!

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