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Studio: Raging Stallion / Fetish Force
Directed by: Ben Leon and David Hempling
Year of Production / Release: 2008
Country of Production: U.S.A.

Daniel Dixxx
Ty Hudson
Nick Piston
Rick Powers

Raging Stallion’s dirty directors Ben Leon and David Hempling have teamed up to bring you the widest array of extreme fetish action ever to come out of this studio on one mind-and-load blowing two-hour DVD. This second entry into our extreme catalog of releases (following Sounding #1) contains something for every twisted, feisty fuck who’s ever feasted on a fetish flick: Sounds, Vacuum Pumps, Bondage, Clamps, Cock & Ball Torture, Shaving, Catheters, Butt Toys, and Fisting.
   The first hour of this foray finds famed fetish fiend NICK PISTON bound up in knotted ropes by TY HUDSON. Once TY has NICK trussed up tight, he plugs in his clippers and trims away all of NICK’s spiky hair. Having completely demeaned NICK with taunts and spit, TY pulls out NICK’s massive cock for some punching and whipping. Then Ty pinches NICK’s nips and cock with dozens of spring tight, biting clothespins. NICK winces in spasms of pain and pleasure and begs for more
   Now comes out the vacuum pump, which latches on to NICK’s cock and balls, bloating his meaty basket inside the fat, clear tube. Upon release TY sucks down NICK’s fattened, giant cock, spit soaking down every inch he can cram into his mouth.
   Next up, silvery steel sounds slide effortlessly into NICK and TY’s dripping cock holes. The two ride their steel cock poles and even take both sides of the same lengthy sound! Later, NICK’s spit soaks down TY’s cock hole, enabling TY to slide down more sounds and eventually load up his own cock with a catheter, which he wears while feeding fat butt toys up NICK’s hungry hole. TY then turns around and offers up his own hole to NICK’s primed, pumped meat.

XXXXtreme SeXXXX‘s second hour delivers hole gaping, deep punch fisting action as DANIEL DIXX and RICK POWERS flip flop for each other’s talented hands and hungry butt holes.
   Newcomer RICK POWERS is very eager to wolf down on DANIEL’s long, uncut cock and offer up his incredibly deep ass to DANIEL’s long, demanding forearm. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how effortlessly DANIEL crawls up RICK’s ass, pounding his bicep up against RICK’s ass crack.
   XXXXtreme SeXXXX delivers something for every depraved, demented, sex deviant. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


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