Hot House WHOPPERS ONE Aiden Shaw Barrett Long Chad Hunt Jason Kingsley Jed Willcox Rafael Alencar Rod Barry Jake Andrews Ross Hurston

Studio: Hot House Compilation
Directed by: Steven Scarborough & others
Year of Production / Release: 2011
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Rafael Alencar
Jake Andrews
Rod Barry
Trey Casteel
Jude Collin
Vince Ferelli
Chad Hunt
Ross Hurston
Jason Kingsley
C.J. Knight
Barrett Long
Tony Mecelli
Nick Piston
Aiden Shaw
Jed Willcox
Ethan Wolfe

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Fans of big dicks are drooling over Whoppers One, our newest release featuring some of our biggest starts ever! You won’t believe the size of these monster-cocks! Starring Aiden Shaw, Barrett Long, Chad Hunt, Ethan Wolfe, Jason Kingsley, Jed Willcox, Jude Collin, Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, and Tony Mecelli, these legendary adult stars each pack 9 inches or more! On the receiving end Whoppers One stars power-bottoms CJ Knight, Jake Andrews, Nick Piston, Ross Hurston, Trey Casteel, and Vince Ferrelli. Grab your copy now in the HotHouse.com Superstore and save! In the meantime, gag over these whoppers!

The group of horned up studs stand in a line, groping their own and each other’s hardons through their jeans. Hungry bottom feeder C.J. Knight gets on his knees and moves down the line, giving attention to each huge cock, one at a time. With all five cocks wet and standing at attention the men remove their shirts and continue to face-fuck Knight. Enormous Chad Hunt and twisted Rod Barry compete to see who can make the hard-working Knight gag the most. “Best Cock” Grabby Award Winner Barrett Long orders Knight to suck his huge balls and shoots a load all over the greedy pig-bottom. Next the men throw Knight onto a nearby bench and line up to fuck his face. Sexy blue-eyed Jude Collin stands over Knight’s face and pummels him, followed by Hunt. Aussie top-stud Jed Willcox strips down and moves over Knight’s face. Dominant sex fiends Barry and Jude Collin order two of the other men to suck their cocks while they wait their turn.
   Broken up into two smaller groups, the Pack continues to fuck. Knight finds himself servicing Barrett Long while nasty top Rod Barry fucks his ass. Long takes over and drives his mammoth jackhammer deep into Knight’s ass. Barry and Long call “tag team” and take turns pummeling Knight. Meanwhile, Jed Willcox has surrendered his hole to Chad Hunt and Jude Collin. The players switch sides and Collin moves over to fuck Knight. The rest of the men line up, cocks standing at attention and looking to plunge Knight’s muscle-butt. Each member of the Pack gets in one final good fuck. Finally Knight sits on the floor, anxious to receive a load out of each of the men. They all stand around and jack off until they blow a load on bottom-boy Knight. Now dripping with cum, Knight pulls his own formidable cock out and jerks off, adding his own hot load to the puddle on his stomach.

The hot bodies keep on coming in Scene 3 as Tony Mecelli pulls up to a lounge chair and begins to oil up his massive muscles. Nick Piston watches the show from a raft in the pool and swims closer when Tony whips out his 10 inch rod from beneath his Speedo. Piston dives onto the prick with his mouth and begins to tease it, licking and sucking with his mouth. We’re not sure what drives us wild the most about Piston: his low guttural voice, the sexy set of tattoos on his body, the unbelievably talented big round ass, or his really huge fat cock that swings between his legs as he fucks himself on Tony’s shaft. The sex in this scene is one long, langorous suck and fuckathon luxuriously shot with the majestic Palm Spring mountains in the background. Porn just doesn’t get any hotter!

Jason Kingsley calls Trey Casteel up onto the porch after a sudden summer shower. When Jason pulls out his whopping 10 inches, Trey gets weak in the knees and drops down to take as much of the mammoth meat in his throat as he can. The two kiss passionately as their cocks rub against each other. After some moist rimming, Kingsley stuffs his horsecock right up Casteel’s perfect set of bronzed buns. After driving the stud crazy with each deep thrust, he rolls him on his back and sucks on his freshly fucked hole – but not for long. Jason needs back in his sweet, juicy fuckhole and he quickly mounts the stud to deliver another succession of long strokes. The moisture in the air starts to build as the two men fuck through the afternoon until they unload their nuts, exhausted and spent.

Rafael Alencar strokes his 11”x7” monster, hoping to find someone to help him out with a 3-day load. As luck would have it, Ross Hurston comes along and gets busy sucking his cock. Alencar lays back, allowing Hurston to climb on top of him and fill his mouth with his massive cock and balls, creating a king-size 69! All the face-fucking action has the two men rock-hard and ready for more. Hurston flips over and sits right down on Alencar’s huge cock, bouncing up and down until it entirely disappears up his ass. Alencar decides to drive, and throws Hurston over a bench so he can fuck him even deeper, thrusting all 11” of his cock in and out like a jack-hammer. Finally Hurston throws his legs up over his head and balances on a stack of tires while Alencar fucks him, then pulls out to jack and blow his load. Hurston jacks off and shoots his load into his own mouth.

Not since King Kong has there been so much muscle and brawn held captive in chains as our own body builder Vince Ferelli! (Watching him struggle to break free will get muscle worshipers off in the first 60 seconds.) Imagine the surprise of Ross Hurston and Ethan Wolfe when their prisoner wraps his chains around their necks and forces them to service him! Wolfe grabs the bolt cutters and sets Ferelli free, allowing him to whip out his fat cock. The greedy cock suckers feast on his meat while they jack their own huge tools. After fucking Ferelli’s face with his 10+ inch tool, Wolfe surrenders his puckered hole to Hurston. Watching Hurston pound Wolfe’s hole makes Ferelli crave a cock up his ass so they flip him over and fuck him down. Finally all three hunks blow their loads drenching the exhausted Ferelli in cum!

After talking about his experience breaking into the XXX-business (he piggybacked into a movie his boyfriend was scheduled to shoot), studly hottie Jake Andrews gets fired up when he’s paired up with porn legend Aiden Shaw. After some tender kissing, Andrews slides down Shaw’s body and works on the famous Brit’s extra-thick cock, chewing through his briefs before Shaw frees it. Shaw grabs Andrews’ head and guides his open mouth onto the entire length of his tool. The two men return to kissing, mutually stroking their cocks, which gets Jake’s butt primed and ready for action. As they go at it, Shaw teases Andrews’ hole with his meaty, monster-like cock, then flips Andrews over and pushes it into his waiting cavern. Andrews takes every bit of the assault, burying his face into his pillow as Shaw screws him down good, eventually laying on top of Andrews and kissing him from behind as he slides his cock inside him.
   Shaw then flips Andrews over and takes him in a new position, holding Andrews’ legs in the air while he plugs away. The two men kiss again before Shaw pulls back to shoot his monster load onto Andrews’ cock and balls. Jake then unloads with a sizeable load of his own while Aiden licks his balls.


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With extensive additional photography from every scene.

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