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Studio: EuroCreme / Sauvage / AVI Prod.
Directed by: Vlado Iresch
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Nicolas Angello
Marian Berman
Enzo Bloom
Julien Breeze
Brian Brower
Alan Capier
Damian Dickey
Robin Few
David Haddon
Ric Jones (Jerry Harris)
John Hill
Dave Kasper
John Magiaty
Tony Eliott
Lukas Salus
Chad Ward

Credited on box: 
John Magiaty

Checking out the rich boys of Prague, Damian heads off to the Czech Republic and delves deeper than ever into the smooth butts of high society where the boys are constantly out for fun and where there cocks are huge, stiff and ready for horny bareback action.

Stunning blond boy Julien teams up with new exclusive Rick, tall dark and very handsome, this big dicked boy takes all of Julien’s rock hard meat, pulling him deeper in as he slams as much inside. Remaining rock hard throughout the pounding, the feel of Julien pulsating inside his tight sweet ass must be like heaven!! Giving great close-ups of barebacking fun, when Rick decides to bounce on top of Julien, grinding deep, you could almost slip your dick up there as well, the closeness of it!! Jets of spunk escape his solid cock, covering him and Julien in hot jizz, with the blond fucker spunking straight after his slips his dick from Rick’s butt.

When Ric takes a break upstairs, rich boy Brian, with his blond hair and smooth body gets it on with a very young looking Robin, twinky good looks and a hunger for cock like no other. Both young lads are throbbing hard when Ric joins them, entering into an awesome three-way where Robin’s dick is shared between them before Brian lifts up Ric’s butt and slams his meat home. Spit roasting 69’s and cock pounding action leaves Ric’s hot hole dripping as Brian takes his dick in and out before the toned body of Ric is drenched in cum.

These two dark haired twinks show off their huge dicks as they strip off, letting us take in their smooth and slim bodies as they suck each others throbbing dicks, tasting each inch as it slides ever deeper down their throats. As the horny bottom boy gets his ass filled with meat, he lets out awesome moans which will get your cock twitching just as much as his, watching his hole get spread open by the thrusting cock. His big balls soon dump their load over the hot fucker, letting him lap up every drop as it oozes out.

With all this hot twink on twink action, our journalist can’t handle it much longer and can’t help but sneak in a quick wank whilst getting ready for the club. Working his rock solid dick on the chair, he strokes it up and down as we watch is start to throb faster and faster leading up to an awesome jet burst of spunk which covers his abs and drips down across his shaft and balls, if only we were there to lick it up!!

The club is buzzing and the boys are fit to fuck!! Horned up to the eyeballs, these twinks are out for a good time, and having horny bareback sex is definitely on the menu. The darkroom is bursting with toned young men with stiff dicks in every chamber, boys on their knees servicing cocks dripping with precum and bouncing over them letting them push right up into their butts totally raw. With three couples getting it on, your head will be spinning and your cock going into overdrive as it tries not to shoot straight away. Close up ass ramming by huge dicks will get you buying your ticket to Prague within seconds.

Rick takes the opportunity to have more fun in the club as he follows a cute young fucker past the urinals and within seconds both are stark naked and Rick’s getting his man meat right up the bottom boy’s butt. Just as we are getting into the awesome duo, our journalist stumbles in and we get one of the hottest threesomes ever shot. His tanned toned body jumps right into the buttfucking, grinding away as Rick spit roasts him, both covering him in spunk from both ends, letting it splatter over his back and face, stuffing it back into his mouth as he tastes the hot cum.

Making time for one last fuck before he leaves for London, our hot journalist stops by a big dicked twinks house, taking photos, it’s not long before we get what we want and both lads are stripping off. Huge dicks bouncing from under tight underwear, giving a 69, both hot dicks get sucked, becoming slick with saliva, ready to be easily slipped into a tight hole, opening it up as it feeds deeper, pushing harder and faster until it can’t go any more. Taking dick, the tattooed stud gets the entire length pumped into him, reaching places deeper than ever as his big balls slap against his ass.


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