Studio: EuroCreme
Directed by: Max Barber
Year of Production / Release: 2007
Country of Production: Great Britain

Terry – Markus Proctor
Scraggy Guy – Jeff Chandler
Lips – Kimmy Eyre-Varnier
Terry as muscled guy – Jake Ryder
Terry as skinhead – Ashley Ryder
Terry as handsome guy – Richard Vettori
XXL Stallion – Anthony Martinez
Skin head 1 – Jenson Lomax
Skin head 2 – Leonardo
VGL-Hung! – Elixir
Nasty Man – Edward Dogliani
Max(ine) – Kal Mansoor
Older guy – Brad Shaw
Clones – Chris & Duncan
Knife man – Carlo Cox
Gimp – Unknown

Written, Produced & Directed: Max Barber
Executive Producers: Max Lincoln, Steve Thompson & Alex Farley
Co-Writer / Producer: Hugo Eyre-Varnier
Director Of Photography: Simon Booth

Terry is an average gay guy, searching for love, but hardly noticed in a looks and body orientated London gay scene.
   Coming home alone from a night of clubbing – again – Terry logs on to one of the many gay pick up sites available on the Internet.
   With nothing but sleazy men, timewasters and strange men on line, Terry almost gives up on meeting the man of his dreams until a magic website promises him otherwise.
   Suddenly given the powers to change his body to anything he describes himself as on-line, Terry starts to conjure up an array of gorgeous looks for himself. But as he embarks on a string of sexual encounters, Terry has to discover the hard way the beauty really is only skin deep.

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