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Titan Men WIDE OPEN Conner Habib Tristan Jaxx Titan Men WIDE OPEN Conner Habib Tristan Jaxx

Studio: Titan Media
Directed by: Brian Mills
Year of Production / Release: 2012
Country of Production: U.S.A.

George Ce
James Corman
Conner Habib
Tristan Jaxx
Hunter Marx
Alex Riddick

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Fast and hard? Slow and steady? It doesn’t matter how you want it—on your knees or on all fours, you’re going to get busted Wide Open as big-dicked TitanMen exclusives George Ce and Hunter Marx lead the charge. You’ve been warned…warm up and stretch those holes.
   Massive muscle hunk George Ce surrenders to Tristan Jaxx, their two uncut beasts aching for attention in a heated exchange.
   Smooth Alex Riddick can’t wipe the expression of pleasure off his face as Conor Habib works him over, slurping him before filling both of his holes.
   Hairy buds Hunter Marx and James Corman can’t stop from smiling as they suck each other, James then bending over as his tight ass gets rammed.

Titan Men WIDE OPEN Conner Habib Tristan Jaxx
SCENE 1: George Ce with Tristan Jaxx
Muscle man George Ce can’t take his eyes off Tristan Jaxx. The dark-haired hunk walks over and whips out the stud’s cock. Tristan flashes a smile as his big uncut sausage gets slurped, the two whispering “Fuck!” as the action heats up. George deep throats Tristan, the two looking into each others’ eyes before kissing. Shedding his shirt, George’s massive muscles fill the frame—his smooth, tan and tattooed body tempting Tristan to his knees. George’s thick beauty breaks free, Tristan having to open wide to suck the uncut beauty down to the base. He then rolls up his bud’s legs and eats George’s smooth hole, then turns him around and plows him from behind. George sits down on the hung top, his beautiful back and ass clenching as he rides. On his back, the bottom’s amazing body shines as he strokes his boner and whips his dick around—Tristan continuing to fuck him deep before showering the bottom in a stream of cum.

Titan Men WIDE OPEN Conner Habib Tristan Jaxx
SCENE 2: Conner Habib and Alex Riddick
Dark-haired Conner Habib wraps his arm around Alex Riddick, the two instantly locking lips. Conor works up the bulge in Alex’s jeans, the hot cock popping out in his face. Spit drips down as Conor gets it rock hard—the shaft throbbing up when released from his mouth. Alex looks down as he gets worshipped, his mouth wide with pleasure. He returns the favor, sucking the smiling Conor’s boner. He then inches up, Conor whipping his dick on Alex’s chest as they kiss. Alex bends over and Conor dives his scruffy chin inside: “Pull your ass open for me!” Conor’s cock throbs as he munches, the cutie sliding it inside as Alex grips the table for support. Conor’s big sac is captured in a hot low shot, the top going balls deep and staying there as he grinds. Alex sits on Conor, the bottom’s cock and balls grazing the top’s stomach. On his back, Alex’s pecs bounce as he gets it hard—the two then watching in wonder as Conor shoots a massive load into the air.

Titan Men WIDE OPEN Conner Habib Tristan Jaxx
SCENE 3: Hunter Marx with James Corman
Light-skinned stud James Corman is lying on the coach as tan Hunter Marx sucks his throbber. Hunter opens wide to get down to the thick base of the hairy bush, a smile stretching across James’ handsome bearded face. Hunter stands up, his big dick aching for attention as it explodes from his jeans. A shiny bead of pre-cum forms on James’ cock and slides down his shaft as he deep sucks Hunter’s big tool. Hunter gets on his knees again, itching for more of hairy James’ boner as a spit strand connects them. Hunter stays stiff as he sucks, smiling as he looks up. The two kiss, Hunter snapping his bud’s boner up. Hunter eats James’ hairy hole, then fucks him from behind as the bottom stays stiff—his wet ass hairs hugging Hunter’s shaft. Hunter holds on to James’ shoulders as he works, the bottom soon sitting down on him. James’ sticky ass cheeks cling to Hunter’s legs as he rides, taking all of the top’s dick inside as his balls graze Hunter’s stomach. The two stare at each other and smile, Hunter soon doused in their cum.


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