William Higgins Uncut Czech Gay Porn Stars Men Fuck Men Ondra Radni Ivan Mraz

Studio: William Higgins Productions
Directed by: William Higgins & staff
Year of Production / Release: 2014
Country of Production: Czech Republic

Ondra Radni
Ivan Mraz

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Ondra Radni is one very handsome guy. We just had to get him back in, for a massage. Ivan Mraz is the masseur and he is waiting for Ondra, when he arrives. Ondra quickly strips down to his underwear and lays, face down on the bed. Ivan gets right to work, using some oil on Ondra’s back. His hands work over the back massaging his shoulders, and up and down the back. Then Ivan moves to Ondra’s thick thighs, and down his calves. Those hairy legs look so good as the oil glistens. Ivan removes Ondra’s underwear, revealing that beautiful, rounded ass. Ivan massages all up and down that hot body, and over the ass. He reaches down and pulls Ondra’s cock back, between his legs. Moving Ondra’s ass up in the air he reaches under and takes hold of his cock. It is quickly hard from Ivan’s magic touch, as he wanks it. Right up on his knees Ondra’s ass spreads nicely. Ivan rubs his fingers over the tight ass hole. The hands spread the cheeks so the hole is clearly on show. Then Ondra turns onto his back, with that hot body on show and his cock rock hard. Ivan rubs his hands over the cock, and then he rubs his own growing cock, in his underwear. He pulls his own hard cock out and he rubs it on his subject leg as he wanks Ondra’s dick. Ivan is infatuated with that big hard cock and leans forward to suck it. His mouth encircles the dick sucking it real good as Ondra lays back. Then Ivan wanks that cock and soon has Ondra huffing and puffing as he shoots a lovely, creamy load. Ivan milks that cock to get all the cum out of it. Then he keeps wanking it. He just wont let that cock go down, wanking himself as he continues to work on it. Ivan loses his underwear and wanks himself until his dumps his cum all over Ondras legs, cock and balls. What a very good scene with two very sexy guys.


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